June 24th, 2007

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I updated a few more doujins on my selling journal, also there a few sample pages on the doujinshi sale section of some of them. If youre interested, please comment on my journal.

SmokerxAce- Yaoi One piece doujinshi- 16$ - Rated R- 26 pages (3 or 4 pages with text)

KandaxAllen - (some text) shonen ai- 8$

RabixKanda- shonen ai/gag (half text) 6$ (you can get the kandaxallen and this one both for 12$)

KomuixAllen (Very HARD yaoi) - 18$ (20 pages, about 17 out of 20 of those pages contain GRAPHIC smut...xD)

(Komuis a perv...xD who knew?..lol)

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Hi, I'm desperately trying to get rid of the rest of my anime collection. I still have a few left at my journal, the DVDs are going for really cheap ($5-6 a volume). I also have some anime, jpop, jrock CDs for sale too. If you're interested, please take a look over here: http://fullmetal989.livejournal.com/4633.html.

I also have a few jrock/jpop posters for sale over here: http://fullmetal989.livejournal.com/5636.html

Thanks so much in advance.^^
Paradise Kiss

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Manga are all in English and near mint condition unless specified. I will give discount when you buy more than 1.

$5 shipped

  • Broken Angels #1
  • Crazy Love Story #1,3
  • Cross #1
  • Yugioh #2
  • Fruits Basket #1 (very minor water damage)
  • Kill Me Kiss Me #3
  • Madara #1
  • Faeries Landing #2,12
  • Saber Marionette J #5
  • Sweet and Sensitive #2
  • Until the Full Moon #1
  • Musashi #9 #1
  • Neck and Neck #2

$6 shipped

  • Ceres Celestial Legend #1-14 (2nd edition - sold as set only)
  • Devil Does Exist #6,8
  • Dragon Knight #1-15,22
  • From Far Away #4,9
  • Fruits Basket #2-3,11
  • Kodocha #1-10 (sold as set only)
  • Miracle Girls #1-7 (sold as set only)
  • Model #1-7 (sold as set only)
  • Naruto #2-7
  • Othello #1-7 (sold as set only)
  • Peach Girl #1-18 (sold as set only)
  • Saiyuki (Japanese)
  • Sensual Phrase #1-8,10,13,14 PENDING
  • Soul to Seoul #1-2
  • Wild Act #1-10 (sold as set only)
  • Wish #1-4 (sold as set only)
  • Zodiac PI #1-4 (sold as set only)


Hey It's me again,

I'm selling a pretty cool item on ebay:


This is a VERY RARE item!
A must have for Dir en grey fans.
This hooded pullover sweatshirt was sold during the Gauze era.
It was put out by the SEX label an offshoot of ID-JAPAN
Extremely hard to come by!!! A T-shirt version of this shirt was also issued.
Sweatshirt is 8 years old in great condition.
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Sweatshirt is black, with a front pocket with with white SEX logo with skull and crossbones on the front. SEX logo with crosses on the hood and Kaoru's face on the back. Label is black with SEX in silver lettering.

check it out:


Also I still have a few of the Macabre Budokan posters left:

If you are interested please check out my link: http://denkiva.livejournal.com/11970.html

D'espairs Ray: http://denkiva.livejournal.com/10854.html
Plastic Tree: http://denkiva.livejournal.com/12976.html
The GazettE; http://denkiva.livejournal.com/12738.html

$5 English Manga/DVD's and More

Shipping is $2 plus $1 for each additional item. Media Mail for American buyers, Airmail for international buyers.

Payment through Paypal only, please. CC and non-CC are both fine.

I am also open to trades. If you'd like to trade for something, show me your list of items. ^^

I have feedback at http://myworld.ebay.com/erin1544 and http://gametz.com/user/elinica.html and http://gsj-mods.livejournal.com/1365.html?thread=322901#t322901

English Manga
All are right-to-left unless otherwise marked. There may be some minor shelf wear, but most are in very good to excellent condition.

