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26 May 2007 @ 12:45 am
Hi, I still have tons of anime DVDs for sale at my journal. Most of them are going for $6 a volume. I also have a Fruits basket boxset going for $28!

Please take a look at my journal: http://fullmetal989.livejournal.com/4633.html

I also have jrock/jpop items for sale over here: http://fullmetal989.livejournal.com/4885.html

Thanks in advance!

(^_^)  pretty_papers  (^_^)
26 May 2007 @ 12:52 am
Come shop

My Ebay Feedback
26 May 2007 @ 10:18 am

Cardcaptor Sakura manga, EGL, fruitsy accessories, manga, anime, sexy posters, Clamp manga- click on the banner to go to my auctions on eBay!
26 May 2007 @ 10:42 am
*YummyBakery* Item

UPDATE: May 22, 2007!
Tons of new fashion!! Japan and Korea clothing,
anime-related goods, and so much more!!

+++ ( Enter NEW CUT 1 ) -or- ( Enter NEW CUT 2 )+++
~~~ { Enter MAIN SITE <3 } ~~~

always with the Dick jokes
26 May 2007 @ 12:11 pm
Some pretty rare 2x1s, including circles Shirakawa Yofune Rengou, Landing! and Altir, a couple of Heero/Relenas and a few artbooks. Have a look here:

GW doujinshi
26 May 2007 @ 01:53 pm
Updated with new:

-Clamp in 3-D Land Figures
-Lowered Prices and Special deals

With items from:

Bleach, Blue Dragon, Brave Story, Detective Conan, Death note, Di Gi Carat, Final Fantasy, FLCL, Gintama, Kyou Kara Maou, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis, Super Mario, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, Demon Diary, Flame of Recca, Genshiken, Fullmetal Alchemist, Galaxy Angel Party, Immortal Rain, King of bandit Jing, Tuxedo Gin, Mars, Here is Greenwood, Kingdom of Selfish Love, AB Motion, Bashing Ren-Ai, Piano, Human Crossing

please check it out here!

26 May 2007 @ 02:14 pm
Hi everyone! I have video game and anime related goods such as stationery, toys, and books for sale. Series such as X, Final Fantasy, Ouran High School Host Club, Witch Hunter Robin, Rozen Maiden, Trigun, Bleach and more!


-Final Fantasy X soundtrack

-Full Moon wo Sagashite stationery set

-Vampire Miyu board set

Come on in!
The Gazette - Crucify Sorrow Decomposition Beauty Tshirt
For Sale on eBay

Very popular Tshirt during the Decomposition Beauty live period
With numerous pictures of the band wearing the tshirt

Less than 2hours 10mins left in the auction!!!!

I was looking to buy the Ronin Warriors: Complete Collection, and I realize it's out of print. So that means all I'm coming across are bootleg copies.

I wasn't sure if someone here was selling the Region 1 DVD collection of this set, if so I'd be most interested in purchasing.

26 May 2007 @ 04:49 pm
Manga For Sale

The following titles are for sale. They are English translations, they’re in good/near mint condition, and from a smoke-free home. This list will be re-posted and cross-posted weekly!




See the newest post on my lj
white-stellar || 猫猫
Today, my friend got an out of print Gazette photoset [I did ask her to order me some] but it just so happens that her mother [who order the pics] forgot to order Reita pics [@__@ sorry about that, Reita fans @__@] Anyways, I ordered three sets [all missing Reita T^T] (I'm keeping one set), so I'm selling them separately, so you can just get one of your favourite member.

I accept Paypal and concealed cash if you are in Canada.

x-posted everywhere I can, sorry for repeats on your friend's page >_<
I reduced my prices and am recently adding  some DVDS and now a Nintendo DS. I don't have pics uploaded yet, but if you are seriously interested I will take some and e-mail them to you. so heres the booty, please take a gander  at it all. ^_^

Everything I offer comes from and has reside in a smoke free home.
 I will ship outside of the US.
I will ship Internationally, I just need to know where you reside first & what you are interested in.

 The first 4 from left to Right are still available as well as #'s 5-7 on the bottom

-7 issues of Shojo Beat: $3.00 each or 15.00  for them all before shipping

Issues available
2007: (6) January  (7) March
2006:  (1) June    (2) July  (4) Sept.  (5) Dec.
2005: (3) July

-MANGA: all in Great Condition. Read once and then placed on my shelf.  Prices are cut in 1/2 from retail

Buy it all for $10.0.00. Thats getting  3 for FREE  at retail pricing  
Hot Gimmick Vol10 $5.00
Kiss Me Kill Me Vol.2  $5.00
Skip A beat Vol.4 $5.00
Sweat & Honey $5.00

Anime DVDS all region 1
Each $10.00 or all for $60.00.
-Rune soldiers-V1 with 4 episodes
-Z.O.E. Zone of The Enders the Movie
-Angel sanctuary V1....the only Volume on DVD to come out
-Crest of  the Stars v1 with 4 episodes
-Hand Maid May v2 with eps 5-7
-Twilight of the Dark Master- Collectors Edition (special features of exclusive cover art, origional artwork gallery, and more)
-Air Bender-v1

Silver Nintendo DS...not DS Lite
Mint condition with Protective Screen coverings, origional box and all cables and cords
$85.00. That include insurance and shipping within the US

DiG Charat Large Plush-$15.00

******Other awesome goods can be found on my LJ sales account. http://kimi-trades.livejournal.com/*******
$5.00 paloooza

I have dropped all price in 1/2.  Most if not all items are at a very low total of $5.00
If that still isn't low enough for ya then haggle with me.
-pencil boards, art books, dvd's' odd  items, and more.
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Melissa Rose
26 May 2007 @ 06:21 pm
Hello I am selling some manga and other items for rather cheap!
All in great condition!
I am willing to neogiate on any of the items here. Don't be afraid to offer a lower price!

1-11 of Fruits Basket (12-14 sold!)
1-7 of Love Hina
1st volume of FLCL, Peach Girl, Comic Party, Chobits, Negima
1 DVD of Gravitation
2 DvD's of Kizuna: Bonds of Love
1 OAV of Fake
Yaoi Paddle (got it at Otakon. Brand New condition)
One glossy Gravitation posters
Wolf's Rain Doujinshi
Japanese, the Manga Way book
How to Speak Japanese CD's
Fresh Fruits Magazine/book.
1 J-pop/J-rock Japanese Magazines

Some non-anime items:
Six inch black platform boots.
Black and White Skirt (size small)
Pink Shirt (size small)
Mulan DVD

pictures of the itemsCollapse )

Don't be afraid to offer a lower price! I am more than willing to neogitate. Shipping Pricings not included.

26 May 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Hello! I have some more Naruto doujinshi available here: http://rhole.livejournal.com/208064.html

Thanks for looking!
I'm selling a cloak/jacket from Moi-meme-moitie and an issue of Cure magazine.
I bought them while I was in Japan.

Picture and infoCollapse )

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