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26 June 2007 @ 12:31 am

I just updated my site and added 94 doujinshi (70 new titles and 24 restocked titles).
Fandoms include Prince of Tennis, Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach, Hikaru no GO, Harry Potter, D.Gray-man, Death Note and more!

I ship worldwide, use flat rate envelopes (good for up to 6 thinner doujinshi or 4-5 thicker ones) and accept Paypal or Postal Money orders.


*Also, if you don't see a 'add to cart' button for a particular doujinshi, it has already been sold. Which is why the site has over 1100 titles listed, but only 400+ titles in stock.

If you have any questions, you can use the Contact Us form or comment here.
Emily Schmemeny
26 June 2007 @ 06:15 am

Currently Listed:
1 cute faux fur Japanese jacket
1 cute FRUITS top
1 cute goth loli top
28 beautiful jewelry items including GOTHIC LOLITA
3 pairs of shoes
4 accessories
1 Jrock magazine
3 games
5 miscellaneous items including badges to be bought seperately or in sets.

Feel free to add me!
26 June 2007 @ 06:57 am
Jenny dolls, CDs, all sorts of stuff for sale. Here's a picture to catch your attention.

Please visit my page here to see everything I have. Thank you :)

26 June 2007 @ 11:00 am
Hello everyone! :) I am selling a bunch of my stuff for a discounted price, including DVDs (anime and live-action), manga, some doujinshi, artbooks, anime magazines, and guides... music (some mainstream, lots of "new age" and world music, some electronica and jrock), video games (really good ones!), tons of books (mostly art-related, especially how-to-draw manga ones, as well as new age/philosopy stuff) and much, much more.

If you are interested in looking around, please head over to my post!

Thanks for looking! Sorry for cross-posting all around, but I have such a wide variety of things, it's difficult to avoid. Feel free to get rid of this if it does not apply, and I apologize. :)
Diana Tenou
26 June 2007 @ 11:52 am
It's still here, still sitting, waiting to be sent to good homes!
Since I'm having a hard time selling all of this (and it's gotta go) MAKE me an offer.
Dis-regard the listed prices on items.

I can sell pieces of individual sets. I need it gone THAT badly.
Onto the stuff!

A special note:
I will be at Anime expo this weekend (June 29-July 2nd). If you'll be there, and want to buy an item, let me know! I'll bring it in person, and give it to you so you can save on shipping!
Manga +Other thingsCollapse )

Thanks for looking
Hi there. I lowered prices on my manga,dvds, and vhs. I also decided to offer the 5 remaining Kenshin Pencilboards that I have for $31 shipped anywhere in the US. Although, if the person who emailed me prior to this wanting it for $30 shipped to him(her?) were to contact me, I'd be happy to accept that as well.

I added a few new items for sale to my journal. Some stuff from Akuma na Eros, and some other shows. I also added Star Wars novels/books for those interested.

Items up for sale include lots of Sailor Moon goods, Rurouni Kenshin, Akuma na Eros, a couple that ran in Sho-comi, Saiyuki, Comic Party, Rune Soldier, Captain Tylor, Slayers..... well, you get the picture. A lot of anime stuff.

I also have baby/toddler clothing as well. 0-24 months, boy and girl, clothing for all 4 seasons. A few new outfits as well, everything else, gently used and in decent condition with no rips or the like. Everything had been (mostly)washed with woolight, so there is no fading.

26 June 2007 @ 01:18 pm
Still selling a bunch of Anime/Manga goods over at my selling journal ryunosales

I am also open for trades! Please check my Wishlist For what I'm looking for : )

Payment/Shipping Info: Payment/Shipping Information here

The goods:

Newly Added items; DVD's, and New Manga's, Art Book & Poster

Everything must go!
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26 June 2007 @ 01:50 pm

Mini Sailor School Girl Top at your shop!!
*cutie fashion style*
*korean / japan inspired style*
*unique // flirty summer design*
26 June 2007 @ 01:52 pm

Milky Ange jumperskirt with apron that buttons off! Extremely versatile, can be worn with or without a blouse, bows are removable! It can fit a very wide variety of sizes as there is corset lacing in the back. $200 shipped.

all japanese brands: metamorphose card print dress, h. naoto skull crown shirt, baby the stars shine bright bunny tote, baby the stars shine bright red polka dot bloomers, suppurate system rose crown orb necklace, nude hestia doll, nahh-ato's couch, wanroom minis, lots of re-ment and megahouse minisCollapse )

feedback on ebay as hooveraardvark, on loligoth_dbs, pullip_feedback, on the pullip style forum, and on magpiethrift. prices for all clothing items listed above include shipping and insurance within the united states. international shipping will be a few dollars more. i can only ship on saturday. please comment if interested, paypal only!

magpiethrift has been updated with cheaper items as well, including lots of jewelry and accessories! please check it out, i'd really like to get rid of this stuff.
☆ lightwing ☆
26 June 2007 @ 03:11 pm

I'm looking for this necklace by sexpot revenge!! PLEASE contact me if you'd be willing to give yours up!! I'm looking for the one with BLACK text/print on it ONLY. THANKS! <3

26 June 2007 @ 03:36 pm
h.NAOTO x 48Collapse )
I have lots of video games for sale. Most are part of my personal RPG collection, but I need space and money for a friend coming to move in next month!

All prices are negotiable. All prices include shipping cost in the US.

I love trades. See My Wish List

Naruto goods, Death Note hat, armwarmers, ect.

