July 26th, 2007

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I moved and I am selling a whole bunch of anime dvds & manga.
All have price but if you thinks in unfair make me a reasonable offer ^_^
(All with pictures)

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I am sorry for grammar, spelling, stupid typing mistakes.
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I have dozens of rare pencil boards, clear files, and furoku items up for auction on eBay now.

Series/Creators include:

Weiss Kreuz
Legend Of Basara
Alice 19th
Rurouni Kenshin
Toraware No Minoue
Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)
Delfinian War (Mamiya Oki)
Fruits Basket
Death Note
Mamotte Syugo Getten
Yoshitaka Amano
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fullmetal Alchemist
D. Gray-man
VB Rose


Auctions end tomorrow. All the info is here:


Thanks! ^_^
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More stuff for sale~


Red chinese-style h.Anarchy for PLUS cutsew
Black h.Anarchy cutsew
Black w/ white cross-print KERA SHOP pants

Pictures and prices for these can be found here.


Kera Volume 95
Kera Volume 97
Kera Volume 100
Gosurori Volume 1
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Prologue Book

Pictures and prices for these can be found over here.

Important: All prices are in USD. I'm currently taking paypal only [cc & non-cc].
Items will all be shipped from Singapore. Items also go to the buyer who can pay first.

Thanks for looking!

Still Selling!! New items added! All must go...

My selling journal ryunosales Has been updated : )

New items Include:
- 17" Inu-yasha plushy
- 12" Tails Plushy [Sonic the Hedgehog]
- Anime DVD's [ Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO]
- Figures [ Shirtless Edward, Tenchi, Escaflowne (Van, Hitomi and Escaflowne set)]

New items in this post
Bleach Pluhies, Anime Keychains, Figures, and a Fruits Basket Wall Scroll
FMA Clear Files and Pencil Boards

Anime Artbooks [Series Include: Inu-yasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Angel Sanctuary, Ayashi no Ceres Celestial Legend, CLAMP North Side, and Magic Knight Rayearth Tokyo Pop Edition volume 2 ], How to Draw Manga Books, Magic Knights Rayearth Season II Box Set DVD

Manga [ DNAngel, Loveless, Gundam: The Last Outpost, Sorcerer Hunters, El-Hazard, Full Metal Panic, etc., ] , Juvenile Orion Art Book, Phantasmagoria Poster

Posters [ Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Sailor Moon and Inu-yasha
Doujinshi [ 1 Escaflowne (Allenx Van and FolkenxDilandau), Trigun (WolfwoodxVash) ]

Payment Types Accepted: CC-Pay pal and Money Orders
E-mail: Hydra_Marusumi@hotmail.com
Feedback: Here
Where I ship to: Within the US Only!

I also do trades! If you have anything on my Wishlist I may be willing to trade. Right now I'm on the hunt for Weiss Kreuz goods! Especially SchuldigxCrawford and YohjixKen Doujinshi.

Questions or if you're interested in anything? Please e-mail me, leave a comment here or at my journal.

Thanks for looking ^_^
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Tenjou Tenge Artbook
Saiyuki Reload animation book
Firefly slimpack boxset

Fushigi Yuugi OVA: Eikoden

His and Her Circumstances: Volume 2
Dane cook: Retaliation
Live action movie: Volcano High

Malice Mizer & Gackt: Mars- 8$

X Japan- Blue blood Tour 1989

Vanness Wu: Body will Sing
Kangta&Vanness Wu: Scandal Deluxe set
Vol 1 of Take channel Honmake (autographed by Yura-sama & Seek)
Psycho le Cemu: B-pass special edition (signed by Yura-sama and Seek) (comes with dvd)

If more than one person is interested in an item, make a bid ^_^
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Autographed (twice ..lol) Dacco CD (Featuring Yura-sama and Lida from their old band Psycho le Cemu)
Live action movie: The Twins effect
features Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin, Gillian Chung Yan-Tung, Jackie Chan& Edison Chen.
Fight Club
Fushigi Yuugi (Season 2) disc 2&3
Dir en Grey & Fanatic Crisis MTV DVD
L'arc en ciel Heavenly Films
Fruits basket Volume 4
Cosplay encyclopedia (Good for Cosplay beginners & people interested in cosplay)
Golden Boy Volume 1
Great Teacher Onizuka- Volumes 2,3,4,&5
Abenobashi Shotengai Complete set
Trax- Paradox single
Yamapi Daite Senorita single
Akira The Movie
Sailor Moon S- The heart collection II
Trigun: High Noon
Jet Li: The One & Jet Li: Legend of the Red Dragon
Final Fantasy X
Kingdom Hearts I
Yu Yu Hakusho: Maze at beasts castle
Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
lots of posters and some wallscrolls

