July 25th, 2007


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Stuff for sale...some pretty neat J-pop related stuff like Sonim's entire single/album/DVD discography, EE Jump's single discography, AAA, Hello! Project, Dream, and other goodies as well. There's also some import games, anime related items, etc!

Anyhow, it's worth a look! Why am I selling this stuff, you ask? I need money for Tokyo next month! So yeah, spread the word:

jun - attic

undercode fliers!

ok so i have this huge stack of fliers sitting in my room and i really want to get rid of them XD

Price: $1 each
Shipping: $2 under twenty-five ($5 after that)
Ship to: anywhere (extra shipping charges for overseas)
Currency: USD or CAD
Payment: sorry, paypal only.
Email: yume.kazaguruma @ gmail.com

Bands: Phantasmagoria, JUN, Bloody-Clown, Kisaki Project, hurts, vidoll, 12012, nega, kodomo A, Dari, ARc, Deflina Ma'riage, Vagerke, harvest, +V.A.

SPECIAL: prices are shipping included
*For specials please leave a list of 5-10 bands and I'll try to include bands that match your tastes*
Small V.A. Pack 5 random undercode fliers, 5 random other fliers $9
Large V.A. Pack 8 random undercode fliers, 12 random other fliers $16
UCP special 10 random undercode fliers $10
not-so-random PACK chose 5 fliers, get 5 random other fliers $10
Random Pack.A 5 random other fliers (ucp included)$5
Random Pack.B 15 random other fliers (ucp included)$11
Random Pack.C 25 random other fliers (ucp included)$20
for a vague list of the 'other fliers' go here. those fliers arent for sale anymore though.

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hopefully I'll update soon with a nice list of other fliers i have ^^

PS! I'm totally up for TRADES!! ^^
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DJ Yamapi

Prince of Tennis, KKM & Tenimyu stuff for Sale


I have a variety of items up for sale on my selling journal. Currently I have the following:

Kyou Kara Maou
Brand New Licensed DVD

Kamakari Kenta Photobook

Prince of Tennis
Limited Edition CD Single
Playstation Game
Manga sets/singles (English version)
Doujinshi (regular and NC-17)

You can check it all out here. Thank you! ♥

Pencil boards, Cel Straps, Kenshin "Kirigami", Plushies, Slam Dunk Manga, FMA doujinshi, Cards

Some prices include shipping, some do not. It should be marked and if a price includes shipping, that is within the US only. International will be more.

I take non-credit card Paypal or Postal Money Order. If you can only pay by credit card, I will take Ebay.com or Amazon.com gift certificates. (I may make an exception and accept credit card Paypal, if you're getting several items, are in the US, and items are shipped to a CONFIRMED address)

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Please comment or email with questions. (email address in my profile)
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Any takers?

Hi guys, I'm still selling this Sailor Moon/Naoko stuff. I had a lot of people comment about certain items and they never got back to me on them, so I am puttin them up again. I just want everyone to know that if you pay me by Friday (or very early in the morning Friday) I will send out your stuff before I go on my trip. If you pay me after Friday, I will either have my mom send your stuff (not too likely) or I will send it for you next week.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in your earlier comments...I would really like to sell these things to raise some desperately needed money, so if you want anything, please ask me. I'm reliable and I have feedback all over, please just ask if necessary. I will send it out asap because I don't have university anymore for the summer ^_^

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So yeah, that is everything ^^;;; If you are interested in anything, please let me know...^_^ Thanks...^_^
nana manga hero

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I have the following BJD for sale on Ebay!


I am also selling two PS2 games, .hack/infection and .hack/mutation.

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I'm accepting offers on the .hack games as I'm not really sure what to ask for them. They have been opened, but are otherwise new and have never been played! They have their manuals and the bonus DVDs and those are in perfect condition as well!

Thanks for looking!

Video Gril Ai, Revolutionary Girl Utena; used manga in Japanese. $5/ book, shipping included.

Title: Video Girl Ai
Published by: Jump Comics
Artist: Masakazu Katsura
Language: Japanese
Format: Soft cover graphic novels
Volumes: 1-7 (incomplete set)
Condition: Fair. Read through twice, not mint. No creases or marks.
Price: $5 per volume or $20 for all seven.

Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Published by: Flower Comics
Artist: Chiho Saito
Language: Japanese
Format: Soft cover graphic novels
Volumes: 1-5 (complete set)
Condition: Fair. Read through once, not mint. No creases or marks.
Price: $5 per volume or $20 for all five.

Title: Chirality
Published by: CPM manga
Artist: Satoshi Urushihara
Language: English
Format: Soft cover graphic novel
Volumes: 1 (incomplete set)
Condition: Fair. Read through several times, not mint. No creases or marks.
Price: $5

Title: Ai Yori Aoshi
Published by: Tokyo Pop
Artist: Kou Fumizuki
Language: English
Format: Soft cover graphic novel
Volumes: 1 (incomplete set)
Condition: Fair. Read through several times, not mint. Some pages creased.
Price: $5

Please email with any questions, requests for pics, OBO. Thank you!
Media mail shipping included. If you'd like it faster, you'll have to pay for it. :/
Please help me get rid of my books! I'll even give it away for free if you're local.

