July 4th, 2007

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Manga Sale (very cheap)!

Hello all! I'm here to sell some manga because I'm moving to another country, and I need money! So, here's what I have:

***Please check my journal for updates in availability***

  Boys Over Flowers Yoko Kamio 1 - 3 $2.50 each + S/H
  Descendants of Darkness Yoko Matsushita 1 - 9 $2.50 each + S/H
  Full Metal Panic! Shouji Gatou & Retsu Tateo 1 - 3 $2.50 each + S/H
  Fushigi Yugi (old version) Yuu Watase 1 - 6 $1.00 each + S/H
  Get Backers Rando Ayamine & Yuya Aoki 1 - 2 $2.00 each + S/H
  Hot Gimmick Miki Aihara 1 - 9 $2.50 each + S/H
  Kodocha Miho Obana 1 - 9 $2.50 each + S/H
  Mars* Fuyumi Soryo 1 - 15 $2.50 each + S/H
  Othello Satomi Ikekawa 1 - 6 $2.50 each + S/H
  Peach Girl (old version) Miwa Ueda 1 - 8 $1.00 each + S/H
  Peach Girl - Change of Heart Miwa Ueda 2 - 6 $2.50 each + S/H
  Wish* CLAMP 1 - 4 $2.50 each + S/H

* Completed series

To buy, please go HERE: random_ook! OR ... comment here Collapse )
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Final Fantasy
Pretty Cure | DearS
Metroid Prime Pinball
Sailor Moon | Ranma 1/2
Capcom | Namco

So many goodies just waiting to be grabbed! I need to get rid of everything in my journal by the end of August in order to save and plan for my family's trip back to the States for our annual tradition: Neko-con X!!! Please help and support us by buying our goods. I guarantee you wouldn't find these items for less than what I'm selling them for unless you went to Japan yourself. Show me someone or someplace that has it for less, and I will beat their price!!!

Last but not least... It's a...

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That's right everyone! Buy One, Get One half price!! As usual, the half price item must be of equal or lesser value to the full price item. You can still get freebies for every $5 you spend as well!! =D Don't miss this great opportunity! Sale ends July 4th!!

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Or just go to my store to see everything I have, including Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, formal & semi-formal dresses, lots of snazzy jewelry, make-up, doujinshi and books, too! When shopping at my store, mention the code "NEKOX07" to receive the BOGO sale on anything and everything in the shop, including custom-made items (all of which are available, but rings are only via pre-order). =D

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NewType USA magazine AUCTION

It's 2:30 am, I'm sooo tired, I might edit this, sorry for typos, etc etc.

I am sick of these things, I don't need/want them, PLEASE HELP ME OUT! =/ None have the DVDs or posters, but all (if not most) are in perfect/good condition. Nothing major. Only thing coming to mind is perhaps when mailed to me they damaged the corners.

I have.. 29 issues, I think? Please go here to see them; http://faggotghostshop.livejournal.com/2617.html#cutid1
Pictures will/can be taken upon request. I just am too lazy to if no one is interested XD

Auto buy; $130.00 USD. I think that is reasonable. 5 for one, and 7 for others.
Bidding starts at; $40.00 USD.
Bid increase; $5.00 USD.

This may sound cocky, but if the bid ends and the "winner" was 50 dollars, I may call it off. Until I can get this job, I'm seriously fending off what ever the hell I sell =/ I'm sure I'd consider it, but just don't be disappointed, please..

Does not include S&H. Prolly would be 8 dollars if I can fit it all in one of those boxes the PO gives, lawl.

For sale! Manga and things :)

I really want to get rid of this! :) These prices do not include shipping, but should be very cheap within the US! Something like $2+ depending :)

All manga in ENGLISH!