Live action movie: The Twins effect- 5$ (two copies)
features Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin, Gillian Chung Yan-Tung, Jackie Chan& Edison Chen.
Nightmare before Christmas- 5$ (ON HOLD)
Fight Club- 5$
Fushigi Yuugi (Season 2) disc 2&3 5$ each or both for 8$
Dir en Grey & Fanatic Crisis MTV DVD- 5$
L'arc en ciel Heavenly Films- 7$
Fruits basket Volume 4- 5$
Cosplay encyclopedia (Good for Cosplay beginners & people interested in cosplay) - 5$
Golden Boy Volume 1- 5$
Great Teacher Onizuka- Volumes 2,3,4,&5
Abenobashi Shotengai Complete set- 14$ (on hold)
Akira The Movie- 5$ (on hold)
Sailor Moon S- The heart collection II-4$
Trigun: High Noon- 5$
Jet Li: The One & Jet Li: Legend of the Red Dragon- 5$ each or both for 8$
Final Fantasy X - 12$
Kingdom Hearts I- 12$
DDR MAX- 8$ (if you want the pad included its 25$ shipped) (on hold)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Maze at beasts castle
Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack- 6$
Final Fantasy XI- 28$
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan - 20$
(or both for 38$)

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my JadexDist doujin auction on ebay is ended with no bids, so I relisted it (please note i DO have two copies, so if you dont have an ebay account or any other reasons you cant bid, I will sell it to you here.


This is a 20 page Shonen ai doujinshi from the video game Tales of the abyss. There is also some peonyxdist and jadexpeony hinting as well, but its just gag.

I bought a couple copies unknowingly...lol I have no idea how i managed to do that, but it's better for you guys i guess ^_^  Its a really good doujin and manages to capture Jade and Dists relationship really well.
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FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

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Time for another round :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
DBSK's "Heart, Mind and Soul" album & "Step by Step" single (BOTH CD+DVD)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
W-inds. double sided poster (Arena 37 SPECIAL August 2007)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Gackt double-sided poster (Arena 37 July 2007)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
-Newtype USA Magazine October 2005 ft. Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
-Official US Playstation Magazine October 2005 ft. Shadow of the Colossus
-Official US Playstation Magazine March 2006 ft. Black

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

( Find them all here~~~ ) ^__^
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Items from various series for sale


I have some Pokemon gashapon items (buildable figures and cell phone charms), doujinshi (Digimon, Final Fantasy and Zoids) and some video games over at my journal:

(Follow the fake-cut)

I also have little online store where I'm selling things that I've collected over the years. Direct links to some items that might be of interest to this community: more Digimon and Pokemon items. Also stuff from Zoids.

Or if you want, just browse though PamsGarage.com as I have a pretty ecclectic collection of things I'm parting with.
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first post

hey everyone, this is my first post in here. i m kind of new to here, but i have a little bit stuff for sale.

I m posting this for a friend, so please take a good look at them, she really needs them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

so here is the link, please please take them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna Move Home


for sale

Hello everyone,

Currently I'm in the process of setting up a sales journal. So far I have the following for sale:

~J-Rock/Pop CDs (Baiser, GLAY, anti-kranke, Sleep My Dear, Blüe, Balzac, Chisato, Gisho, HYDE, FLAME)
~J-Rock/Pop/Idol magazines (SHOXX, Cure, Arena 37°, UV, mint's, NewsMaker, PatiPati, Oricon Style, Wink Up, duet, Kindai, GLB)
~flyers (Gackt and PIERROT)
~Japanese manga
~German manga
~three artbooks (Tokyo Babylon, NGE, Weiß Kreuz)
~two anime DVDs
~a huge Chii plushie

please check out glamorousales! Don't forget to read the rules in the userinfo.

Prices ARE negotiable!!

Thanks! :)
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D'espairsRay earrings (Zero)

Hey guys, I am selling a pair of earrings I won at an AnimeNext auction last year when D'espairsRay was there. Each member gave a personal item of theirs for bidding. I won Zero's earrings but am now selling cuz i am low on cash here. I won them for 250 and am looking for bids no less than 100. I will be away on vacation for the next two weeks so bidding can go on until the 13 of August. Feel free to contact me by e-mail or leave a comment if interested. Thank you :)
Included in the links are pics of :the earrings, an autographed pic of Zero wearing the earrings and writing at top saying "thank you America" in Japanese, also is a pic posted to show that this item was really bought at the auction for $250.
Paypal only please



One of THOSE
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(no subject)

Everything here in like-new condition have a set price. For everything else, prices are changed to reflect their conditions. You can also request for photos. Prices are negotiable.