Card Captor Sakura: 1, 2 (left-to-right)
Candidate for Goddess: 2
Chobits: 1
Confidential Confessions: 2
Bleach: 4
Descendants of Darkness: 1-3
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden: 2, 4
Great Teacher Onizuka: 2
Here is Greenwood: 1-2
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances): 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1 (left-to-right)
Please Save My Earth: 1, 2, 7
Red River: 1-2
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 1 (left-to-right), 2 (left-to-right) 5
Samurai Champloo: 1
Seven of Seven: 1
Suikoden III: 2
Tsubasa Reservoir Chroncile: 1
Under the Glass Moon: 1
Vampire Princess Miyu: 1

>Japanese Manga:
Angelique: 3 $5

All are bilingual and authentic versions.

Nadia The Secret of Blue Water (The Adventure Begins) 1
Sorcerer Hunters: Magical Contests; Magical Battles (these are the last 2 in the series)
Animation Runner Kuromi

Shojo Beat:

5/07 issue $3
4/07 issue (has some folds on the cover, and the stickers have been removed) $2

How to Draw Manga:
(Price+$3 shipping)
How to Draw Manga: Compiling Characters $5
How to Draw Manga: Bodies & Anatomy $7
One of THOSE
  • khaas

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Everything here in like-new condition have a set price. For everything else, prices are changed to reflect their conditions. You can also request for photos.

English manga ($5 each unless noted):
Hot Gimmick: 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9
Dragon Hunter: 1, 2
X-Day: 1, 2
Zodiac P.I.: 1, 2, 3, 4
Selfish Love: 1, 2, $8 each
Kissing, $7.50
Card Captors Sakura (Master of the Clow): 1, $3
Pokemon: Pikachu Shock Back, $3
Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu, $3
Tramps Like Us: 1
Maison Ikkoku (1st edition): 6, 13, $4/each

Japanese manga ($3.50 each unless noted):
Sunadokei: 1 - 9
Beauty Pop: 4, 6
Bokura no Oukoku (Our Kingdom): 3 - 5

Japanese magazines ($4.00 each unless noted):
Betsuma: 12/2005, 7/2006, 11/2006, 12/2006, 1/2007, 2/2007

SHIPPING: Media mail. $2.00 for up to 2 books, $3.00 for 3-6 books, $4.00 for 7+
Other shipping options are available, but you have to pay exact amt

Methods of payment: paypal, cash, checks

E-mail me at kaiyel@sbcglobal.net or comment below =)

JRock items

All magazines are $5+$6.
(All have cut-outs)
All posters are $5+$4.
All CDs are $14+$4.

First comment, first serve.
The currency I accept is and USD.
I will hold items up to 12 days.
I will allow trades if you have anything I want below:
CDs(official only):
Soroban-Ginrei Hydration single
Soroban-Kodo Gestalt single
Goodies(official only):
D'espairs Ray

I'm currently collecting JRock polaroids.
We can trade, but if you have any you plan on selling, I can buy them.

*Note : If you are ordering from Malaysia you may not recieve the magazine. I sent someone a choker in Malaysia and she hasn't recieved it yet. I won't be selling anything to anyone in Malaysia until she recieves the choker.

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WTB: Letter Sets!

Is there anyone who is willing to sell me really cute Japanese stationary of around 60 sheets and 30 envelopes for around 20$?

I'm really aiming for anything panda, kittie, tenorikuma, or just cute animals in general themed. It can be a mix of stuff... I don't really care that much... just wondering if someone could help me out cause I'm running low on stationary and I don't want to buy 2 sheets
evangelion: ecstasy of ayanami

I need funds! Please give this stuff a good home!

For sale! All prices are pre-shipping.

Translated manga:
Junjou Romantica 1 (yaoi)
Junjou Romantica 2 (yaoi)
Set of both: 10$
Man's Best Friend (yaoi) - 5$

Japanese manga:
Paradise Kiss 4 - 7$
NANA 7.8 Fanbook - 7$

Japanese novels:
Blood the Last Vampire: Shanghai - 7$
Brokeback Mountain (translated into Japanese from English) - 5$

Takahashi Rumiko's "ANTHOLOGY" volume 1 - 7$

Paypal or money order ONLY. Please let this stuff go to a good home! Shipping depends on what you want and what method you want. I will ship world wide. :3