April 22nd, 2007


Some JRock Magazines on sale from $8-$10

Hi everyone! As i currently need to try to free up some space in my room, i have decided to sell some magazines.

All Magazines are in very good conditions so no worries about broken or torn pages.

This is my List below ---- (listing is by "Artiste on cover" and Issue month and year)

+ $8 Section +


- Janne da Arc [September 2004]
- Gackt [January 2005]
- Gackt [March 2005]
- Janne Da Arc [June 2005]
- Tourbillion [July 2005]
- Kirito (Pierrot) [August 2005]


- MUCC [May 2005]
- Psycho Le Cemu [June 2005]
- Miyavi [July 2005]


- GLAY [March 2005]

+ $10 Section +


- Dir en grey [April 2005]
- Hisashi and Jiro (GLAY) [May 2005]
(free GLAY's Official "X-Rated" guitar picks inside)

[UV Ultra veat]

- Gackt [Volume 103]
- Dir en grey [Volume 105]
- Gackt [ Volume 110]

For any enquries please email me at

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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Kagrra/Nightmare double sided Shoxx issue March 2007(mint condition)$5+$3
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sadie Cure issue Feb 2007(mint condition)$5+$3
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Billy Wednesday - Kaibutsu wa Shinu Koto Ni Shita(mint condition)$14+$5
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KuRt(ryouki)post card(mint condition)$1+$1
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

JRock customized t-shirts
prices will range between $10-$20
request will be an additional $5

-No deadbeats please!
-I can only accept concealed cash.
-I'll ship out of US.
-US currency only please.
-I will keep items on hold for 10 days max.

Any 176biz, lolita23q, or ayabie items, trades are welcome
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ANIME SALE - tenipuri, hxh, naruto, nadja, gundam etc etc etc!!!

hello---my mom is forcing me to get rid of all my old anime goods so please help (> < )
prices very low (mostly under $10) and a number of free gifts available (first come first serve!)

please check and help me!!
(main page)


- anime, jpop, posters, doujinshi, manga, stationary etc etc!!! 
(digimon doujinshi, sanji plushie, fruba pins, kogepan plushie, rirakkuma, ayu, morning musume, anime clocks, lots of posters etc etc etc!!) 

- loooots of very rare TENIPURI (prince of tennis) goods
(over 50 posters, doujinshi, keychains, card sets etc etc!!)

- NARUTO goods all under $10!!
(posters, figures, doujinshi etc)

- HUNTER X HUNTER all under $8
(posters, key chains, pins, drama cd, etc)

- GUNDAM SEED all under $8
(figure sets and poster!)

(animedia, animage and lots of free gifts!!)

thank you for looking---please help me out (>--<)

Looking to buy: Dir en grey singles

Hi, I'd like to buy any (reasonably priced) Dir en grey singles you have other than Agitated Screams of Maggots, especially the older ones that aren't easily available (GAUZE singles, etc.). I live in the US and can only pay through PayPal. This would be VERY much appreciated. Thank You! :D

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Buyer Appreciation Raffle

Hi! To thank everyone who has bought from my shop, I am holding a Buyer Appreciation Raffle! Everyone who has spent $5 + before shipping, is qualified to enter! It's simple, all you do it buy, and your name will be added to the list!

The raffle dates are 4/20 - 5/20, which is when a winner will draw out of a hat! Thw winner will recieve =

- Memos (20)
- Stickers (20)
- A Deco Tape
- A surprise kawaii item!

Lots of new anime J-rock + video game goods for trade [preferred] or BEST OFFER

New items added, store revamped!

Paypal/serious buyers only!

Items for Sale

Serial Experiments
Lain, ReBuild an Omnipresence In the Wired - $30.00 shipped

Final Fantasy VII
Original Soundtrack (4 Discs, cover, booklet)
- $25.00 shipped

Haibane Renmei DVD
1, 2, 3, 4 [Complete] (complete working condition, missing the Hakusho Booklet) +
Artbox (has some water damage in the corner, barely noticable) No shitajiki
included. - $40.00

Digimon Taito
TaixMatt TaichixYamato Doujinshi (Fluff)
- $10.00 shipped

Final Fantasy VII
[Japanese Title] Doujinshi (Cloud reflects on Aerith's death, with some gag at
the end) - $10.00 shipped

Chrono Cross Serge
Keychain (No wear, used, Out of Print) *rare*- $10.00 shipped

Asuka Langely
Souryu Neon Genesis Evangelion Gashapon (Sundress, new in plastic)
- $5.00 shipped

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife Statue (complete with box, display use only) - $32.00 shipped
<-- That's half of retail! Shipped with insurance (included in price!)

