June 7th, 2007

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Hello :DDD I'm having a little manga sale over at my journal. Manga are in Japanese and Chinese only.

Japanese manga consist of titles from Minekura Kazuya and other less-known titles.
Chinese manga is made up of more household names like Trinity Blood and Gohou Drug, etc.
I also have a small amount of yaoi and shounen-ai Doujinshi for sale from anime like Gintama and Naruto. (authors include Ichinomiya Shihan and naked ape) [All Doujinshi are in Japanese btw ^^;]

More details over at my journal:
Waltz on over here 8D

Thank you! :)
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Please check my sales for my L'Arc or hyde stuff. I really need to sell them because I am going away back to the Philippines and I need spending money. We can negotiate reasonable prices if the price is "too high" for certain items.

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I accept PAYPAL or money order. Shipping varies on items but most is $6 to the US. Please email me if interested at aznsandwich@yahoo.com or reply here. You can check my status in my livejournal larukunohyde

Thank you!

sales post

Here are some things I have up for grabs since I just got back from Japan and am heading back soon...

the Dir en grey merchandise is there for feelers

all other items make an offer ^_^ I'm negotiable

everything else is for sale and more magazines will be added soon

feel free to leave a message showing interest.

I ship via ups because the post office where I live is not reliable so shipping will be calculated according to the item.



please ignore those items until i can post new photos

thank you and apologies

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(alice nine items have been reserved ~sorry~)
(offer made for dead angel at $50- still available till the end of the week)

Selling: Doujinshi & Manga, all must go!

Found more items that I need to get rid of, Doujinshi from series that I don't bother collecting from anymore. Selling Doujinshi's from the following series: The Slayers, Trigun, Escaflowne, Final Fantasy VII, and Lord of The Rings.

Where I ship to: US (Only)
Payment Method: Postal Money Orders
E-mail: Hydra_Marusumi@hotmail.com

Leave a comment or e-mail me if you're interested : )

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I also have a bunch of Manga for sale : Here Please make me an offer, all of this Manga must go please. All Manga's are in excellent condition with a smidge of shelfware, but otherwise are in perfect condition. Shipping will vary depending on weight.
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I'm gunna Shove this in your eye... - Di

Looking for Yu Yu Hakusho Doujinshis!

I'm looking for KuramaxHiei/YoukoxHiei doujinshis~

I can only pay by Postal Money orders (Or even concealed cash if you'll take it). I'd also like if the doujinshi(s) to be shipped media mail because thats very cheap ^^;

I'm looking mostly for DJs done by

Azumi Tohru

- VERY Wanting of Present, Hiei's Revenge, Love Machine, Welcome Newlyweds, Moonless Nights Parts 1&2, Days, May Showers, Hiei's Happiness and any others that are in this little 'series' (I love it~)

I also am looking for Fuji Shinichi's Lively Little Hiei-chan

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Manga & Doujinshi the Second

A second attempt (this time with spiffy eyecatch!) - I've got a small but action packed selection of manga and doujinshi, as well as a Sailor Moon artbook for sale. Come take a look!

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I ship both nationally (United States) and internationally - ask me for a shipping quote and I'll do my best to provide.

I'm currently only taking payment through Paypal or trades.

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Please help me make some money, I am in a financial emergency!! Do a good deed and buy your ticket to heaven today~ (^^;)

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Cure ShirtCure ShirtVestCloak

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Tarepanda folder

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Red GloomyWind-up GloomyGloomy Purse

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Dir en grey fan

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hitsugi poster

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bis poster

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Phantasmagoria poster

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Psycho le Cemu Tour ShirtPsycho le Cemu PosterPsycho le Cemu Wristband

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Kagrra, Poster

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Pierrot Sticker Set

DS: Kana Cosplay

Looking for a cute but dark cosplay to wear this summer? Please check out my Kana cosplay outfit... she needs a new home and owner! hehe...

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I accept PAYPAL or money order.
If you are interested, please email me at aznsandwich@yahoo.com
Shipping is $6 for the whole thing to the US. Outside of the US, let me know beforehand...

Thank you!

Video Games!