$5 ea., $12 for 3!
Cheeky Angel 1-4
Angelic Layer 1-3
Doubt! 1-3
Moon Child 1-3
Chobits 1
Real Bout High School 1

(Sets I will not break)
Earthian 1-4 (COMPLETE) - perfect condition, color pages; $35 for all; retails at $60+tax

I also have some japanese-style fan goodies leftover from Anime Expo here:
Includes Harry Potter Hogwarts IDs, bookmarks, postcards, Marauder keychains...
Bleach/Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts (Axel/Roxas) postcards, prints...
Please check it out if it interests you! :)

Looking for (in english):
Shout Out Loud 1+
Nodame Cantabile 10+
Don't Say Anymore, Darling & Flower of Life 3 (Fumi Yoshinaga)
Any english language doujinshi
HP doujinshi
ES21 sena-uke doujinshi (lol)
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4th of July 25% off sale!

Hi, I am having a sale for the 4th of July at my anime dvd/manga/animation cel site,


I have 100s of manga, anime dvds, and anime cels in stock. Most manga will be just $3.00 a volume after the discount, most anime dvds are less than $10.00, and most anime cels are $10.00! Stock up today!

DVD Series include: Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cardcaptor Sakura. Burst Angel, Fullmetal Panic Fummoffo, His and Her Circumstances, Inuyasha, and more!

Manga Series include: Naruto, Kenshin, GTO, Inuyasha, Trigun, Initial D, Slayers, and more!

Anime cels include: Sailormoon, Gundam, Evangelion settei, Trigun, El Hazard, Cutey Honey, Tenshi ni Narumon (I'm Gonna Be an Angel), and more!

Sale ends Thursday July 5th at 11:59pm.

looking for..

hi im looking for any visual kei, gothic lolita, jrock inspired clothing (brand name or not) and looking for an XBox 360 or Gamecube. please email me at pinkspider1102@hotmail.com or reply ^^
stock // 花

Pretty Royalty Crown!

Bought this bag on impulse from an online seller. Haven't used it at all, perfectly brand new. I don't want it to go to waste. ^^;

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I originally got this for $18.50 USD including shipping, but I don't want this sitting around in my room anymore, so $15 USD including shipping within Canada & USA is my offer. I can only accept PayPal, sorry! I want to get this out as soon as possible. If you're interested, please leave a comment here with your e-mail. Thanks for looking!

MinarinShop: a shopping service

Hello again! Just as a reminder and a special update...: I have shopping serivce which helps people who:
  • don't have a PayPal account (too young, parents won't let, whatever) and the seller only accepts this form of payment
  • don't have a bank account
  • want to buy things from a seller who won't ship to your country (most annoying part)
And so, I bring you: 

(click to be re-directed to MinarinShop) 

There are two versions of the site! LiveJournal (original) version and Geocities version. I just launched the new version and think it's a lot prettier and nicer to look at and deal with, but all feedback and comments must be done using through the LiveJournal (original) version. Plus, it's easy to see updates if you add MinarinShop to your friends list! 

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 ***I have coupon codes from YesAsia! Order by the July 31st and save 5$USD or CAD off your order over 30$!***

It has been brought to my attention

That after many people have come to me about the seller Obscure_panic after my post on whether or not people have recieved their items...and no one had....then or in past expirences....that they have erased all their journal entries and are planning on getting a new lj. I wanted to post the Paypal address they have been using, so in the future...I hope to possibly prevent people from being scammed like we have have by her. I'm really angry about her "Suddenly" moving...and suddenly the items weren't hers..she was selling them for a friend...and that her story changed a few times from her selling post.

I wanted to warn people...and if this isn't allowed...please feel free to delete.  


Maria Vasquez    

This is the paypal email and named used for the user



kris allen - silly

(no subject)

I'm selling some fanbooks along with some other series, you can check everything out HERE. Series like Death Note, One Piece, Star Wars, etc.

[x-posted to few other comm. Sorry...]
Chibi SF Sakura

J-junk for sale~

It's eBay time again! I have j-rock CDs and posters from Gackt, Gazette, Glay, GO!GO!7188, as well as other artists whose names don't start with G. Plus anime stuff (posters, wallscrolls, comics) from Naruto, Bleach, Trigun, Gundam Wing, and Rurouni Kenshin.