Final Fantasy VIII FIGURES [alot of them!]

How to Draw Manga BOOKS [all like new, cheap!]

Arena 37c "Gackt
Diablous Cover" Issue 2005 October (Also includes L'Arc~en~Ciel, SOPHIA,
Dir En Grey, Miyavi, and others! Flipped through once.) - $20.00 shipped

All manga is
$5.00 each. Shipping for individual volumes is $3.00 while multiple is $5.00.
All are in English unless stated.

Tales of Symphonia
Bradygames Guide (Really rare, like NEW) - $22.00 shipped

Lunar: The Silver
Star Sega CD Working Designs (Rare and out of print, company no longer in
business, very good RPG. Collector's seek this game. Complete with game disc,
manual, and original case). Works on Sega CD system and PC emulator.) - $35.00

Tales of Symphonia
for Gamecube (Player's Choice version, complete, working condition.) *rare* - $30.00

Xenosaga Episode II
for PS2 *SEALED* (This game is still in the factory seal.) - $35.00 shipped


IMAGES, INFO, PRICES here See also: angelchansales

**At the time of posting, the images aren't up but can be provided promptly if you comment here or at the sales journal. Thanks!

See my wishlist at the sales journal!

Thanks! If you're not happy with a price, EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE!

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Doujinshi, cels, Jpop photobooks, and more!! CLICK ON PICTURE! If auctions do not show, refresh page or check back soon!

Or check out my website at www.frostedsuki.com/store

*NEW* Handmade Miyavi domino pendants

$20 USD ea. + S/H
$2 to US, $3.5 to CA, $5 everywhere else

These unique, individually handmade pendants are actually real dominoes featuring who else but Miyavi himself!. Stylish, mod and limited. These are the only two I have at this time, more will not be made unless requested. Show your pride, MYVstyle.

1"x2" in. pendants
High gloss. Coated with polyurethane for protection.
24" black leather cords with lobster clasp. Silver leafing.
Back of domino says "MYV" with "382" below.
*Much prettier in real life.

Visit http://raydrandesigns.livejournal.com/ to reserve or for more information.

*NOTE* These will be put up for auction at eBay, Tuesday, April 24th for same price IF NOT SOLD BY THEN.

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Digimon comic book :: read once

This is a Digimon: Digital Monsters English language comic book.  It has only been read once, and is in near-mint condition.  These are pretty hard to find now, so it's a great deal for any Digimon fan.  It is $5, with $5 for shipping, making it a total of $10.  I prefer PayPal, but accept money orders as well.  Comment to purchase.

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Here are two more pictures.



Not 100% sure if PurpleSky counts as an Asian item since it's American-released, but anyway, here goes.

Since the Winter 07 issue is sold out on the website, and I don't have any retailers that sell the magazine near me, does anyone have a copy to spare? Name your price.

More stuff up.

I'm back. And now I'm parting with some of my Anime Collection.
It features VHS, DVD's, Artbooks, and Toys.

Please visit link below for items for Sale:

Also, for any JRock/PLC fan, I'm still attempting to sell my Psycho le C'emu Psycho-logy 101 2005 VIP Tour Bag. No offers have been made, so it's up for grabs. You can get it at a low cost, I'm taking OFFERS.

Thank for your time.
UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!

Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend

Hello everyone!
I am looking for merchandise from the manga Zettai Kareshi. Its english translation is Absolute boyfriend. I am looking for the drama cd and any pencil boards and what not.

If you have anything to sell, please reply to this post OR e-mail me at iwakuralain16 AT sbcglobal.net. I can pay with paypal or money order.

Thank you!! :D