English manga ($4 each unless noted):
Dragon Hunter: 1, 2
X-Day (complete): 1, 2
Card Captors Sakura (Master of the Clow): 1, $3
Pokemon: Pikachu Shock Back $3
Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu, $3
Tramps Like Us: 1
Maison Ikkoku (1st edition): 6, 13
Petshop of Horrors: 9, 10
Azumanga Daioh (complete): 1-4
Pixy Junket
Wish: 2-4
Real Bout High School (complete): 1-6

Shounen-ai English manga
Kissing: $6
Selfish Love (complete): 1-2, $6 each
Little Butterfly: 1-2, $6 each

Japanese manga ($3.00 each unless noted):
Beauty Pop: 4, 6
Bokura no Oukoku (Our Kingdom): 3 - 5
Lovely Complex 14 (has stickers, too)

Japanese magazines ($4.00 each unless noted):
Betsuma issues (contains Cat Street, Koukou Debut, Crimson/Beniiro Hero, Lovely Complex, B.O.D.Y, Five, etc): 12/2005, 7/2006, 11/2006, 12/2006, 1/2007, 2/2007

SHIPPING: Media mail. $2.00 for up to 2 books, $3.00 for 3-6 books, $4.00 for 7+
Other shipping options are available, but you have to pay exact amt

Methods of payment: paypal, cash, checks

E-mail me at kaiyel@sbcglobal.net or comment below =)
stock // 花


Hey everyone! Don't know if you remember, but awhile ago I was selling a lot of NEWS related goods and among those were Tegoshi Yuya shop photos. Unfortunately, I had a little falling out and I couldn't sell the photos to the buyer. Putting that aside, they are up for sale again! I know some of you wanted to buy, so here's your chance! Please click on the link to my journal to see.


I also have some leftover magazine cutouts from my last batch, as well as some miscellaneous items that might be of interest to some other people, including a K promo poster, DS game and a cute purse. More things are being added, so please keep checking back! Thank you!
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Crows ZERO and Manga

Hello, first time posting..

I was wondering if anyone had obtained either the move Crows ZERO movie which is based off of the manga by Hiroshi Takahashi.

If anyone has either the movie or the manga and is willing to sell them, or knows where I can by them (for a reasonable price) all help is appreciated.

peace ♥
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(no subject)

Animation cels, Pokemon doujinshi, shoujo manga, Japanese high school official wear! CLICK ON PICTURE! IF WATCHING AN AUCTION, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BID!!

Or check out my website at www.frostedsuki.com/store

JRock CDs for sale

I can only accept concealed cash USD.
All Items will be shipped from the U.S.
I'll hold items for up to 5 days.
No backing out.
Please comment with your email address along with what your interested in.
These CDs have been listened to once or twice.
All CDs in great condition.
(Sorry about the crappy photos; ask for better ones x.x)

*There is a scratch on the cover of the Merry CD. It was like that when it came in.

(Buy all 3 for $38 shipped)
Soroban - Kinmei Nozen Haren $14 shipped
Merry - Blind Romance/Saihate no Parade(Type 1 + 2 trading cards) - $16 shipped
Billy - Wednesday - Kaibutsu wa Shinu Koto Ni Shita - $16 shipped

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(no subject)

I'm still selling LOTS of jrock stuff o__o! CDs, DVDs, magazines (SHOXX, Cure, Hevn', Arena37c, Vicious...) and posters from L'arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi, Pierrot, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, MUCC, Ichigo69, Ayabie, Marusa, Jinkaku Radio, Charlotte, Metronome, Panic Channel, Orange Range, Plastic Tree, Zwei, Kagerou and many more!
Go to itsazombie to see what I've got :)

I won't put up new stuff until I've sold off more! And I have lots of fliers and posters that I'll be putting up in the future - ask me if you're looking for a particular band ^^


WTB: Let me buy your stuff

I'm looking to add to my wardrobe.  I'm interested in a lot of different styles (egl, ega, gothic, punk, etc.).  Mostly I tend to go for slightly more casual-ish stuff, but I like having some really hardcore items in the mix as well.  Favourite brands are h. Naoto, Black Peace Now, Putumayo, Metamorphose, but I like a lot of stuff from other brands too, so hit me.

My measurements are 35/28/36 and I'm 5'7" (170cm).  Usually the height is more a problem than the rest of the sizing, but here's hoping.

Must ship to Canada, and accept Paypal (non-CC).
make up jrock

(no subject)

samurai deeper kyo volume 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16
bleach volume 7
black cat volume 7, 8, 9
yugioh volume 14, 15
chocobo volume 6
love hina volume 4 [special edition ] and 14
pokemon several of them

- all in japanese
- all in good condition
- $5 each including shipping
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