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06 May 2007 @ 12:01 am

Hello from The Ethereal Garden!  I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff!  From Manga to Lolita stuffs.  Please come a visit my eBay shop! ( Just click the emblem above )

Gothic Lolita Goods Available as of now…

Elegant Gothic Lolita / Aristocrat Set
Elegant Gothic Lolita White Blouse
Sweet Cherry Gothic Lolita Button
Sweet Candy Gothic Lolita Button
Baby Doll Gothic Lolita Button 
Sweet Picnic Gothic Lolita Button

Music Goods Available as of now…

12012 Limited Release CD not obtain+1

Rare Miyavi First Press Postcard and Sticker

Japanese Magazines Available as of now…
(More magazines coming soon!! )

rena 37 January – Cover: Winds

Cure September 2006 – Cover: Uchuu Sentai NOIZ (
宇宙戦隊 NOIZ )

Neo genesis Vol. 8 – Front Cover: Nightmare (
ナイトメア ),  
Back Cover: 12012

Pati Pati September 2004 – Cover: ORANGE RANGE

SHOXX October 2006 – Cover: Miyavi ( )

Street Access Vol. 10 – Cover: Gackt

SEXPOT ReVeNGe V!NYL SYNDICATE Vol. 9 – Front Cover: Dohatsuten (
怒髪天 )
                                                                  Back Cover: Makoto from Doremi Dan (
ドレミ團 )

Cawaii! February 2007 – Cover: Kumi Koda
Cawaii! March 2007 – Cover: Hamasaki Ayumi ( 浜崎あゆみ )

KERA! April 2006
KERA! May 2006
KERA! November 2005

RARE!!! JUNON October 2002 Issue

Manga Goods Available as of now…

Neck & Neck Vol. 1 & 2
OTHELLO Manga Vol 1 - 3
ita-Ten Manga Vol. 1 – 8
Gadirok: Requiem Chorus Vol. 1
Tokyo Boys & Girls Vol. 1–5

Selected Manga is on sale!

Have any questions? Email me! I'm happy to help when I can!

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06 May 2007 @ 12:11 am
Hello there!

I'm still selling Prince Of Tennis Doujin over here and also selling Bleach/POT/Howl's Moving Castle Merchandise over here (Now also selling Yanagi's Photobook+DVD)

I'm also selling some Japanese related merchandise over here. For every $10 purchase of Japanese related merchandise, you get a free Kimono patterned phone seal! (whilst stocks last)

Hope you'll come over and browse through some of the items I have. Thanks!

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06 May 2007 @ 09:20 am
Cels and jrock and ...all sorts of things....

(note, Fushigi yuugi spoiler cel under cut)

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Hi there! Like the header says, I've listed some new items in my selling journal. Some samples -

More in each category this way~

06 May 2007 @ 11:33 am
Tons of new stuff up at my selling journal, including a lot of items from Kyoto!
Manga, shitajiki, stationary, stickers, and a lot of odds and ends.
Please help me clean up and recover from the $75 I spent on text books this week -_-

Here thar be stuff!
06 May 2007 @ 11:38 am
06 May 2007 @ 11:41 am
I'm selling a bunch of Prince of Tennis doujinshi; pairings include Atobe/Momo, Momo/Ryoma, InuTez, InuKai, Tezuka/Ryoma and others, as well as lots of cracked out books featuring most of the Tenipuri schools. Please take a look!

+link to my journal+
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06 May 2007 @ 11:57 am
I have some games for sale on eBay here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsukibanQQhtZ-1

Donkey Konga for the Gamecube w/ a set of Bongos, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES, Final Fantasy 2 (4) for SNES, Final Fantasy 3 (6) for SNES, and Secret of Mana for the SNES. These SNES games are hard to find, so if interested, please take a look!

Still 2 days left on all auctions. Please ask any questions you may have about anything. Although eBay won't allow me to say so in the auctions, if you would prefer to use Paypal, I can accept non-CC Paypal payments. I can also accept money orders, and personal checks.

Thanks so much for looking! :)

more items belowCollapse )

Shipping from Japan.

I accept paypal, concealed cash, and internet banking fund transfers.
06 May 2007 @ 12:50 pm
Hey everyone! Everything must go: I have no desire for these items anymore and I'd rather have them go to a good home where they'd be loved :) I haven't used this selling account in so long, so I just recently updated everything. All funds and such will be going towards AX/Comic Con funds. I repeat, everything must go!

Kamikaze Girls, Yakitate Japan! Vol. 1-2, Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 1, Q-Ko-Chan Vol. 1, Return to Labyrinth Vol. 1, Mobile Suit Gundam SeeD Vol. 4, Peach Girl Vol. 2-3, Kare Kano Vol. 1-2, INVU Vol. 2, Urusei Yatsura comics 4-6 (produced by Viz Manga), Gundam Wing comics 1-4 (produced by Mixx Manga)

Love Hina shitajiki (pencil board) x2

Tenchi Muyo! Episode 1 VHS, Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure VHS

Will be updating with more stuff as I clean out my room! :D Please direct all inquiries to boatonland, thank you!

(x-posted to many, many communities! Apologies in advance if you see this in your friendslist multiple times.)
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06 May 2007 @ 12:53 pm
Everything must go! So time for more selling! I'm in desperate need of the money, so out more stuff goes! New items include:

Near Complete Naruto Way of the Ninja Trading Card Set
Death Note English Mangas 1 - 3
Angel Sanctuary Japanese Mangas 1 - 6
New Postcards
And more! Plus Mousepads, Ani-Minis, DN Angel DVDs 2 - 7, Shitajiki and much more!

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06 May 2007 @ 01:54 pm
Looking for this Shojo Beat preview issue!!!

