August 3rd, 2007


Some things for sale

I have some anime I'm trying to get rid of. Pictures and details under the cut since there are a few of them.

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I'm pretty much just gonna let people name their own price (this doesn't include shipping). Do it on a first come first serves basis. I can ship either Priority, First Class, or Parcel post.

Feel free to comment here, or email me at I can take paypal, money orders, or whatever ^_^

Please excuse the mutiple postings on other communities if you run across it.

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Over the next few days, I'm going to be putting a TON of anime/manga up on eBay. I've lost interest in a lot of this stuff, and I need money and space more than I need things I'll never watch again. International shipping available (but expensive >.<) All auctions in this post end in 5 days and start at only $0.99 ^^

Series up so far include Armitage, Azumanga Daiou Complete Set, Earthian, FAKE, Haibane Renmei complete set, Legend of the Last Labyrinth, Mirage of Blaze complete set, Petshop of Horrors OAV, Elf Princess Rane OAV, Sailor Victory, Sohryuden Legend of the Dragon Kings White Dragon, Sohryuden Under Fire, Rurouni Kenshin vol. 15 and 16, Spirited Away, Tenchi Forever, Twin Signal, WeiB Kreuz complete set, Wolf's Rain first 3 volumes, Sakura Wars: The Movie, SW Two: vol. 1, SW TV: vol 1+2, and Shogun (mini-series). Also, two Cantonese movies staring Chow Yun Fat and a Korean movie.
List of all auctions here.

This covers the DVDs. I'll make another post once I put up manga and goods and lolita.

I realize my eBay feedback is almost entirely from buyers, but I've sold quite a lot on this community in the past and I can be found in the feedback thread here.

Also, outside of eBay, for direct sale, I have the following:
Morning Musume Magazine Clippings pic from 2001. 6 pages, with an interview on the back. $2, plus shipping in a manila envelope.
Fushigi Yugi sticker sheets pic. 6 sheets, never opened. $3, plus shipping.
Whatever sort of payment you prefer.


...I can't believe that all took over 6 hours...


Take a look at my stuff,if you
are interested in something, email
me at destiny0310(at) yahoo(dot)com
or leave me a comment here.
I can also load pictures if any item
that is listed below but not on the
photobucket link.

Marmalade Boy pencil case
Marmalade Boy -  3in cd singles
Marmalade Boy mini pencil boards (You,Miki)

Final Fantasy:Spirits Within Wallscroll (aki ross)

X/1999 Kamui mini wallscroll
X/1999 postcard set
X/1999 Clamp poker deck

Pokemon Gold GBC game (instructional book included)
CardCaptor Sakura :Clowmagic Import PS game
Dragonball Final Bout Import PS game
Fullmetal Alchemist -Broken Angel PS2 game
Legend of Dragoon PS game
Devil May Cry -Greatest Hits version
Soul Reaver PS game
Tomb Raider PS game(there is no box)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS Game
Capcom vs. SNK PS game

7 Sailormoon poker decks
Sailormoon R anime artbook vol.1
Sailormoon S Darien and Serena wallscroll
Mini Bamboo Sailormoon wallscroll
sailormoon poster-sailorscouts

How To Draw Manga Books:
 Maids and Miko
Bishoujo Around the World
How to Draw Shoujo:Comics for Girls and Women

Wish vol.1-4
Duck Prince vol.1
Tokyo Boys and Girls vol.1
Hot gimmick S novel
Onegai Twins novel vol.1
Ah My Goddess novel:Wrong number
Ah My Godddess novel: Queen of Venegence
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1,3
Crossroad vol.1
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.1-4
Kiss Me Kill Me vol. 2,3
Comic Party vol.1
Megatokyo vol.1,2
Taimashin vol.1
Legal drug vol.1-2
Tsubasa vol.1
Shadowmagic manga vol.1
IWGP vol.2

hello kitty alarm clock

chobits-lyrical magical doujinshi(non-hentai)
FMA -EdxRoy asero(shounen-ai
Fushigi Yugi -various coupling (adult themed)
Fushigi Yugi- various pairings (adult themed)
Fruits Basket -Clear Heart 2-3 (adult)
Fruits Basket various (adult)
Dragonball H (adult)
Ah My Goddess IF.9 (adult)
Digi Carat/To Heart/CCS  anthology doujinshi (adult)
CCS- Potatomasher 13 (adult)
CCS -love (adult)
CCS-triangle Love (adult)
I will ship internationally. I accept paypal,money order,concealed cash
thanks for looking.

Shaman King Rare Promotional Phone Strap!

