May 23rd, 2007

Ebay Auctions

 I need to clear out space so I'm selling some English Manga along with a couple of video game doujinshi.

1. Shojo Manga X-Day Vol 1 & 2 by Setona Mizushiro creator of After School Nightmare

2. Very Rare Ginga Legend Weed Manga.  A manga about a dog who sets off on a journey to find his missing father.

3. Rare Capcom vs SNK 2 Gag/Humor Doujinshi:

4. King of Fighters Kula Diamond Doujinshi:

We <3 Katamari


I've been making katamaris for a little over a year now. It's fun to make and I've sold a few at craft booths and such. I have time now and I wouldn't mind making a few more to help fund my trip to Japan.

The blue katamari was custom made. The white one was made for a prize in a Murder Mystery Dinner.
Under the cut are some more pictures

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Again, I would love to make more because they're fun to make and it's nice to earn your way to fund a trip.

I sell a katamari for $25 shipped (within US) and usually throw in a few freebies with each order.
They are able to pick up things like keys, paper clips, bobby pins, and my brother from school. hahaha XD
I have lots of different colors of yarn, so feel free to request colors or even items to be sewn on.
Please leave a comment with your email if you're interested.

See what else I have to offer at (links at the sidebar): [info]pat_a_bear

Wow, I need money XD

So yeah, I kinda need money desperately XD So make me an offer on ANYTHING. I am very willing to let stuff go cheap!!!

~TONS of Manga
~ Video Games
~ DVDs
~ Clothes (Anime t-shirts, skirts, tops, etc)
~ Figures and toys
~ lots and lots of stuffs~

Please look : D

:: Raizilla Sales ::

Currently in stock:

Used CDs & Singles - Jelly->, Luna Sea, Penicillin - $3-8

Single episode anime mini DVDs - Azumanga Daioh, Full Metal Panic! - $1

Letter sets, memos & stickers

Pencil pouches, bookplates & phone charms

Vintage clutch purse, Picasso scarf, and some really snazzy fruitsy/vintage necklaces!

*GiGS April 2006 magazine featuring Straightener, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Bump of Chicken, Glay & others~

Click the image to stop by and take a peek!


Ed Hardy for Sale on eBay AND My Wishlist

+ Kodocha Stuff (Mangas must be without any wearing)
+ Dn Angel Stuff (Mangas must be without any wearing)
+ Fruits Basket Stuff (Mangas must be without any wearing)
+ Hello Kitty Stuff
+ Totoro Stuff
+ Howl's Moving Castle Stuff
+ Domokun Stuff
+ Gloomy Bear Stuff
Etc... (Try Me on any related things)


(no subject)

Hi Everyone,

Phoophie has new items! I just updated with memo pads, sticker sacks, sticker sheets, letter sets, stamp sets, and 3 cute Gloomy Bear dolls. I also got back in several memo pads I had out of stock plus the popular Happy MateStamp Set.

I'm still having problems with my shopping cart computing international shipping so if you aren't in the USA please email me the items you'd like. I'm sorry about the trouble and I'm working on a solution but so far I'm hitting a wall. :(

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In dire need of money for a summer program, so selling all of the following. I'm located in California, and can take concealed cash (preferred) or money order as payment.

All of these items and more at knockedasunder.

Thank you!

- Hero Vision 22, 23 (2006)
- Cast Prix 1,2 (2006)
- Popolo August 2006

- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Prologue

- Rokkakumyu Photosets: Saitou Takumi (Oshitari), Kamakari Kenta (Shishido)

Shounen & Shoujo manga (IN JAPANESE)
- Bleach, vol 16
- DN Angel vol 9
- Shaman King - Manjien & Mankin book, vol 1-9, 11, 17-18, 20-22, 27-32
- Loveless vol 1-3, 5,6
- Yami no Matsuei vol 6,8
- Prince of Tennis, 10.5, vol 23-24, 26-33
- Fruits Basket, vol 2,16,17
- Angel Sanctuary, vol 1,20
- X by CLAMP: vol 1-2, 10, 12-13, 16
- Alichino vol 1-3
- Naruto vol 24,26,30
- Death Note vol 5-9

- Honey Baby by Yamagata Satomi
- Bukiyouna Silent by Takanaga Hinako
- Yajou Teikoku: Kouga Yun (thanks asphodel)
- Amayakana Toge: Miyamoto Kano
- Not/Love: Miyamoto Kano
- Heat: Miyamoto Kano
- Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi: Sakuragi Yaya

- "Natsugumo Noise" - Atobe/Shishido
- Love Prince 12: Seigaku pairings, Hyoutei pairings, Yamabuki pairings
- Tenipara Rikkai vs. Seigaku: Seigaku pairings, Rikkai pairings
- Tenipara 14th shot: Rikkai pairings, Hyoutei pairings, Seigaku pairings
- "Himitsu" - Zabuza/Haku (BAJOU SHOUNEN)
- "Body Buddy 2" - Kakuzu/Hidan (RAUHREIF) (ON HOLD)
- "Yoru wo Matsumono" - Kakuzu/Hidan (MUU/SEN) (ON HOLD)
- "Baby Baby" - Reno/Rufus (MICROMACRO)
- "Satanail" - Bakura/Malik (RURU) (ON HOLD)
- "The Duelist Made in Japan" -Seto centric, Kaiba/Yugi (RAPAN)
- "Seto Dissection" - Mokuba/Seto, Y. Yugi/Seto (BOKOBOKO HONTEN)
- "Kaiba..." - Pegasus/Seto, Seto/Mokuba, Seto & Jounouchi (PSYCHO KINGDOM)
- "Kyrie Eleison" -Raito centric, Raito/L (MICROMACRO)

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