April 20th, 2007


lots of stuff for sale!

hello, this is my first time selling here. if any of the things don't fit within the rules, please tell me and I will remove them. :D
i've never really sold stuff before, so hopefully things are reasonably priced. :9

All prices include s&h within the US.

I accept both paypal and concealed cash at your own risk.

Please email me at unhappy.turtule@gmail.com if you are interested in buying.

InuYasha (x1)
InuYasha Wallscroll (x1)
Rurouni Kenshin (x2)
Fullmetal Alchemist (x1)

Samurai Deeper Kyo (vol 1-3)
Demon Diary (vol 1-7)
Princ of Tennis (vol 8, 10, 16)
Hot Gimmick (vol 1, 3)
Kingdom Hearts (vol 1)
Excel Saga (vol 3)
Bizenghast (vol 1)
Apocalypse Meow (vol 1)
Kamui [japanese text] (vol 1)

How to Draw Manga; Getting Started
Techniques for Drawing; Female manga Characters

YuGiOh! Card Deck (106 cards)
InuYasha keychains (x2)
InuYasha pins (x2)
One Piece button (x1)

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super big anime sale! - tenipuri, naruto, hxh and so much more!

hello---my mom is forcing me to get rid of all my old anime goods so please help (> < )
prices very low (mostly under $10) and a number of free gifts available (first come first serve!)

please check and help me!!
(main page)


- anime, jpop, posters, doujinshi, manga, stationary etc etc!!! 
(digimon doujinshi, sanji plushie, fruba pins, kogepan plushie, rirakkuma, ayu, morning musume, anime clocks, lots of posters etc etc etc!!) 

- loooots of very rare TENIPURI (prince of tennis) goods
(over 50 posters, doujinshi, keychains, card sets etc etc!!)

- NARUTO goods all under $10!!
(posters, figures, doujinshi etc)

- ASHITA NO NADJA all posters $1
nadja of tomorrow, cute shojo anime series---:3

- HUNTER X HUNTER all under $8
(posters, key chains, pins, drama cd, etc)

- GUNDAM SEED all under $8
(figure sets and poster!)

(animedia, animage and lots of free gifts!!)

thank you for looking---please do drop by ^ ^
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Jpop CD Singles Sale

I recently bought a lot of CD singles off of Yahoo!Japan, but I only really wanted two of them, so I'm selling the rest. XD

Artists include Mami Kingetsu, Yurica Nagasawa, Yumiko Takahashi, Miho Morikawa, Miho Komatsu, a Gundam single, and others I don't know. x.x There are 18 CDs.

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For other anime/manga items, see my selling post here.


Shojo Beat magazines STILL available

I STILL trying to clear out items. PLEASE help me out and look over what I have to offer.
Everything I offer comes from and has reside in a smoke free home.
 I will ship outside of the US.
I will ship Internationally, I just need to know where you reside first & what you are interested in.

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 The first 4 from left to Right are still available as well as #'s 5-7 on the bottom

-7 issues of Shojo Beat: $3.00 each or 20.00  for them all

Issues available
2007: (6) January  (7) March
2006:  (1) June    (2) July  (4) Sept.  (5) Dec.
2005: (3) July

-MANGA: all in Great Condition. Read once and then placed on my shelf.  Prices are cut in 1/2 from retail

Buy it all for $20.0.00. Thats getting  3 for FREE      
or any 3 for $10.00 and save yourself some dough. Thats  buy 2 get one Free

The Devil Does Exits Vol.4 $5.00
Gadirock Requim Chorus Vol.1 $5.00
Hot Gimmick Vol10 $5.00
Kiss Me Kill Me Vol.2  $5.00
Skip A beat Vol.4 $5.00
Sweat & Honey $5.00

******Other awesome goods can be found on my LJ sales account. http://kimi-trades.livejournal.com/*******
$5.00 paloooza

I have dropped all price in 1/2.  Most if not all items are at a very low total of $5.00
If that still isn't low enough for ya then haggle with me.
-pencil boards, art books, odd  items, and more.
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Novis Orbus Librarium

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Princess Ai vol. 1&2, Earthian vol. 1 and a Pierrot doujinshi are now up for sale! Also 1 yukata is still available!
All are make an offer or as marked on the entry. Help me raise money for Fanime!

