June 22nd, 2007

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Moving Sale.

I need to make some room, so I'm selling some doujinshi, most priced $10 and under. Everything needs to go so feel free to haggle over price.

Doujinshi from Prince of Tennis, Bleach, One Piece and Death Note over at my journal.

Thanks for looking ^^
sdk genius at work

Excellent Kanji Workbook

Basic Kanji Book vol. 1
by Kano, Takenaka, Ishii, Shimizu

This book has been mostly unused and is in perfect condition. Pages 13-28 have been removed from the book -- however, I have included photocopies of the missing pages, making the book complete and ready for use. Pages 1-10 and 31-32 had pencil entries that have been erased. Again, pages 33-228 are completely unused.

Sells new for between $35-40. I am asking for $25 including USPS Priority Mail shipping within the US, but will consider best offer.

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PAYMENT: VERY WELL CONCEALED CASH (At your Own risk) OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER (Postal money order, not a bank money order.)

SHIPPING: I ship once I recieve money. I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE US AND CANADA, NO EXCEPTIONS! I Ship on Tuesdays only. Some items I can ship flat rate if the item(s) are weighty; check to see if they qualify for flat rate shipping. Priority shipping starts at $4.80.

HOLDS: NO HOLDING ITEMS! Unless I know the money is IN TRANSIT I will NOT hold the items.

Petshop of Horrors 1-10 - $4 each or $30 for all ten Shipping is $4.60 anywhere If all 10 Books are Bought together.

Tokyo Mew Mew 1-7 - $4 each or $20 for all seven

Tour of Asia: Domestic Fxxker Family [xx] - $35 Shipping for this is $4.60 anywhere.
a couple of pages have come loss from the binding, I suspect that the glue holding the pages together might have melted a little when it was in transit to me.

First picture: This is a couple pages before the lose pages. The book was put together in two parts, this is where the two 'books' got glued together. The weight of both sides, I believe, caused this. Very very little damage to the pictures, just to the crease area.
Second, third, fourth, picture: as you can see in the second picture, it was a clean fall out. Third picture, the loose page opened. Fourth, the other side of the loose page.

has PVs for Jealous, I'll, unknown...despair... a loss, and karma. very nice to see those pvs in very high quality! Comes with five post cards; printed on flimsy but nice paper.

hide 'Fuct' UFO Plushie - $30
Like brand new conditioned, bought last year and has just been sitting on my bookshelf.

the doll has since been dusted off after the picture.

hide plastic figurines - $25 each
I got one from a grab bag and was givin the other. Their hard plastic figures that you can move the head side to side, the arms up and down, and the feet side to side.

hide 'A' - Comes with NO BOX. I had it but some one must have thrown it away.


hide 'B' - Comes with it's box. Shipping is $8.10 anywhere because of having to ship in a box.

no pictures of this guy, but hes basicly like the first one, sept in black and white. (think negative version..)
orly? - Zsephyrx



I still have a lot to sell! Please help me pay off my bills. ♥ Prices have dropped!! List includes:

Shoxx: March 2007 Vol. 169
Shoxx: April 2007 Vol. 170
Cure: August 2006 Vol. 35
Cure: September 2006 Vol. 36
Cure: November 2006 Vol. 38
Gothic & Lolita Bible: Vol. 23

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A - Saihoso + Yokokuban (Mini Album)

Quite a few of jrock flyers and posters~

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Manga, wallscroll, CD/DVD, stationary, cute stuff, flyers

Payment Methods Accepted
-PayPal (preferred; I am Verified)
-Well concealed cash (at your own risk!!)
-Payment must be received after 10 days, or your item goes up for sale again.

If You're Interested...
-Leave a comment to this post indicating which item you'd like, your email address, and your zip code.

-Shipping within the US and Canada only, sorry!
-I will use this site to calculate shipping costs.
-Items will be shipped 1-2 days after receiving payment.

All items are kept in immaculate conditions (I am a neat freak XD) and in a smoke-free environment. Click links for pictures. (Ignore date in corner; my camera is whack)

Manga (English unless otherwise noted)
-SHAMAN KING: volumes 1 & 2
-NARUTO: volumes 1 & 2
-NARUTO: Official fanbook (in Japanese)
-ONE PIECE: volumes 1 & 3
-TRIGUN: volume 1
-USA SHONEN JUMP: February, March & May 2004 back issues
PRICES: $5/volume; $3/back issue
Exceptions: Naruto official fanbook is $12. Trigun vol 1 is $8.

-Naruto: HUGE 32in x 45in (81.28cm x 114.3cm) cloth wallscroll ($25)
Hung only once (to take pictures of)! Excellent quality; very clean. [cloth detail]

Stationary/Cute Stuff
-MASHIMARO: Diary/stationary notebook with case ($8)
NOTE: Used only once or twice; the three or four pages that were written on have been removed
-SANRIO: Spottie Dottie metal pencil case; two compartments ($5)
NOTE: Gently used; some minor scratches from moving.

CDs & DVDs
-AI OTSUKA: Jam Punch 2005 Live Tour DVD, Japan Version ($15) [complete w/ photo leaflet+original ads]
-MISC: Linkin Park - "Meteora" album ($10) [complete with lyrics booklet]
NOTES: Watched/listened only two or three times; excellent condition! No scratches or visible signs of wear whatsoever.

--->RARE Flyers: A BEST & GirlPop photoshoot ($2.00 each)
--->RARE Promo Cards: 2x Fashion ($1.00 each)
NOTE: A BEST flyer has some small tape tears.

Any questions? Inquire here or email me at: namiie@gmail.com. Prices are negotiable as long as your offer is within reason :) Thanks for looking!

chobits clamp ebay sale all start @ 1 cent bid

1 cent start bid sale!

due to the high cost of textbooks at my college this year im selling all of my chobits stuff
i have a large variety of authentic licensed items including cosplay items
i will be adding other clamp items and more imported stuff like clothes and accessories to come

please visit my auctions id appreciate it

thank you so much i really appreciate it
also i hate to have to sell my stuff id really like it to go to a real chobits enthusiast true fan
so if you know anyone that might be interested please spread the word
thank you so much
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