May 2nd, 2007

Featured Items.

Today's featured items are Jrock, and Jpop items!
Shipping is not included in price, please comment with location and I will let you know how much shipping will be.
It is important you have your payment in before may 10th if you want to save on shipping! Shipping cost will go up after that.

-Cawaii 12.2005
-Melon 04.2005

-Anna Tsuchiya- Change Your Life
-The Pink Panda - Dog Star
-Pot Shot- She is Cute
-WaT 5cenchi limited edition single
-Nana Kitade - Kibo no Kakera single
-Princess Princess - Dolls in action

-WaT - Hava Rava promo poster.
-Duel Jewel - Life On . . . / Aishu Melancholia promo poster
-Duel Jewel - Azure promo Poster.
-Duel Jewel poster from 2003
-NANA KITADE Kera promo poster.

Other Merchaindise
-Anna Tsuchiya - strip me cell phone strap
-Anna Tsuchiya inspi' Nana Black Stones cell phone strap
-Duel Jewel photo set
-Mini Moni Card game
-Lead Shinya+Akira trading card
-Lead Shinya trading card
-Flame Yusuke+Yu Trading Card
-Flame Hisato Trading Card
-ex Flame Kyohei trading card

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You can Look Here for feedback and payment info.

Also you can check out the rest of my journal for anime, manga, clothing and other cute stuff from Japan, and more!

J-rock/pop & Anime Magazines, Posters, CD, Candy, Clothes

I have some J-rock/pop goods & a few Manga to sell as well as lots of FRUiTsy/Punk clothes and accessories!

Shoxx w/ Miyavi on the cover
Cure w/ Bis on the cover
NewType w/ Gundam Seed Destiny on the cover

Fullmetal Alchemist

Nami Takami - Greeting

Fate/Stay Night Figurine
Hello Kitty candy tin
2005 Inuyasha Calendar
2004 Hamtaro Calendar

Bright Fishnets
Striped tights
Flame jacket
lots more

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Looking for - Pinky St. Toys!

Especially these series, individually or in sets: (but show me what you have anyway!)

-Super Lovers (I already have Yoshiko)
-Space Invaders
-Post Pet

EDIT! Parts and heads are ok if they're cheap!

These are the ones I already have:

Tsukihime Arc
Range Murata series
Maki (repaint)
Moe (repaint A)
Suu (repaint A)

NO BOOTLEGS, please!

If you're interested, I have items up for trade at: orangecandies

I prefer to buy from sellers within the US who can accept cash or credit card paypal. Thanks! :)

selling misc stuff

What I've got for sale:
OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin) - synchronicity CD
BoA - Best of Soul POSTER
Kirito x KOHTA POSTER (from shoxx vol 125? too lazy to check.)

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Thanks for looking. Post comments on inquiries etc here. That's probably it.
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manga sale~!

manga sale! i want these gone! each individual book is $6 shipped each unless otherwise stated.

-DNAngel 1-4 $20 + shipping and handling for all four
-President Dad 2 only $5 shipped
-Fruits Basket 1-7 & 14-15 $50 + shipping and handling for all nine


every book is in good condition! the books with the most significant wear are Fruits Basket 1-5, and the rest are good! the more you buy, the better the offer i can give due to lower shipping cost! don't like my prices? make me an offer!

PayPal is preferred, but i also take concealed cash (at your own risk!), checks, and money orders.

if you're interested or have any questions, please comment or contact me at taremochi67*AT*