My sales Journal here:

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One of my buyer has sent me paypal fund by credit card but my account is personal.  I wonder whether the money will become paypal balance after it is accepted by a Premier and Business account.

If what I understand is right,

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Help needed!

To anyone located in Japan: If you help me with this, I'd be eternally grateful. I need this Kigurumi/pajama suit (Keroro Gunsou) by May 22nd. I know this website that sells them: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/marron-kuriya/599182/. However, I don't know anyone in Japan who can get it for me, and since I need it in like, a month, I'm kind of wary about shopping services as they have terrible delays sometimes and I just don't want to risk it. Also, most shopping services I've come across only accept Yahoo Japan auctions and stuff. If someone would be so kind to get one for me, that would be awesome. I can pay right away by Paypal and am willing to pay a 20% fee as well. And if you've got feedback, that would be great. (By the way, I don't know how common shops are that sell these but I know there's a pyjama shop in Kichijouji, Tokyo called "Sleeper's" that should sell also Keroro suits :3) Please help me!

Thank you nozomi_no_da!

Another question: Has anyone here ever purchased from www.tokyogetter.com? How fast are they and are they reliable?
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


All DVDS are $10.00 each, what are you waiting for!!!

Angel Sanctuary
A beautiful angel wages war against God- and loses. (Big surprise their XD) Reborn as a human boy, Setsuna struggles with horrific visions and supernatural powers. Angels and demons flock to his awakening, spoiling for battle. Will Setsuna lead them to the apocalypse or to salvation?

Azumanga Daioh Vol 1 and 2
First off, there’s the teacher herself. A bit of an airhead, she may have graduated from high school, but she sure hasn’t left. And with the arrival of not one but two transfer students- one teen-year-old adorable prodigy and one space-cadet- its going to be a interesting year.

Full Mental Alchemist Vol 1
You know the story, you’ve seen them on TV!! Now take them home!!!

Noir vol 2
The mysterious deepen, as professional assassins Mireille Bouquet and Kirka Yummura, now working together under the core name “NOIR”, must mesh the plying of their trade with the search for the enigmatic link that binds their hidden pasts. Is there someone out there who already knows? An if so, is it the same entity that’s been playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with their lives since they first met? The secrets, and the body count, continue to rise in the second stunning volume of NOIR!!!!

Video Games!!!

The Secret of the Cursed Mask for PS2

Hey Naruto Fans!!
Do you have a little sibling that loves Naruto just as much as you do? But they keep touching your real metal bandage! Leaving their fingerprints all over it!!! Or do you have someone that you know loves it but seen them get a terrible paper cut and afraid of getting them a real one? Have no fear I was the same way, that’s why I am offering you this plastic Naruto band to fool your siblings and save your friends from totally metal bandage poisoning death!! Believe it!! Only 5.00 and in the original box as well!!

Nami Tamaki Greeting Album you heard the music for the hit Gundam Seed
Now take the joy with you home to listen to!! $5.00

Thank you,
From CeeCee
= ^_^ =

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
size 9 5.5 inch heels
I got these boots when i ordered online and they messed up my order and sent me two pairs a shoes instead of just the ones i ordered. it was really nice of them but i want them gone lol
so please help me i hope you can give these shoes a good home
they are:
35 + 15.00 shipping
for faster contact please feel free to contact me at cclevans@yahoo.com
I am open to lowering prices aswell.

