May 21st, 2007


looking for a hide plushie!

hello everyone~
i am looking for a hide plushie as a gift for a friend...
however, the only catch is i kind of need it by thursday. o_o;;
(i know, i know, i should have acted sooner...)

but if anyone has one that they're willing to sell at a reasonable price, please let me know!

also, i have a TON of newly updated wares at my sales journal, so please check that out! <3
sellsalesail sellsalesail sellsalesail

Moving Sale!

I still have items left after my last post. Look them over and get them while they're still available!

CDs are all in good to excellent condition unless otherwise stated. Items that have been sold or are on hold are struck through.

As usual, all prices are negotiable. If you're interested in something you see leave a comment or email me at laser_brains(at)yahoo(dot)com. Please list the items you want along with your zip code to calculate shipping. I will ship internationally.

Please note that items will not be shipped until I receive payment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your items please EMAIL ME at the address listed above.

I will accept the following payment methods:
Money Order
Well concealed Cash (At your own risk!)

Also, if a cd is marked as a rental cd that means that at one point it was a rental cd and will have a rental sticker on the case, cd, or both.

Thanks! ^_^

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(no subject)

Anyone willing to do a trade? Anza Complete, read through once - still has plastic wrapper & ad across the bottom that folds around with Eternal Sailor Moon from the musicals on it! =] Smoke free home.

Come Visit My Shop!

Hello! i would like to invite you all to come and shop at my Selling Journal, The Ragg Faire!

i'll be selling alot of clothes, anime, & jrock, much like everyone else.
(at the moment, i have Despairs Ray stickers, Mucc dvd's & photobooks, Glay cd's, Larc en ciel cd's, a PILE of magazines, and much MUCH more!!)
New additions: Moi Dix Mois & Malice Mizer Posters!

Also, i would like to bring to your attention, my favorite section of The Ragg Faire--

my awesome customizable goods section!! i offer my crafting and sewing skills up to everyone-- so come and see! you won't be disappoint ^_~
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Death Note cosplay: Light and L BJDs!

I enjoy sculpture and have been a fan of Asian ball-jointed dolls for a while now. So I decided to sculpt my own original 60-cm doll heads... and make two dolls of L and Light. Here they are! Light is "normalskin", L is "whiteskin", of course. ;)
I figure this is 3D fanart! ^__^ (Or maybe it is 1/3 scale cosplay? You tell me! *laughs*)
Anyway, I have to sell them... so I put them on eBay. The auctions end in 48 hours. ^^;

I hope that you'll check them out! :)

[The Light auction] [The L auction]


anime sale!! - tenipuri and lots of others!! price drop! cheap cheap!!

- nothing over $8 now on all pages!!
- i need to get rid of these real soon or mom is going to throw it out (=w=;; )  please help!!

- lots of doujin anthologies (around 200 pgs) for only $8 or less!!
- doujinshi page has lots of sample pages so you can choose better : )

- rare posters for under $3
- free gifts as well :3

- everything under $8 or less!!  lots of items even under $3--!!!
- hunterxhunter merchandise, posters etc
- naruto figures, plushies etc etc!
- cute stationary (japanese charas and manga)
- lots of posters (fullmoon, chobits, kkm, fma, hxh etc etc!)
- pins, keychains, cases, cds, etc etc!!

- lots of free merchandise :3

- old animedia and animage for $2!!
- loooots of free books as gifts :3


SELLING Jrock Revolution TICKETS!!!

May 25th + 26th @ The Wiltern

It will be the price I got it. Either both days for $100 or just friday for $50.
(It's technically $50.30 for a day cuz I had to get them separately)
Will forward you the receipt if you need it.

If you or anyone you know NEED a friday ticket or a ticket for both days. PLEASE have them contact me!!!!!! or leave a comment here.

I prefer not paypal transfers, but if you happen to be in the LA area, just come pick it up so that I will get my money on time, and you will get your tickets (so I won't run away with your money and disappear...etc.)

