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23 April 2007 @ 01:03 am
Hi again 8) I still have some Hello! Project CDs leftover from last time, as well as some new CDs that I decided to sell. Please take a look, I'm also now taking offers. Thanks!

CDs and prices under the cutCollapse )

The prices include shipping (unless otherwise stated) to the US. I will also ship to Canada, but it will cost a couple bucks more depending on the item. I only ship to the US and Canada, sorry! I'll take Paypal, money orders, and for purchases under 10$, I will take well concealed cash at YOUR OWN RISK. ***NO*** CHECKS! Thanks for looking!

Sorry for crossposting :x
23 April 2007 @ 09:14 am
Info: I only accept Paypal, sorry.
All prices include shipping to anywhere in the world.

Selling posters, a photoset and a Kagrra, album~!


GazettE, SID, Kagrra,/Nightmare


GazettE - Hyena photoset  [RARE!]

All prices are negotiable and trades are welcome for practically anything GazettE (except for stickers and some DVDs/CDs/magazines) ^_^

For more info and pictures, please click here:

( Curikku! )
23 April 2007 @ 09:51 am
I'm selling floor tickets to both days of the Jrock Revolution Festival on eBay:

FRIDAY MAY 25 - alice nine, Kagrra, Duel Jewel, Miyavi, Vidoll
SATURDAY MAY 26 - MUCC, girugamesh, Merry, Despairs Ray

Bidding starts at $49.99 with no reserve. There are two tickets for each day so you can go solo or bring a friend, whatever you want.
miss k
23 April 2007 @ 11:07 am
I'm selling a bunch of Liz Lisa items over at my journal. They're all brand new and never worn. Please check it out if you're interested!

Liz Lisa items for direct sale - prices negotiable!

Sorry for x-posting!
23 April 2007 @ 01:07 pm

I am selling my Akira figure from the BL game Togainu no Chi. This is made by Kotobukiya and it is a 1/10 Scale pre-painted statue. It brings a special drama cd disc in the base (sorry if I can't show it but I don't want to open the box). I bought it together with Shiki but decided not to keep it.  

$30.00 shipped ($26 for the figure and $4 for shipping) or BO. Please comment if you are interested. Paypal payment only to ayonoi@yahoo.com

Any questions, drop me a line at the same email. Thanks for looking!
23 April 2007 @ 01:26 pm
I have for sale a really cute jacket with a kitty hoodie by BOOU FACTORY.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cut for details~Collapse )
Ney Naoe
Yes I ship internationally
Luna Sea Doujinshi
POT Doujinshi
POT Bromides
german Manga

LOOKING FOR: cheap GASHAPON, no special series just offer what you have!
that crazy jew
23 April 2007 @ 02:34 pm
Hiyaaaas, I'm looking for really cute stationery sets. I'd really like ones that have like... cute smiling food on them. But I'm not picky. Looking for deals where I get lots for not so much. I'd be really glad if anyone would be willing to trade with what I have here for the stationery. Or if you know of anyplace online where I can get this kind of stuff, that would be great too. Thanksss.

& please do not be shyyy.
23 April 2007 @ 03:10 pm
I'm selling these Ayupan stickers from Ayumi Hamasaki's Asia Tour 07.

image hosted by ImageVenue.com

If you are interested, please reply to this post.
Lolita Rose Sales
23 April 2007 @ 03:51 pm
Everything in my journal must go! I'm moving this Summer and can't take too much with me. I even lowered the price of some items! New items have been added!!

My journal has much anime and manga!
ListCollapse )

ListCollapse )

I also have toys, books on Japan, and other items! (CURE and SHOXX MAGAZINES FOR SALE!)

Please come and have a look ♥ Be sure to read the introduction post.

lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale

Please don't reply to this entry for items.
23 April 2007 @ 03:56 pm
Still selling some Hikaru no Go and FFVII:AC doujinshi and two Fullmetal Alchemist games. I've now added several romance games- two imported h-games and one AnimePlay DVD.