I'll post this one more time! Hopefully get a few more takers.. This is all make an offer, if you'd rather not, I will just go with the prices I've found on ebay, or local used game stores, plus shipping.
SNES Games!

Chrono Trigger
Romance of the Twelve kingdoms IV
Final Fight 3
Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose
Metal Warriors
Alien vs Predator
Battle Blaze
Weapon Lord
Battle Toads
Batman Forever

Gamecube and PS2

Viewtiful Joe
Lost Kingdoms
Swing Away Golf
Dragon Ball Z Budokai
Tekken Tag Tournament
Bomberman Generation
Sonic Adventure Battle 2
Dirge of Cerberus
Onimush 3 Demon Seige
Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem
Ratchet & Clank
Hunter the Reconing
once more
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[sell] Hands Off! 1-4, Saiyuki & OP doujinshi

Located in San Diego, CA. Will accept Verified PP, USPS MO, and concealed cash (at your risk). If looking for more doujinshi, feel free to ask after series...

back view
side biew

$20 + $7.50 Priority/$3.22 Media
Hands Off! volumes 1-4 (U.S. graphic novels)
Secondhand; good condition with usual shelfwear except volume 1 has a tiny deep nick on the edge of the back cover.

back view

$85 + $9 Priority/$4.60 Media
Djka Artist/Circle: Flying Whale
Size: B5 (7.125 inches x 10.125 inches) & one A4 (8.25 inches x 11.75 inches)
Genre: BL
Content: Zoro/Sanji. Some contain NC17 content. A few of them also have text pages, but none are text only.
Notes: Secondhand; good to excellent condition, but they may or may not have various small imperfections; such as slightly bent corners, a few scratches, faint wrinkles, etc. Nice art and stories, which can get hot.

back view
side view

$32 + $5 Priority/$3.22 Media
Aishiteru, Aishiteru 2, True Romance
Djka Artist/Circle: Bunny Urasawa
Publication Date: 12/25/1999, 05/06/2001, 3/18/2001
Size: B5 (7.125 inches x 10.125 inches)
Pages: 96 (16 novel), 96 (16 novel), 74
Content: Goku/Sanzo, Gojyo/Hakkai. Has some NC17 content; AU storyline where they're people living in modern Japan. Aishiteru 1-2 have guest artists and color illustrations.
Notes: Secondhand; very good condition, but Ashiteru's front cover is worn and Ashiteru 2 and True Romance's back cover has lightly bent corners.


Hi good day

I recently had an incovenient with a seller and I thoug something, if sellers can delete theirs post and they do not admit certain livejournal buyers, the buyer what kind of help will receive if the seller is a thief, they can delete the journal and that's all

I never had any problem with sellers. jut this one and wasnt that big either but... if she can delete my post so nobody can see the problem and she negates me

I just ask for an item first, then another buyer came and ask it too, I think that the best thing was to ask me if i will raise the price too I think is fair. I just told her that and then I found my post deleted

my fist post
trowa!! EKK
(mail and adress deleted)

Their reply was:

Hmm..it was a really tough decision, but I'm gonna have to go with the other person. Sorry about that. :(

to this I post something like "but is no fair T_T i came fist"

so in the end... all sellers will have 100% of positive feedback???
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EMEREGENCY DS! More items and lower prices!

some of these items are still on sale, but most are not! look for the later posts! thanks everybody!

I am still really poor and I'm trying to get rid of a few things. Lowered prices too!
I accept PayPal (CC and non-CC) only and will only ship to the USA, unless you are willing to pay shipping costs for overseas shipping (this includes Canada)
All prices include shipping. I am more than willing to negotiate. Comment if interested! Thanks!

-Volks elastic string $5
-Volks brown eyelashes $5
-Luts 18mm Green glass eyes $15

-D'espairs Ray liquidize tour dvd (only played once) $25
-Cure magazine December 2006 issue feat. AnCafe and he little AnCafe board game $8
-Pierrot Finale Poster (worn around the edges, small tear) $8
i can't find a picture of it and its in storage- anyways, its the one that is all black and its just the members' faces and it says "finale" at the bottom.

-Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke by Susan Napier $8
- How to Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles (slightly bent from sitting in bookcase) $8
-The New Generation of Manga Artists: Renga portfolio (an artbook, slightly bent from sitting in bookcase) $8
-Cardcaptors Kero talking plushie (I’ve had this for years, but the voice box still works, he’s a little dusty) $10
-Sailor Moon Sailor Venus plushie $10
-X/1999 Kamui wallscroll $10
-LOTS of English language manga that has to go, see the list under the cut!!!

-Fruits (this is the first book that was released featuring photos of Japanese street fashion) $17
-Rilakkuma 4 compartment metal tin (7 1⁄4 inches long, 2 3⁄4 inches wide, approx. 1 1⁄2 inches tall, thought I’d use it, but never did) $7
-Japanese “A Clockwork Orange” movie poster – had it for 4 years, worn on the edges, holes from being pinned to the wall $8
- White Hidamari no Tami (sunny people) $20
This is a solar powered accessory, when you sit him in the sun, his head moves back and forth! It’s really cute! If you need more info: http://www.akadot.com/article.php?a=45

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hi i have a brand new (just not wrapped in the plastic) PS2 game Odin Sphere its a new game that just came out last month, my brother picked out the wrong game for me and he opend it thinking it was right (i really wanted .hack//G.U Remiscance) so i have it for sale. 19.99 or best offer. thank you. i accept money orders or cash only pleaswe ^_^

WTB: many things

I'm looking for this stuff:
  • ai yazawa items (besides manga)
  • japanese films (especially kurosawa)
  • angelic layer figurines or dvds
  • miyazaki films (besides totoro, howl's moving castle and princess mononoke)
  • battle royale on dvd (1 and 2)
  • anime figurines
  • Rozen maiden figurines or artbooks
  • pinky st. figures
  • orange range stuff
  • korean tv dramas (espeically "as you wish...Ruler of your own world")
  • Death Note anything figurines, plushies, artbooks...
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • false nails from japan
  • strawberry leggings
  • kotoko with tofu chobits figurine
  • magic knight rayearth dvds, figurines,  dolls or doll outfits
  • cardcaptor sakura dvds
  • suikoden figurines or artbooks
  • chobits trading cards
if anyone has any of this please let me know! I'm willing to trade for stuff here: garagesaleleann

p.s. I know some users posted their services for getting stuff from japan for people outside the country. I'm looking to buy some false nails from someone who's offering this service.
offpeak : halfway

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Hey, I'm still trying to get rid of the stuff below.
Price Reduced on almost everything!

:: Doujinshi
   > Tenipuri, Gintama, Naruto
:: Manga / Traditional Chinese & Japanese
   > Yaoi, Shounen, Shoujo Manga
:: JE Clippings, shop photos, Magazines, Mini Posters
   > Kat-tun, Kanjani8, NewS, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Jr.
:: Goong DVD
:: J Drama VCD
   > Koori no Sekai, A Sleeping Forest(Nemureru Mori), Golden Bowl
:: Clothes
   > Urban Outfitters, lux, Bonafide Love, LF, etc.

Interested? >>>>  absentteesale 
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selling: Posters and CDs!

Hi! I'm selling some posters and CDs at my LJ.

AcQuA EP, AnCafe, Ayabie, Janne Da Arc, Kagrra, Keita Tachibana, Kimeru, Miyavi, Nightmare, Oikawa Mitsuhiru, Takahashi Naozumi, Tohoshinki, UVERworld

Janne Da Arc ('JOKER' album), Sel'm ('dyed vacancy' maxi-single)

Please take a look if you're interested, thank you!

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Manga in English and stuff!

Still selling! Everything has to go!

* Sailor Moon Wallscroll
* Sailor Moon Bandai Japan doll.

* Final Fantasy VIII Laguna Loire 5" custom made plushie.


* Kare Kano 1-3
* Vampire Game 1-13
* Ranma 1/2 (1st edition, reads from left to right)
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 (reads from left to right)
* Fushigi Yugi vols 1-8 (1st edition)
* Fruits Basket 1-4


* Pet Shop of Horrors Artbook
* Desire (yaoi)

Everything (HERE! )

Thanks for looking!