April 25th, 2007


Please help me get rid of stuff D:

~ NON-CC and CC paypal (NON-CC preferred!) & concealed USD / GBP (at your own risk) 
~ trades welcome (
wishlist & will consider other stuff too)
~ will ship worldwide (exc. Italy)

Bleach clear cells and Bromides

Ayano Yamane Collection list (yaoi/shounen'ai)
Bleach Carddass Masters 3 list
Death Note Special Edition list
D. Grayman Part 1 List
Ein Collection list (yaoi/shounen'ai)
Hanamachi Monogatari list (yaoi/shounen'ai)
Prince of Tennis New Season Box 1 & 2

Bleach / Naruto promo shitajiki (manga art, shinigami + Ichigo / Naruto) £3.50 

Tokimeki Girls' Side Special Christmas Party Bromides £1.50/each (If someoene is interested, I can take pics. Can't tell these guys apart from each other XD)

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JROCK Sale ♪

Hi~ I'm selling the following, please take a look if interested^^
Shipping Worldwide!

Kirito items: "Fef of Hameln" Solo Tour Book, Symphonic Live DVD, "Hameln" First Press CD +Gift, "Tear" CD+DVD single, 80 magazine page lot, rare Fanclub posters, NYC photobook gift photo
→ → Here

LM.C magazine page lot → → Here

Other Jrock:
Posters: Alice nine, Nightmare, Miyavi, Plastic Tree → → Here
Magazine Clippings : Alice nine, An Cafe, J, Ryutaro, L'arc-en-Ciel, Hakuei → → Here
CDs: BLOOD Autographed CD, PLC "Beautiful World" CD + Bonus → → Here

FOOL'S MATE 4/07 #306 Nightmare Cover + Bonus gift of random new VK flyers
→ → Here

thanks :3



MANY ITEMS NOW UP FOR AUCTION ON EBAY AT REDUCED PRICES!!! GREAT BARGAIN LOTS AS WELL!!! Shitajiki, Clear Files, Manga, Magazines, Artbooks, DVDs, Furoku, Keychains, Pins, Yaoi, Figures, Drama CDs, MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

Check it out here:



Click the link for details! Thanks! ^_^

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Manga for Sale *lower prices*

- I take paypal, money orders, or concealed cash (at your own risk!). Though I can only hold items for two weeks.
- Shipping prices are included in the quoted prices for US only. I no longer ship internationally or to Canada, sorry.
- Feel free to haggle over prices or ask any questions about the items.
- First come first serve.
- Comment with what you want, your method of payment, and your email
- I have 100% feedback at ebay and at garagesalejapan. Plus you can always find me at some_day_music

Prices Lowered!
I really need to get rid of these. So if you don't like the prices make an offer. I'm open to anything at this point.

Note: Those labeled library discard have three things on them. "Houston Public Library stamped on the top or bottom, a Young Adult sticker on the spine, and a cardholder on the inside back cover.

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If anyone is interested I also have two ebay auctions up.
Sailor Moon Manga vol.7
Sailor Moon SuperS Manga vol.4


I accept First Class Mail Concieled Cash, Checks, and Money Orders!!

Summer Scent Box Set, with Chinese, Korean, English Subtitles, Has Audio in Chinese, and Korean

Korean Movie Ditto

Also have L'arc en ciel REALIVE Tour 2000

Hot Topic Black Angel Wings

Please e-mail me at MyUntamedMisery@yahoo.com
if you are interested!!

Shipping is 4.00

Yaoi manga & music/fashion magazines for sale

Just trying to clear out some stuff. Currently, I can only take non-CC paypal. I usually ship priority, but I can send the manga via media mail. Please be aware that the magazine are around a pound each so they're fairly expensive to ship, but I do combine shipping.

Feel free to comment here or email me at hajimaruyo @ gmail.com (take out the sapces).

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Miyavi CD's

I decided to sell off my Miyavi collection, so I added them today to my selling journal. :D This includes:
-Ashita Genki ni Naare
-Miyavizm LIMITED EDITION version w/DVD
-Dear my friend / Itoshi Hito Limited Edition A-type single
-Kekkonshiki no uta - Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March / Are you ready to ROCK? Limited Edition A-type single w/DVD
-Senor Senora Senorita / Gigpig Boogie Limited Edition CD w/goods/DVD (A-type single)

I also still Have Psycho le Cemu-Beautiful World & Doppelganger, Nightmare Anima, Dir en Grey- Whithering to Death, and Klaha- Nostal Lab.