Check 'em out

I generally ship outside the US, but rates are higher nowadays and I have to use Priority Mail. All items not made of paper or cloth are shipped in bubble envelopes, and any non-folded posters are shipped in tubes.

Questions go to remix.sakura@gmail.com! Thanks for looting, I mean looking!


I really need money (Bills!Bills!Bills!) so take a look and hopefully you find something you like ;D

ALL ITEMS ARE $5 EACH! All DVDs/Manga are region 1, officially liscenced unless otherwise stated

Shipping will be an extra $2.00 to Canada and the USA, International will be an extra $3.00

Boxset shipping- add an extra $1.00

All items ship from Canada


Rahxephon Volume 1
Rahxephon Volume 2
Rahxephon Volume 3
Rahxephon Volume 7 (Still sealed!)
Rahxephon: The Motion Picture
CArdcaptors: End of Days
Cardcaptors: New Lessons
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Big O Season 1 Volume 1
Big O Season 2 Volume 1


.Hack// Legend of the Twilight Volume 2
Shaman King Volume 1
Rune Soldier Volume 1
Inu Yasha Volume 2
Spiral (Sequel to The Ring)
Full Metal Alchemist Volume 9 (Japanese text)
Bleach Volume 1
Bleach Volume 2
Tsubasa Volume 1
VIZ Sneak Peek Volume 1 (Summer 2003) $2
VIZ Sneak Peek Volume 2 (Spring 2004) $2 (I have 2 of these!)


Full Metal Alchemist OST 2
Naruto OST 1
Naruto OST 2


Rahxephon Movie boxset (With 54-page color booklet & space to put the entire series)) - $15
Tanjho Tenge Boxset (with special puzzle & shijitaki) - $15
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[REQUEST] Issues of men's EGG

Recently I've become a fan of Gyaru and Gyaruo (I even made a community inspired by a Gyru group~) and my friend owns an issue of this magazine called Men's EGG. I really like it, and if anyone has any issues they'd like to sell, please comment with a price! You would be shipping to BC, Canada. Thanks! ^_____^

Aeris Aerith Cosplay Dress for Sale

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to sell my Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough Cosplay Dress for $35.00 shipped in the US. That Price is Very Negotiable.

It is just the dress, none of the accessories or jacket included.

The reason I am selling it is that I no longer fit it, but someone else might. It's only been worn once and is in good shape.

Images of the dress, it is strapless, btw:
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The estimate size for the dress is a 12. It was handmade by a family member.

I prefer paypal but will take money orders if need be.

See my feedback here: Ebay and here angelchansales

Thanks, please comment if interested!
This is x-posted everywhere :3 Sorry
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Brand-New Items in a Brand-New Sale!

Hi all! So it's been a while since I've posted anything new, but now I have a fresh batch of items with more to come, so if you are interested in anything, please just comment, k? I accept Paypal, MOs, and Concealed Cash (at your own risk). If you don't like the price, maybe we can negotiate ^_^ I'm desperate for money, hee.

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I also have other anime/video game items for sale, you can see them all here:

***Gamecube and Games for Sale***

Since I am getting tight on money (darn you summer quarter!), I am thinking about selling my Nintendo Gamecube. Everything is at my mom's house, but off the top of my head, I have:

-Indigo Gamecube System
-At least 2 controllers (both official, one purple one orange)
-All connector cables to play (official)
-At least 1 memory card
-Tales of Symphonia (brand new)
-Resident Evil
-Skies of Arcadia
-Super Mario Sunshine
-Zelda Twilight Princess (brand new)

If anyone is interested, make me an offer and I will probably let it go. Just so you know, I spent $90 total on Ebay to get the system with Mario Sunshine, so I want at least that back (so if that means I have to put it on Ebay then I will, but I like direct sales better).