April 13th, 2007

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I'm sad to see it go..a gorgeous impulse buy I got from a fellow member on this community. But with customs about to scare me with some charges, I cannot afford to keep it. This is a brand new Harajuku Lovers wallet, still with tags. I'd like to get back what I paid, it will include shipping cost via 1st Class/Airmail. If you require insurance, you need to pay extra.

£15/$30 ^_^
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happy price

strawberries, kitties & san-x cuteness!!! (bids updated)

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I found some cute stuff overseas, and bought double, one for myself, and one for you guys! All items in sample photos belong to me, you will be getting a brand new piece ^_^

I only have one of each piece for sale, so I will be taking offers

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Please e-mail me at byebyestuff@gmail.com if you would like to place a bid, or have any questions ^_^ I accept paypal or concealed cash (at buyer's risk, not recommended)
ore no purin

PoT doujin - FY boxset

Both of these items are priced the same as the price I paid for each of them, I don't intend to make money, just get rid of some un-used goods.

Payments acceptable through non-CC paypal. Please include the country your purchase will be shipped to in your comment.

Collapse ) Collapse )Prices are negotiable if absolutely necessary. First comment first serve. Items shipped from the USA.

Stuff for Sale

I'm in need of money for bills so I have several things for sale at my journal. I might put a few more things up in a couple of weeks. I would love to get rid of everything. I have a Fruits Basket box set, Hot Gimmick manga, and anime/jpop CDs for sale.

*a user left a message in my last post having interest in the HG manga set, if you're still interested...please let me know*

Please comment if you're interest, thanks!



Due to my hours being cut at work, I really need some extra cash and have decided to sell a bunch of my manga. There are a couple complete series and multiple volumes of others. Please take a look. m(_ _)m

Note: Prices include shipping within the USA and Canada ONLY. If you live elsewhere, please ask about additional shipping charges before agreeing to purchase anything. If you agree to buy something and fail to mention that you live overseas and I find out via your paypal account, I will request the additional funds before I ship your items. I hate to be that way, but I've too often had someone say they will buy something and send payment without informing me of an overseas address.

Now that that's out of the way...on to the list!

All volumes are in near perfect condition with minimal shelf-wear. I think a list is fine, but if you for some reason need to see a picture, let me know and I will take one.

Tarot Cafe 1-3 - $5 ea./$12 set

Mars 1-15 [COMPLETE] - $5 ea./$60 set

Kare Kano 1 - $5

The Devil Does Exist 1 - $5

Paradise Kiss 1-5 [COMPLETE - ORIGINAL PURPLE COVERS] - $6 ea./$25 set [SOLD - SHIPPING]

Model 1-5 - $5 ea./$20 set

Snow Drop 1-11 - $5 ea./$40 set

Petshop of Horrors* 1-7 - $5 ea./$30 set

*I also have the Petshop of Horrors DVD that I am willing to part with. Make an offer if you might want to buy as I haven't thought of an asking price. XD

Payment: I am only accepting PAYPAL at this time.
Trades: I will not accept trades.
Insurance: If you would like insurance on your items, I will charge an additional $1.35. I've never had a package end up lost, but if you worry, please request and pay for insurance. Otherwise, I will not be responsible for missing or damaged items, nor will I be able to refund your payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^___^ Thanks!


Various Jrock/Manga/Anime items.

Selling a bunch of things! Some manga/anime as well as some Japanese rock items. No sob stories here, I am only in desperate need of some cash in a really short amount of time. Anyway, please take a look, feel free to ask questions.

Regarding shipping: If you're interested in an item, please tell me your location so I may calculate shipping (especially if you live overseas!)
Regarding payment: At the moment, I can only accept concealed cash, or money orders.
Contact: Comments, questions and concerns: fatalbeliever@hotmail.co.jp.

Jrock items up for grabs from artists:

Dir en grey

Regarding Dir en grey, I am auctioning off TOSHIYA'S PICK given to me on the INWARD SCREAM Tour!

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Dir en grey

1 postcard taken from the merch table during TOUR07 INWARD SCREAM.
Picture is: Here.

1 copy of the regular press of Ryoujyoku no Ame! NEVER been opened, still in the plastic!
Picture is: Here.

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Manga/Anime items include:

D.NAngel #1~3 / $5 each, $15 all three.
TSUBASA #1~6 / $5 each. $30 all six.
Tokyo Mew Mew #1~3 ? $5 each. $15 all three.
Sailormoon #2~4, #6~7 / Will give these ALL away for $10. SOLD! THANK YOU!
Angelic Layer #1~5 / $5 each, $25 all five.
NANA #2~3 / $5 each. $10 both.

(Ask for photos of the manga if interested! All are in great condition, minus my Sailormoon books, which are worn out--but if somebody will be willing to take them, that would be great. All manga is in English.)

PRINCE OF TENNIS 10.5 | PICTURE $10USD In excellent condition.

PRINCE OF TENNIS 20.5 | PICTURE $10USD In excellent condition. SOLD! THANK YOU!

BLEACH ~SOULS~ | PICTURE $10USD In excellent condition.

Sailormoon Lunchbox | Front - Back MAKE AN OFFER It's in great condition, ask for more pictures if you'd like!
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All manga are now FIVE dollars shipped! There are more than 30 titles!

EVERYTHING is make an offer!

EVERYTHING. I need money very very desperately. ^^;

Please see my journal!!!!

Thank you!
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Hi! I have a pair of RARE Jane Marple logo socks for sale here, please take a look!!

I also still have a Moi-meme-Moitie velveteen jumperskirt for sale here!

Please make me an offer if you think the price is too high!