( Fake cut to my LJ~ )
23 April 2007 @ 04:40 pm
Tons of punk lolita shirts in white/black/pink/and red!

Cute hair clips!

White sweet lolita shoes, white bonnet, and two formal dresses!

Come take a look!

23 April 2007 @ 04:52 pm
CLICK for more info

++ Australia / NZ / surrounding prefered ++
I've just added/updated today with more and more jewellery to the journal!! ADDED ALICE NINE BRACELETS!

 *_* Im also taking requests for any personal named key dangles or bracelets as well *_* so take a look and please buy!!
they are totally awesome!! XD

ALSO MARKED DOWN 20% all trading card sets and anime dvd's as well!! $2.50US FOR ALL KEYCHAINS AND BRACELETS!!!! buy 2,3,4,5 items and all you pay is $2.50 US for shipping!! SO WILL GLADLY COMBINE SHIPPING!! WORLDWIDE!! XD

CHECK OUT MY SELLING JOURNAL HERE!! ****Kawaii Butterfly ***

°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.->**SPECIALLY MADE KEYCHAINS AND BRACELETS** ONLY ON LJ!!<-.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°

PREVIEWS: check out my selling journal for more!!!!! HERE HERE HERE!

if you see something you like there, or dont have ebay set up and wish to grab something email me or leave me a comment here!!
will give 10% off to all LJ users who see my post here!! (ebay and non ebay users!) @_@ (please quote lj username and where you saw
the post to recieve discount)

Visit My eBay Store: Kawaii Butterfly


that crazy jew
23 April 2007 @ 06:08 pm
I can only accept concealed cash. All items are new or "old", but have been never been used or were just lightly used- and as such in GREAT condition. Please don't feel afraid of making an offer as I accept offers. Also feel free to tell me if you no longer want the item however interested you seemed at first, I won't bite you for an abrupt "never mind". This allows me to free an item and try selling it again. If I do not receive a notice from you about an item after 2 weeks with no information on payment status the transaction will be void. I ship from the US, but am willing to ship internationally. Thank you.

Most prices do not include shipping, unless noted; should you wish to know the total, provide item information and your zip code. I ship your purchase once I receive your payment.

If you have questions you don't want to ask in comments may be sent to my email address: taishonagisa@msn.com

All sales are final.

Inuyasha 1st Season Box-set comes w/Inuyasha’s rosary. Collector’s item. Another Picture - $125 shipped OR FOR $200 GET BOX SET AND (SHIPPED):
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, VIZ) - (buy seperate for $1)
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, JP) - (buy seperate for $3 each)
InuYasha Manga (Japanese) - (buy seperate for $2 each)
InuYasha OST III & Movie OST II (JP, NOT BOOTLEGS) - (buy seperate for $15 each [shipped])
US released cards *MAKE ANY OFFER*


Fullmetal Alchemist:
Fullmetal Alchemist Character Collection (JP) - $10
Edward & Alphonse FIGURE in RED (in box +manga extra) - $15 (shipped)
FMA DVD (Funimation) DVD 1 only available. $8 (shipped)
Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Game OST - NOT A BOOTLEG $20 (shipped)

Naruto (all JP release)
Naruto Keychain & Konohamaru keychain (with box; both have boxes) - $2 each
Naruto cards $1 per card
Holo. Kakashi card & Chibi Naruto Sticker $2 each

Sakura goods All $1 each BESIDES THE BIRTHDAY PIN. That is $8 shipped.

Naruto PS2 game - Japanese. Only works on JPN PS2 or PS3- $7 (shipped)

Akatsuki Cloak NEW, LARGE. (Aprox. 49 inches down and 21 across.) $48 shipped.
Naruto Doujinshi. NEW ADDED.Collapse )
Other (all Viz)
Case Closed volumes 1 & 2 - $3 each
Bleach 1 - $5 (shipped)

Oriental Letter/Card Set Outside. Inside. - $9

If pictures of angles or insides are desired, please ask for them.