Final Fantasy VII, Witch Hunter Robin + Artbox

Manga + Book
Ark Angels, Kingdom Hearts 1 Box Set, Judas,
Priest, .hack//Legend of the Twilight, DEATH NOTE, Dante's Inferno.

Video Games
Final Fantasy XI, Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time, Alundra 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Xenosaga Episode II.

Strategy Guides
Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time

Final Fantasy VIII (Edea)
Chrono Cross (Serge)

Pencil Boards, ect.
Star Ocean 2, Star Ocean EX
Death Note
Haibane Renmei

Final Fantasy VIII (some loose, some sealed, all complete, includes Ifrit summon, Bandai, Trading Arts, and Gashapon)
EVANGELION Asuka Sundress Gashapon
DEATH NOTE dvd first pressing figures from Japan (Ryuuk, Raito/Light, Jealous)
Pokemon (Misty, Jessie)

Final Fantasy Doujinshi
Final Fantasy VII doujinshi (gag/serious)
Final Fantasy X doujinshi (explicit. Yaoi and yuri.)
Digimon Adventure (fluff, Taito)

UFO Catchers
Final Fantasy IX (Garnet) by Banpresto
The Lion King 2: Kiara

Policies/Feedback/Contact: angelchansales

I accept trades and paypal.
26 June 2007 @ 05:36 pm
does anyone have and is willing to sell any volumes of hero heel besides volume 1? or atleast does anyone know if there are any other volumes available? thank you.
26 June 2007 @ 07:01 pm
Hi there, I'm looking to sell my collection of anime and JRock collectibles. It's mostly YuYuHakusho, some Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tokyo Babylon, Rurouni Kenshin, things like that. Pencil boards, laminated cards, playing cards, T-shirts, posters, and a really special YuYuHakusho alarm clock. Prices and photos are under the cut. Click the thumbnails to see a larger image. VERY IMAGE HEAVY.

I am more then happy to combine item prices and throw things in for free if you get a lot of stuff. I'm really looking to sell as quickly as possible. The item price does not include shipping. I prefer to sell through PayPal and will ship ASAP. I am also selling JRock collectibles and a Harry Potter shirt (It's a rare collectible - it's a Visual Effects Team shirt from the Sorcerer's Stone film) so if you'd like to see what else I am selling, please ask. Everything is in perfect or excellent condition.

Click here to see pictures and prices.Collapse )
26 June 2007 @ 08:27 pm
Selling some VK flyers,poster,magazine. More information here:

Glamour Ghoul
26 June 2007 @ 09:12 pm
Hey, I'm looking to buy some of these items and am also willing to trade for anything in my shop.

  • full metal panic figurines
  • angelic layer figurines or dvds 3+
  • miyazaki films - spirited away, kiki's delivery service
  • battle royale 1 on dvd
  • rozen maiden stuff
  • death note figurines
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • kotoko with tofu chobits figure
  • magic knight rayearth figurines, dolls, or doll outfits
  • 1:12 scale doll sword or weapon
  • nightmare, alice nine, psycho le cemu flyers
  • suikoden figurines or artbooks
  • chobits trading cards
  • kamikaze girls dvd
  • suicide club dvd
26 June 2007 @ 11:29 pm
All CD singles are $4 (except for a few that are marked as $5 or $6).
DVDs are $6.
Individual manga are $4 each, sets priced as marked.

Johnny's Entertainment goods --CDs are with all the other CDs in the CD section
under the cutCollapse )

Music CDs
ChemistryCollapse )
Crystal KayCollapse )
Do As InfinityCollapse )
Domoto TsuyoshiCollapse )
Fukuyama MasaharuCollapse )
KCollapse )
KinKi KidsCollapse )
L'arc~en~CielCollapse )
ShelaCollapse )
Utada HikaruCollapse )
UVERworldCollapse )
V6Collapse )

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA], cartridge only ***$7

.Hack//Sign volumes 2-3 [still new and sealed]--$6 each
will include the slipcovers for the limited editions if you want them

BinchotanCollapse )
Junjou RomanticaCollapse )
Kyou Kara MaouCollapse )
Love HinaCollapse )
Momogumi Plus SenkiCollapse )
Sailor MoonCollapse )

Manga in English
Duck Prince [volumes 1-3]--$12
Fruits Basket [volume 10]--$4
Wallflower [volume 1]--$6
Demon Diary [volumes 1-7]--$35
Shonen Jump [January 2003 to January 2004, missing April 2003] **$2.50 each, set of 12 issues for $25

Manga in Japanese and Chinese
list behind the cutCollapse )

Art books
under the cutCollapse )

Prices are negotiable. ♥

Feedback can be found here.
Shipping: U.S. buyers preferred, will ship worldwide
Payment: U.S. Postal Money Order, PayPal (non-cc preferred), amazon.com gift certificate, very well concealed cash
26 June 2007 @ 11:47 pm
Im not sure if your allowed to post anyting your looking for but I am looking for a few things. If you have a journal that you can link to me that would be great, if not just comment with pics if you can and prices with shipping..

1.any manga/anime drawing books
3.Witch Class manga book,
4.Patheon High manga book
5.Any editions of New Type,Anime Insider, any american anime magazines or even subscription cars would be great
6. any kind of stationary sets

Thats basically all..If you can help me out that would be great..Thanks a million..

If this is not allowed to be posted please let me know and I will delete it..thanks