Huge sale; slowly moving away from anime and manga

It's simply too much to take with me *sigh* More to come as I convince myself to let go.

+Yes, I'm willing to haggle
+Links to feedback here: http://css-sales.livejournal.com/753.html
+No, I can’t ship out every day—I live in the boonies, so that’s a lot of gas. Expect shipments once to twice a week, three if I’m lucky. ^^ I’m open to all forms of shipment and anywhere though.

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Please look at my journal for other thing such as lolita clothes, J-rock, and all sorts of shinies @_@; css_sales
cute (choco kitty 2)

Stuff for sale!

Greetings. In an attempt to clean out my room and my house, I have a bunch of anime related goods for sale! (Pictures available upon request) All prices DO NOT include shipping. I do combine shipping. I ship media mail in the US so it's about $3 more.

All manga are in English unless otherwise stated.

Peach Girl Volumes 1-4 (prefer to sell as a set) $16
Princess Ai volume 1 $5
Princess Ai volume 2 $5
Yellow volume 1 $6.50
Real Bout High School volume 2 $3
Instant Teen volume 1 $2
Shirahime Syo (by CLAMP, Hardcover edition) $7
CLAMP no Kiskei volume 2 (sealed with a remainder mark through the barcode on the bottom) $18 (retailed at $30)
InuYasha Volume 9 $2.50
InuYasha Volume 7 $2.50
InuYasha Volume 21 (name written in the front cover) $2.50
Rozen Maiden volume 1 (name written in the front cover) $5
Juror 13 (name written in the front cover) $3
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Group Order?

Click on the banner or this link!

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I know I was planning a strapya-world.com group order, but I was just contacted by a friend who owns a jewelry store. She is planning to improve her store and is wondering if I could make a group order for her. She wants to know what kind of jewelry she should be restocking and such. She is going to provide me with designer inspired jewelry for a very low price! If you are interested PLEASE leave a comment somewhere (this post or at my journal) because if I don't get enough people here, I'll probably do the group order on another site/forum.
***She is also selling Breast Cancer Awareness items. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer research!

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**NOTE: '~' means it's the approximate value. May be sold for less.

Also, if you are interesting in a strapya-world.com group order, PLEASE contact me. I've only had two confirmed replies and that won't be enough =(
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Help, me!?

A whole load of stuff! Supper cheap and shipping at $2.00 for each item anywhere in the world! and discounts for buying multiple items! great deals! Help a poor college student get rid of some stuff pretty please??

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I am actually moving to Japan and need help with paying various things here and there before I get and for when I go. I have manga here for sale, one messenger bag and two plushies at the moment that I want to sell.

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Manga Sale!

hi! i've just moved and i need to make space so i'm selling the following english manga for $6 shipped unless otherwise stated:

Kill Me, Kiss Me v. 1
Full Moon wo Sagashite v. 1-7
Death Note v. 1-9
DNAngel v. 1-4
Fruits Basket 1-6 $5 shipped each since they have more wear
Shugo Chara v. 1
President Dad v. 1-2
Othello v. 1-4

if you don't agree with my prices make me an offer! i really need the space so i'll definitely consider any offers :) if you want pics, please make a request and i can get them right away :] i accept paypal, personal checks, money orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk!). if interested, please comment or email me at taremochi67*AT*yahoo.com, thanks!

Looking for some specific Ojamajo Doremi Gashapon, and a Keroro Gunsou plush!

Hey there, all! I've got a few things that i'm getting really desperate for.. ;-; SO! If you happen to have any of these items for sale, or you'd possibly know a way of getting ahold of them, please let me know!

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Anyways, those are the things i'm lookin' for! Please leave me a note here if you have for sale/or have any leads on any of these items... Or even better, drop me an e-mail!: ZeroDimensionMuffin (at) hotmail (dot) com


X-posted to otaku_wishlist. :3
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I would like to buy gazette posters. I can pay Concealed cash, about $10-$20 shipped. I'm looking specifically for more recent posters, like 2005 to now. Show me what you have! ^__^
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WTB: hide trading cards

Let's try this again... If anyone's got ANY hide trading cards they'd like get rid of, contact me :) Email at vordai[at]mbnet.fi or put a comment here / the newest entry on my personal journal :)

And feel free to offer other hide merchandise also, I've got a bunch of other stuff I'm also looking for!

Hello Project Photobooks and Japanese Magazines!

Still sorting out and getting pictures of the things I brought back from Japan for everyone's benefit.

Just added:
~PetitMoni and other Hello!Project photobooks
~Japanese Magazines
~Various Manga both Japanese and English

**Soon to come, Lots of Japanese cd singles!

The link to the photobooks and magazines is here.

Full journal with buying information and various items to browse is sell_by_numbers

Thanks ^^