Video Game Stuff Needs to go

Game stuff for sale and trade:



::Ask for more images, I will post them asap!::

Image of Games + Guides

Tales of Symphonia for GC [GH/Signature copy] complete - $35.00 (both Symphonia items are like new)

Tales of Symphonia for GC GUIDE BOOK *rare* - $25.00

Final Fantasy VIII OR Parasite Eve II Guide - $10.00 each shipped (these are in used condition with some spine wear)

The Lion King for PSX - MAKE AN OFFER

Image of all the Game-Related Figurines

Close Up of the Keychains

FFVIII Rinoa Figures - $10 each

FFVIII Selphie Figures - $8 each

FFVIII Kiros Gashapon - $8

FFVIII Angelo Dog Figure - $5 shipped

FFVIII Edea Keychain New on tag - $11 shipped

Chrono Cross Serge Keychain - $10 shipped

Image of all the Game-Related Doujinshi

Asking $8 each

FFVII w/Aeris and Vincent on cover - Cloud reflects on his time with Aerith after her death, some gag in the back

FFVII w/Chocobo and Vincent and Hojo on cover - All char gag, includes cross dressing Cloud

FFVIII Doujinshi - All character gag, very sturdy cover

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Shipping included in prices.

EMAIL: Insanescoot13 at AOL dot COM or COMMENT


60+ 100% positive feedback on Ebay! katvara

or 100% positive feedback at: angelchansales
Baby!Sard - Grumpy

Still have stuff to sell!

still have a bunch of stuff to sell! The money that is earned will go towards getting my baby chinchilla a new cage (he's outgrowing the materinity cage he lives in ^^;;)

Payment: Concealed cash (at your own risk) or Postal Money Order. NO paypal, money grams, ect
Shipment: starts at $4.05. I ship only within the US and Canada only!
Holding items: I only hold once I know payment is in route.
Trading: Not right now

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singer | bice

Manga for Sale

- I take paypal, money orders, or concealed cash (at your own risk!). Though I can only hold items for two weeks.
- Shipping prices are included in the quoted prices for US only. I no longer ship internationally or to Canada, sorry.
- Feel free to haggle over prices or ask any questions about the items.
- First come first serve.
- Comment with what you want, your method of payment, and your email
- I have 100% feedback at ebay and at garagesalejapan.

Titles Include:
Sailor Moon
Death Note
Cowboy Bebop
No Need for Tenchi
Tokyo Babylon
Candidate for Goddess

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Visual kei CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Clothing SALE

CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Clothing, RARE STUFF!!
Please help me out by taking some of this off my hands!!

ALL CDs/DVDs include original items (obi, booklets, promtional items) unless stated otherwise.
Detailed information is written on most images, so please take a look at all the images!
Additional photos available on request.
Items shipped from California.
Prices do not include shipping. In your comment please leave your zip code (if within the U.S.) or country, and I will quote you on shipping charges.

My payment options include Paypal (credit card OK), money order and well concealed cash. I can only put items on hold for one week, and money needs to be sent within one week from the date I send your invoice.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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All sold items have been deleted from the list so it is easier to read, and if I have been in communication with you and exchanged addresses/paypal to finalize the sale, I have screened your comments to help organization. If you need to discuss with me further, please start a new thread or e-mail. Thanks!

(no subject)

I have the complete FLCL anime series up for grabs. Bought this off of a friend but I never watch it anymore and would like it to go to a good home.

Plays great no damage. Asking 20$ USD - I'll throw in a free gift as well.

*I am willing to take best offers*


(no subject)

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If anyone's interested, I also have Death Note special edition spares, SPs, paraller cards and spare super rare card for sale, as well as Prince of Tennis New Season Box 1 & 2 regs and SPs, D. Gray-Man regs, Fafner regs, Hanamachi Monogatari regs and SPs, Ein Collection regs , Tokimeki Girls Side Bromides (£1.50/each) & couple of Yamane Ayano regs.

- Paypal only (CC and NON-CC)
- will ship worldwide (from UK)