Thanks for looking!

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Hey guys I updated my selling journal

New items include:

SIMS 2 PC game, Xenosaga artbook & Game guide, Hirameki produced DVD Game Tea society of a witch, Kingdom Hearts 2 Game guide

Chinese movie with Vanness Wu (From F4) Dragon Squad

IrvinexSelphie Doujinshi (FF8) , LeorioxKurapica Doujinshi ( HunterxHunter)

Virus Buster surge anime Vol 1&2, Fushigi Yuugi season 1 boxset

Naruto and Tenjou Tenge Gashapon figures

Dragonball Z movie picture mangas



Dean Blows

Added Items

New items at my sales page include:

-Naruto Itachi plush and Naruto gashapon
-Prince of Tennis J-mini figure set
-Gintama Gashapon

Old items still up from: Angel Sanctuary, Demon Diary, Flame of Recca, Immortal Rain, King of Bandit Jing, Tuxedo Gin, Mars, Here is Greenwood, Kingdom of Selfish Love, Fullmetal Alchemist, Genshiken, Galaxy Angel Party, Bashing Ren-ai, AB Motion, Piano, Human Crossing, Air Gear, Brave Story, Detective Conan, Death Note, Digi Charat, FLCL, Kyou Kara Maou, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, KAT-TUN, and more!

Please check it out here:


As always, prices negotiable and trades accepted. Feedback is at the bottom of the post. ^_^
Yuki & Miki -SAMBA!-



✖Shipping costs: Are stated with the item.
✖Payment method: PayPal prefered. Within the Netherlands I also accept bank transfer.

h.Naoto like bag

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Skull necklace

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Sexy Dynamite London cap - New with tags.

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Glay - Yuuwaku 誘惑 [single]

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L'arc~en~ciel - Heaven's Drive 1st press

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BIS poster

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Hagakure x Antifeminism SIGNED DVD

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For updates and other items, please visit 16bitsales We update every week, so feel free to friend this journal.

Feel free to ask any questions (: I am willing to talk about the prices if you think they're too high.

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Added more English manga! Click here to go to the entry. :D

Based in the US, but can (and only) accept all forms of PayPal. (Money orders are too much of a hassle for me unless they are within the US. :/)

Priority goes to who can pay first/proves they aren't wasting my time.
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Dir en Grey Autographs

Dir en Grey autographs from the recent Marrow tour on the lyrics book of the CD. It's signed by all members of dir en grey EXCEPT the lead singer, Kyo (despite the fact that I prayed desperately for him to be there). Shinya has signed the cover, Daisuke the inner page of the cover, Kaoru the first page, and Kaoru the third. I was so happy to get it but I am in a tight spot... So I'm going to sell it.

If you are interested, I can email you photos, and if you would like to have it, we can negotiate price. 

I'm very new to this whole thing, so...
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Pics available for anything on request. :)

If you don't like the prices, offer me something. I really need money.

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I take Paypal, and well concealed cash (US or Canadian is fine). I live in Canada. :)

Thanks for looking! <3
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CD clean up sale

the followings are still up for sale:

LOVE Can - oh! bake tachi = $13
L'Arc~en~Ciel - AWAKE [limited first press - special jacket] = $26
L'Arc~en~Ciel - SMILE = $24
L'Arc~en~Ciel - The Best of L'Arc~en~Ciel 1994-1998 [w/ VCD]* = $15
KIRITO - Hameln [limited first press w/ photobook] = $31
KIRITO - Door = $12
BABYLON - GARNET CHILDREN [w/ trading card] = $13
BABYLON - getsurinka [w/ trading card] = $13
GIFT - tokai no ROUGE to shounen no MELODY = $20
UnderCode Production omnibus - High Style Paradox IV ~re acceleration~ = $20
UTADA HIKARU - Deep River* = $18
The ALFEE - tanpopo no uta = $8