This phone strap has been kept in good conditin and has been sitting in a drawer for the past few years. It's meant to look like Yoh's necklace and was a promotional item, never sold in stores. It is a purple strap with 3 plastic "bear claws" like Yoh's necklace. A tiny silver ball chain is attached with the Shaman King logo on it.

Asking $10 plus ship. I ship from the US worlwide and accept Paypal.


Hello I am selling some manga and other items for rather cheap!
All in great condition!
I am willing to neogiate on any of the items here. Don't be afraid to offer a lower price!

1-7 of Love Hina
1st volume of FLCL, Peach Girl, Chobits, Negima
1 OAV of Fake
One glossy Gravitation posters
Fresh Fruits Magazine/book.
Large material poster of Fruits Basket
Ayashi no Ceres art book
Interactive PC game, "Tea Society of a Witch"

Some non-anime items:
Six inch black platform boots (Size 8-9)
Black and White Skirt (size small)
Pink Shirt (size small)
Mulan DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 DVD
Cute roller skate wallet

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Don't be afraid to offer a lower price! I am more than willing to negotiate. Shipping Prices not included.


New Anime and Manga auctions

Check out my new anime and manga auctions:

Highlights include:
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokmemon, and Gundam Action Figures
-Complete Manga series such as Alice 19th, Wild Act, Cardcaptor Sakura, X-Day, and more
-$7 anime DVDs for series such as Detective Conan, Yu Yu Hakusho, Risky Safety, Patlabor, and more
-Magazine back issues for Newtype USA, Shonen Jump USA, and Shojo Beat
-Japanese tankoubon: Basara, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, and more


Johnny Shop Orders

My friend is going to Japan for a holiday and will be taking orders for photos, mini uchiwas etc etc at Johnny Shop except Jumbo Uchiwas.  If interested please read below the cut and leave a comment here and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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Manga for sale!

I have a few manga for sale to support my anime and manga fandom to buy CLAMP in Wonderland <Precious BOX> and to pay off my internet bills.

Here it is:
Hayate the Combat Butler (Bought from another EBayer)
Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow Volume 5
Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 5
Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 6
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Published by Manga House, few spelling errors on the cover (the title is spelled wrongly), and a few in the book)(Bought from another EBayer)

*All are in excellent condition except 'Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 5', it's worn out and has a few folded sides on the cover.

If no one will buy, I will auction it on EBay Malaysia.

If you are interested:

Please send me:

Contact number:

After you have banked-in the amount, send me the image of the slip to proof that you have banked-in the amount.

I only send to Malaysia only.
Payment methods: Bank-in transfer, PayPal, Money Order
Sending the books by PosLaju
All of these books come from a pet-free and smoke-free home.

*~Please, serious buyers only!*~
Please buy them! I would love to give them a good home.
Pictures can be requested.


Here's another 2 more.
Read or Dream Vol 1
Read or Dream Vol 2
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It's a shame, but my camera has died. I need to raise some funds for a new one!

There's loads of stuff at a_materialist!

Valkyrie Profile, Violinist of Hameln, Xenogears, Glay, Sex Machine Guns, King of Fighters, Saga Frontier, Saiyuki, D.Gray-Man, Harry Potter, FFVIII, and more! Gothic Lolita clothing, J-magazines, concert videos! PS2 accessories and an original NES!

New: We now have a BJD available as well!

Come see!

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Gundam Wing Operation V.3

Gundam Wing Operation V.3 for Sale!

Starting bid $25.00

Album Description
Japanese anime soundtrack originally issued in 1999, features 27 tracks. King Record. 2004.

Shipping: In Stock. Ships from QC, Canada
Comments:   In great condition, Has been used only a couple of times. No scratches. Like New!

Product Details
  • Audio CD (January 4, 2001)
  • Original Release Date: 2001
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Jmki
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Sephiroth - Fire &amp; Flames


Hey all! I'm looking for the following english mangas. ^^ Help a girl out...?

Terms: Must live in the US and be able to accept Paypal payments. ^^ { Non-CC Paypal is what I use. =D } Mangas must be in good condition with no tears, stains, bends or writing on them. A little shelf wear is fine though. ^^

Looking to pay $5 shipped each unless otherwise stated! Must be english language mangas. ^^

Cain Saga Volume 4 Part 2
Seimaden 6, 7, 8 & 9
Cantarella 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8 { Will pay $6 shipped each. ^^ }

Thanks a bunch!
happy price

Tons of anime figurines (not gashapon!), toys etc. Mint in box~

Taking offers on all of these
I'm starting to clear my stuff in anticipation for my moving overseas to further my studies. I won't have space for it all and I'd rather have the money truth be told 8D


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I ship to anywhere in the world, buyer pays shipping, paypal non-CC preferred.