Thank you, and thank you~ ^^
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(no subject)

I'm selling all six Excel Saga DVDs for $20.00 (as a set) including shipping. Comment for photos if you like. I take paypal at and ship inside North America only. Thanks. :D
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**Lots of stuff**

Hello everyone! Lots of things for sale.

*Very rare Kozi autograph
*Little Apple Dolls by Yurie Urie
*Sailor Moon merchandise
*J-Rock and J-pop CD’s and merchandise
*Hello Kitty stuff

I can only accept paypal and will be shipping from the UK! All prices are in GBP and do not include shipping.

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Looking for some manga

Hi, looking for some manga and anime dvds, if you have any of the following let me know what you have and how much you want for it. I am located in the U.S. Thanks,


Clover 1+
Genshiken 2+
Legal Drug 2,3
World Only Belongs to me 1+
X/1999 14+
XXXholic 5+

I'd also be potentially be interested in a run/almost run of love hina manga for a cheap price.

Anime Dvds
Kodocha 4-6, 9+
Madlax 4,5

More Gyaru brand stuff on sale!

I added a ton of new items recently, and today I added 2 new articles of clothing from Jassie and a Beach Bag by Cocolulu (all 3 being brand new).

Still selling lots of stuff from brands like Cocolulu, Roconails, Alba Rosa, Jassie, Liz Lisa, and a bunch of no-brand gyaru clothes!


x-posted to a few places
Baby!Sard - Grumpy

Sorry >_<;

I'm having to pull my sales post... my life is just getting to busy and stressfull for me to continue with selling things (worrying about shipping items, having items arrive safely/not get lost, ect. ect.) so stress from sales will not help me.

those that have done any business from my last posts, don't worry, you things will still get shipped out.

I may return to selling again after this. I may even have an ebay account to use to sell things. So keep a look out.

again, sorry for having to pull my sales post >_<;;


Seeking fast a School bag from Japan. One that is black, square and is kinda like a bref case. Used in Japanese highschools * or like the one in tenchi muyo*
My old one has just broke and I need it for my lesson plans and study guides and everything!
Its the required bag at the school and the one I did buy was from Japan, and I can not find one in the location Im currently in !
If anyone can either find me a link, or have any info on where I can get a bag leme know! I just need one by the end of June befor eschool starts back for the summer !

Will NOT pay over 45 $ for the bag. Thats how much they run for. So I know if you over price me =e.e=...
Reply to this add or go to my LJ and leave a coment or anything helpeful ! THANKS!
invidia BiTch

ending in 2-3 days

Hello~ buy it now, private bidding, combined shipping ok!

B-T tourbooks from the 1997-2006 era
1994 ongaku to hito feat. hide on the cover, SCHAFT, SCANCH
2004 ongaku to hito feat. Ging Nang Boys, Sakurai Atsushi, Imai/Lucy, J, etc
an antique silk scroll painting of poppies
1998 fernandez catalogue featuring several artists' models (Kiyoshi, B-T, X-Japan, Laruku, etc)
2004 Lucy Rockarollica Tourbook
1995 Minami Ozaki "Kreuz" manga

~thank you for your bids~
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new and miyavi's album for sale

Hello, I'm new to this community. ^^
I'm writing here because I have an extra unopen copy of the normal issue of 雅~miyavi~ 's MYV☆POPS for sale. As it is unopen, it is in perfect condition.^^
I'm selling it at the shop price (3059 yen / $26USD / 20 euro).
If you are interested, you can contact me at (replace _at_ by @) for more information about shipping methods and costs.



Please buy them off of me since I no longer want them. I rather sell them than make it lie in my house with no use. =(

B~Pass HYDE January 2004 Start: USD 30
Interview and photage of HYDE for his CD 666. Includes poster. In Mint Condition!!!

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I accept PAYPAL or money order. You can email me at for questions. Shipping depends on the item but usually ranges from $6 and $10 to the US. Thank you!