Note - I'm looking for cute Japanesey/whateverAsian-errr tote/shoulder bags and pencil cases/pouches. And am willing to trade. <3
23 April 2007 @ 06:12 pm

I only accept MONEY ORDERS [post office only] and CONCEALED CASH [at your own risk!] in USD
Item will be shipped after payment.
PLEASE EMAIL ME AT sayurixstrife@gmail.com IF INTERESTED [do not comment]
SHIPPING VARIES. (I can only ship to USA and CANADA)

I need money for various things, so these will have to be sold before the 2nd week of May (:
[i need money for summer school text books as well as to get some money that i spent on SATs]

CDSCollapse )

MANGACollapse )

ANIMECollapse )


Post your feedback here
23 April 2007 @ 06:13 pm
Alright! I have uncovered more cds that need a good home...while spring cleaning!
Please just reply w/ a quote of what you'd like to pay w/ shipping and how you'd like to pay or you can also e-mail the info. to japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com

Items are HereCollapse )

I am selling the following djs, two are relistings. Also check out manga available:

RaitoxL. 32pgs, all manga, in great condition. Datemaki was one of the best doujinshi circles in the Death Note, Naruto and Bleach fandom. Also did some work for D-Grayman. 
$15.00 plus shipping

225 pages, 16 doujinshi circle. Yaoi and shonen-ai, some hetero. $10.00 plus shipping ON HOLD

KuroganexFai- hard yaoi (NSFW SCANS!). This is a small doujinshi B6...$6.00 plus shipping  SOLD.

Manga: all $2.00 per volume
Naruto 2-7 SOLD
Angel Sanctuary 1-3 ON HOLD
Hikaru no Go 1 ON HOLD
Get Backers 2

Naruto plushies: $5.00 each
Naruto and Sasuke.

Singles: $5.00 (Gackt Metamorphose and Black Stones; Dir en Grey: Agitated Scream of Maggots
Full CD: $7.00 Dir en Grey: Withering to Death (U.S. Edition)

Paypal prefered.  Send payment to ayonoi@yahoo.com. 

Contact me at the same address if you want to pay differently or if you have any questions.
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23 April 2007 @ 07:29 pm
Hi, I am selling my yukata on eBay. Please take a look if you are interested^o^~
The auction will end on Thursday night.

Thanks for looking~
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23 April 2007 @ 07:33 pm
I have read the rules and I hope this is allowed, I wasn't sure if request posts were acceptable. Tell me if not.

Anyway, I'm in the UK and keep seeing all this great manga for sale in American or wherever and it's very sad that I can't buy it. So are there any other UK people out there, with manga in english to sell?

I'll look at whatever you're selling, but I'm particulary looking for:
- Fake volumes 5-7 by Sanami Matoh
- Finder Series 3: One Wing in the Finder by Ayano Yamane
- Loveless from volume 2 upwards by Yun Kouga

I'm a bit low on funds, so I may turn you down if the price is too high.
23 April 2007 @ 08:23 pm

Hey I'm new here and I see everyone is selling things so I'm going to too! While I don't have anything from my home here I do design T-shirts so here's that link to purchase! http://artlifecollective.com/shop/index.php?main_page=detail&products_id=4132&page=1&cat_id=735

It's a nifty site but I'm the only one doing anime related materials on it! But anyway as I find things 2 sell I'll post em' too also I noticed some lolita where if any one has any gothic or dark lolita wear I'd be for it! Thanks!

Hi! I have a Sailor Moon Materials Collection Artbook and a Sailor Moon Season 1 DVD Box Set for sale on eBay. The Artbook ends on Tuesday and the DVD set ends on Thursday. Check them out if you're interested!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Thank you! :o)
Hey everyone! This is leannarchy and I just added TONS of stuff to my selling journal: garagesaleleann
I have manga such as alice 19th and Excel Saga. A huge amount of figurines from yu yuhakusho and tenchi muyo. And for all those sailor moon fans out there I have a whole bunch of sailor moon dolls! Besides all that I have posters, video games, doll clothing and punk clothing!! Please check it out I went to Animeboston this weekend and spent too much money -_-;;