May 1st, 2007

May giveaway!!!


I really need the money right now since I'm unemployed so for anyone who spends $5 USD or more at my shop will be entered in to the May Giveaway surprise package! Gifts may include manga, magazines, figurines, doll clothes, posters...and this is stuff not listed in my shop so it will be a surpise =^.^= The drawing will be held the last day of may and announced first day of June. Here's some items I have up for sale:

Super kawaii strawberry slippers!!! - i just saw a pair identical to this sell on here for about $60 so I'm trying to get at least half of that ^_^;; (current bid only $8!)

DIY punk shirts!






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Selling a bunch of goodies over @ omgsales. ^^/

Kirito's DOOR single

TM.REVOLUTIONS's Crush two disc DVD

AcQua, Fanatic Crisis, Kimeru, Miyavi

Neo Genesis August 2005 - Kirito's section
Shoxx Vol. 155
UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!

Looking for Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend Merch & Lami cards

Hello everyone!
Yet another post from me requesting merchandise. And Yes I know there is a otaku wishlist group but not everyone looks at that. ~_~

I am looking to buy Zettai Kareshi merchandise. Furoku, lami cards & ETC.

I am also interested in buying lami cards from almost any Watase Yuu series. I am not too interested in Fushigi Yuugi, but you have them I may want them. *already has alot from that series*. I am really looking for Alice 19th, Zettai Kareshi and Imadoki lamis.

Really,if you have any merch from Fushigi Yuug, Ceres, Zettai Kareshi, Alice 19th and just about any of Watase Yuu's works I am interested in buying it. :D

I dont really have much stuff to trade right now. I will have alot of assorted furoku soon though. So if you strictly trade that may not be an option until a month from now. Comment back or e-mail me at iwakuralain16(AT) if you want to trade/sell me some merch. ^_^

Thank yoU!!!!
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Samurai Gackt

Possible DA

If anyone is interested, I'm thinking of having a direct auction for an official Olivia Lufkin signature. I'll start the bidding price at $35 (I believe that was badge price, I'll have to double check - so this is subject to change).

I will have more details later. The signature is on a PMX badge and that is why I'm starting the bid at $35 - the price of attendance.

I will also have the DA on my journal shopmitsu. Please leave a comment on this post if interested!

Thank you!
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I only accept MONEY ORDERS [post office only] and CONCEALED CASH [at your own risk!] in USD
Item will be shipped after payment.
SHIPPING VARIES. (I can only ship to USA and CANADA)

I need money for various things, so these will have to be sold before the 2nd week of May (:

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pictures to come as soon as my camera is available.


Posters are $6 shipped (for all $20 shipped)
Double-sided posters are $8 shipped (for all $20 shipped)
Magazines are $14 shipped (for all $23 shipped)
(buy whole set for $45 shipped) 
(if you buy the whole set, I will throw in 3 free flyers)

Shoxx March 2007(excluding poster)[
Cure Nov 2005(excluding poster}[
Kagrra/Nighmare double-sided poster[
An Cafe/Shou double-sided poster[
Sadie poster[

I can only accept well concealed cash
I will hold items for 8 days max
I don't except trades at the moment

Happy Berry scarf!

My newest creation! It is up for sale or trade:

Happy Berry scarf: $Offer

Disclaimer: I do not own Ai Yazawa's symbols, characters, or ideas. This is a fanmade product, with no official counterpart.

You can contact me by e-mail (jojin at alltel dot net) or comment. I will ship anywhere, I live in the US, in a secured bubble mailer. I have eBay, Laundro, and LJ feedback. I accept Paypal, money order, well-concealed cash, and trades.

Items can be commissioned. I realise it is no longer winter and scarves are obsolete until a few months from now. This is a one-time only scarf though, and there is no harm in being prepared for winter, right? Still, I have been known to make bags, headbands, and plushies.
Helio color

Selling BJD: Doll in Mind R-Asiam

I'm selling one of my dolls that I've had for about a year and five months.
He's still in good condition, but could use some sanding on his body.

I'm asking for $500 for him, which is less than what I payed.
I will also throw in a wig from Luts and a shirt from Volks.

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starry night.

Jrock Items for Sale: Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 9. Malice Mizer merveilles l'espace VHS

Gothic & Lolita Bible: Vol. 9

Featuring: Mana, Aya, Vivienne Sato, SNAP and many many more! Also includes a super-cute fold-out clothing pattern.

Great condition. $17US.

MALICE MIZER - Merveilles l'espace VHS

Ultra rare MALICE MIZER concert on VHS. Out of print, as far as I know. It's not on sale anywhere on Ebay. CDJapan doesn't even seem to list it anymore.

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Paypal only please. FREE SHIPPING. Bid with confidence!