Thanks for looking! ^_^ Feel free to ask any questions, etc etc. Will be adding more stuff soon~ (I really should stop buying doubles of stuff)
Ren double

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I've just reduced prices in all sections of my selling journal!

And I have a rare Azumanga Daioh/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya doujinshi for sale as well! It's brand new, and only flipped through!

I'm also thinking about selling my complete Angelic Layer manga collection, as well as my old collection of DBZ manga vol 1-6, so please let me know if you would be interested.

Thanks for looking!

Other catgories:
Video Games
panic attack!

stuff ;D

SCISSOR - Number Cut #3 [AUTOGRAPHED] - $50
AnCafe - √69 [out of print] $30
AnCafe - COSMOS [out of print, FIRST PRESS SEALED!] $40
AnCafe - amedama ROCK $17
Buy all three AnCafe CDs for $70!
Save $17!
Miyavi - Galyuu CD+DVD [First Press] Sold!
Miyavi - Miyavizm CD+DVD [First Press] $30
Miyavi - Goods set [Includes Miavyi envelope, pin, sticker sheet, message paper, message card, trading stickers, trading sticker envelope, official miyavi plastic bag] $17
Buy Miyavizm + Goods set for $40!
Save $7!

Kagrra, - Miyako - Inishie no Tobira ga ima [Limited Edition] $75
D'espairsray vs Syndrome - Uchiwa $15
Panic Channel Autographed photo $7
Malice Mizer - gekka no yasoukyoku (月下の夜想曲) $7
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal [first press] $50
Gackt - Seki-Ray $6
Gackt - 君に逢いたくて (kimi ni aitakute)$6

Gackt - Mizerable (first press, with tattoo) $15

Buy all Gackt CDs for $22!
Save $5!

Kamikaze - Yakyuu ga koroshita (sealed) $8
m-flo - tour 2001 expo expo 2CD [digi-pak] (first pressing) $18
m-flo - the replacement percussionists $18

Buy both m-flo CDs for $30!
Save $6!

Gab vol 21 - KRA COVER $6
Gab vol 20 - ALICE NINE COVER $6
Nightmare - autographed photoboard [A4 size] $25
Vidoll poster - $7
Psycho le Cemu poster - $7
Psycho le Cemu - Last Indies Tour Poster (Autographed in Gold Sharpie) $80
More Pictures:1 | 2 | 3
Psycho le Cemu - Gigantic Indies Autograph Board (9.5 x 10.5 inches!) $35
Psycho le Cemu - Kronos CD $8
Psycho le Cemu - Kronos - Official Fan Club Booklets $5 each
Issues: 00, 01, 02, 05, 08
Buy all five issues for $20!
Save $5!

Psycho le Cemu - Winter Live 2003 Tourbook [Omoide Aruki] $30
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2003 [Frontiers -dark-] $10
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2003 [Roman Hikou] $20
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2003 [Gekiai Merry-Go-Round] $20
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2004 [Yume Kazaguruma/Yukata] $30
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2005 [LOVE IS DEAD (suits and potatosack)] $30
Buy all six tourbooks for $120!
Save $20!

Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry-Go-Round/Ai no Uta/Roman Hikou Sticker Sheet $5
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2003 FRONTIERS -dark- Sticket Sheet $5
Psycho le Cemu - Tour 2003 Gekiai Merry-Go-Round Sticker Sheet $5
Buy all three sticker sheets for $10!
Save $5!

Psycho le Cemu - Mail-in Only Indies Postcard Sets (33 postcards total) $35
Psycho le cemu - Seek's pic - $5

All prices are in USD and all items are shipped from Canada. I am open to offers :)
Payment methods: paypal (personal & CC), concealed cash (at your own risk), and money order
Will trade/partial trade for a NINTENDO DS LITE! XD
E-mail: delirious.asian[@]

more goods:

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Selling sushi kit and anime

"Sushi Made Easy" book
2 bamboo rolling mats
a wooden rice paddle
3 sets of bamboo chopsticks
I'm asking $30 for everything(it's all brand new and includes original items except 1 pair of chopsticks and the box it came in)

YuYu Hakusho:The movie - $10
watched once, excellent condition

Cowboy Bebop:The Movie - $10
watched once, excellent condition

Gravitation dvds -1 & 2 $5ea.
good condition

Wolf's Rain dvds-1 & 2 $5ea.
good condition

Final Fantasy VII- $10 (bought used,is missing game booklet)
has scratches but they don't effect the game play

Spyro game collection(first Spyro games 1-3)-$15

Samurai Deeper Kyo dvds-1&2-$5ea.
opened but never watched

Prices don't include shipping,as of now I can only take money orders as payment. My e-mail is if you have any questions:)