I missed the last few times this was on auction on ebay. If anyone has this preview issue they would like to sell or want to trade something for it Please comment back or e-mail me at Iwakuralain16 AT sbcglobal.net.

Thank you!!! ^_^
06 May 2007 @ 02:31 pm

I am looking for cels, fan cels or even Fan art from Kenshin. Also Kenshin Doujinshis with the pairings of Kenshin and Kaoru.

If you have any that you would like to sell, please email me at:
zombiebunny15 at yahoo (dot) com

Thanks so much ^^x
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06 May 2007 @ 02:50 pm
Offers very much welcome!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Screw’s Fusion of the Core Album, beau’s latest single, Kagerou’s last album, Kazuki’s photobook[not pictured], Dir en grey FVT shirt, and two DS games.
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Thank you!
Lolita Rose Sales
06 May 2007 @ 02:56 pm
Everything in my journal must go! I'm moving this Summer and can't take too much with me. I even lowered the price of some items! New items have been added!!

My journal has much anime and manga!
ListCollapse )

ListCollapse )

I also have toys, books on Japan, and other items! (CURE and SHOXX MAGAZINES FOR SALE!)

Please come and have a look ♥ Be sure to read the introduction post.

lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale

Please don't reply to this entry for items.
I have a Moi Dix Mois DVD for sale (This is the actual dvd, not burned or bootlegged), and some Anime and Manga here: http://kurobaux.livejournal.com/2713.html#cutid1

I also have a Black Alice dress for sale here: http://kurobaux.livejournal.com/1988.html#cutid1

06 May 2007 @ 03:03 pm
Hey everyone, I've got a lot of NEWS stuff I'm selling, as well as a little bit of KAT-TUN, so please come take a look! Magazine cutouts, cds, dvds, posters, shop photos and pinups! :)

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06 May 2007 @ 04:04 pm
Moved the Hikaru no Go doujinshi I'm selling to ebay with reduced prices.

Jenna the Pervy Pirate?
06 May 2007 @ 04:18 pm
I have a couple wigs, shoes, and some doujinshi and comic books!

06 May 2007 @ 05:18 pm
I'm moving in a month, so everything must go! Lowered prices on many items!

Doujinshi - Yaoi, gag, gen!
Gackt goods
Guniw Tools DVD set

EGL clothing

And more!


All forms of payment accepted
I ship worldwide!
06 May 2007 @ 06:44 pm
PSP Value pack - $180 (includes shipping)
includes: charger, case, strap, earphones, volume controller, 32mb memory card
I'm also including 2 games with it
condition: I got it last year but I haven't used it at all--just took it out to take pictures.  It is essentially in new condition, no scratches or anything.

06 May 2007 @ 06:44 pm

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06 May 2007 @ 07:42 pm
like jazz on a summer's day
06 May 2007 @ 09:18 pm
BULK SALE- ANY 25 MANGA FOR $100, 15 FOR $50, 7 FOR $25.

With the 15 for $50 offer, you're getting 15 volumes for $3.33 each! With the 7 for 25, they're $3.50 each!
HOWEVER for the bulk orders, shipping is not free. Bulk orders go to about 8 or 9 pounds, and at that weight, Media Mail starts to be the same price as Priority would be for just a few volumes.


Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things!
~ Shipping is free for media mail in the US for any order under 7 manga, priority starts from $4.05 and I will pay for half of any priority shipping. I may not be able to ship immediately, as I am at college and cannot have all of my manga with me. However, all shipping would be done within a week of payment. I am located in Massachusetts, USA.
~ All of this merchandise is used. Some, but not all merchandise is GIFT QUALITY. If you would like to purchase something of mine as a gift for someone else, please let me know so that I can be absolutely certain that there are no bent pages, worn edges, etc.

Master list of merchandise:
Anime: Bakuretsu Tenshi, Saiyuki, GetBackers
Manga: Beck, GetBackers, Gravitation, Kizuna Bonds of Love, Najica Blitz Tactics, Nana, Naruto, Negima!, Passion, Prince of Tennis, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Saikano, Shinobu Kokoro, Sweat & Honey, The School of Water Business, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, XXXHolic, Yoki Koto Kiku, a lot of Sanami Matoh manga
Doujinshi: CRESCENT MOON [Sailor Moon], White Replay [Getbackers Ban/Ginji BL] **PICTURES ADDED**, 3 Saiyuki Doujinshi [SanzoxGoku, SanzoxGoku/GojyoxHakkai, HakkaixSanzo; pictures will be taken if interest is shown]
Figurines: Sesshoumaru from InuYasha, Sai Kirasaki by Bome

CLICK.Collapse )

I have no pictures of these as they're at my house.
Sesshoumaru is out of the box, but in good condition. $10
The Bome figurine is Kirasaki Sai. She is out of the box and in excellent condition. $20

All prices are VERY NEGOTIABLE. Comment on this post [they're screened], AIM me at seijouame, or email me at count.d[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in any of these. And please, if you know anyone else who might be interested, let them know about this.

Paypal or paying by a postal money order or even a personal check is okay. Shipping may not be immediate- some things are at school; others are at my house. I lack a car, so I have to get someone to drive me home to get the items for shipping. However, once I have the items I can ship near-immediately.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN BUYING. I really need money right now and I can't afford to be taking items out of my sale posts for people who say they'll pay me only to have them flake out on me a few days later when someone else might have bought the items had they still been up.
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06 May 2007 @ 09:43 pm
Plus a few other auctions over the next couple of days....

06 May 2007 @ 09:56 pm
I've lowered prices and added a lot more things! Many jrock posters and magazines added! Please take a look!

06 May 2007 @ 10:52 pm
New items, including memopads & pouches, added to nyanko_cake!

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