June 14th, 2007


DS: HYDE, J-rock magazines

B~Pass HYDE January 2004 Start: USD 30
Interview and photage of HYDE for his CD 666. Includes poster. In Mint Condition!!!

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I accept PAYPAL or money order. You can email me for DS at aznsandwich@yahoo.com I have a seperate paypal so do not send me money. o.O;;; Please confirm by sending me an email along with your mailing address.
Shipping depends on magazine but MOST of them are $6 to the US.

Thanks a lot.

Toshi cds for sale...

Sooo...I have a lot of CDs I am going to have to ship home... I am going to start thinning out the stack... Anyone interested in my Toshi (former singer of X-Japan) cds? I have "Made in Heaven," "Grace," and "Mission." "Made in Heaven" still has it's postcards (six of them, thought the photo only shows five) and its paper slip case (which, granted, shows shelfware). Grace still has the obi (I taped it on...sorry...). And umm...Mission is in pretty dang good condition. I'd like to try to sell them as a set. Shipping is from Japan but it shouldn't be too high. If the offer isn't silly low I might pay shipping myself...


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Selling And Questing

Updating this due to more items for sale and I'm cleaning the post up to make it look nicer. XD

Searching for:
-Dir en grey merchandise
-Super Junior merchandise
-Abingdon Boys School merchandise

*Diru merch already owned*
-Inward Scream tour poster
-The Marrow of a Bone US release and JP release unplugged disc
-Withering to Death, both US and JP releases
-A few singles(Taiyo no Ao, Saku, Drain Away, Agitated Screams of Maggots, Ryoujoku no Ame)
-Osakajo Hall VCD and Macabre 00-01 tour dvd(most likely bootleg, got them for free from a friend from Hong Kong so I didn't complain. =x=)


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All items in like new condition unless otherwise noted. I accept non-cc Paypal only. Payment can be sent to forsakenreality@hotmail.com. Please do not send payment until I have confirmed your order. Prices do not include shipping. If you’re interested, ask for shipping prices. At this time I will only ship within the US (sorry!). Lastly, photos available upon request.

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Looking for the following

I am looking for Photographs (Vintage or New),Postcards (Vintage or New),DVDs (Any region with English sub-titles. Please email me for a list of movies I am hoping to find.) (NO VCDS or Burned Copies in regards to the DVDs). I have a paypal account.

Please feel free to add me and let me know as well. 


I am looking for new friends. Must have patience and want to comment here and there. Must update too. Must understand that my entries will deal mostly with my Life, Work, Rants, Hobbies and my interests in genera (I would like friends that share my interests and hobbies.) It may take awhile for me to get into the swing of this, but once I do I'm sure I'll we'll make great friends in the states and outside the country. Please be patient.


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Update, new items include:

Video Games & Movies:
Fullmetal alchemist- broken angel- 14$
Silent hill 2- 13$
Dragonball z Budokai 3- 9$
Dragonball z budokai 9$
Suikoden IV- 14$
Fear Effect 2- 10$ (PS1) ( does not include booklet )
Spyro the dragon- 6$ (PS1)(doesnt include booklet)
Silent Hill the movie- 12$
Marilyn Manson - Guns, God and Government World Tour DVD(2002)- 10$
Mezzo Forte hentai- I will card for this!

AschxLuke- rated R-18 15$

HxH- Hunt a go-go YAOI anthology - (some damage, noticable)- 6$
(most of the smut is LeorioxKurapica)

HisokaxGon (SHOTA)- 14$ (I will ID you)

BalthierxBasch shonen ai Doujin- 35 pages- Bidding starts at 14$

HARDCORE- FF12 doujin (includes fran and penelo ), never been opened- Bidding starts at 12.99$

LloydxZelos- (Hardcore) comes with a translation
- This is a bidding item. Bidding starts at 17.00$
(i originally bought this for 40$ and it came with a translation)

Getbackers Shijitaki- 3$
Irresponsible Captain Tylor Sound note 2- OST- 5$
Shoxx 2004 Vol 137- 8$ ( a bit worn)

If youre interested in any merchandise head over to my journal.

(no subject)

Hi guys,

I'm selling these items:

Gothic, Lolita and Punk Brand Book Vol. 4 (2007 Fall-Winter edition) $25 o.b.o

Gothic, Lolita and Punk Brand Book Vol. 5 (2007 Spring edition) $25 o.b.o

Goth Loli Vol 9 $10 o.b.o

Gothic and Lolita Bible Premium 1st (May 2007) $15 o.b.o

Pafu (June 2007) $5

All are barely flipped through, a little bending on some corners due to being shoved in a suitcase.

Shipping varies depending on where you are. E-mail me at amanda.in.japan@gmail.com if interested.
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(no subject)

If youre interested in bidding, plz comment on my journal

Cosmode 2006- Vol 2 - This is a bidding item. Bidding starts at 9$
(has step by step instructions (easy to understand because of pictures)for cosplay makeup and wigs)
 And instructions on how to make Shion and Jr. cosplay outfits.

includes cosplay from Xenosaga, D. Gray-man, full metal alchemist,naruto, .hack//, Gintama, Tales of the abyss, Jrock, bleach, Final Fantasy 12, Eureka Seven, Ikkitousen, Sukisyo, guilty gear, death note, kingdom hearts, One Piece, Yugioh, dbz, pokemon, POT, and various others (i couldnt recognize alot of them, sry)
I don't want to sell this item, but I really need money atm... :(

Gal Fashion Magazine Ranzuki- Bidding item starts at 8$
(has fashion/Makeup tips, easy to follow instructions because they include step by step picture instructions, and lots of sexy pictures) (I originally bought it for 25$)
Novis Orbus Librarium

Manga, DVDs, Clothing, the works

(Still) Selling this wa-loli Yukata and many other anime, Jrock, and manga goodies on my LJ! Many different series of anime and manga to browse through. There are also a few miscellaneous items to look through as well- an enormous double-side Hyde poster, a wallet, keychain, and two dresses. Check it out:
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Does anyone know where I can get a Card Captor Sakura Staff from? Either a well made commission type or the kind that used to be sold in stores. I need it for an event before the 25th for someone. I'm looking to pay $15-25 for it.

Please let me know!
my contact info is