August 12th, 2007

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I have only a week or two left before my college freshman year begins! I need my manga GONE please.

I have a revised post with prices that INCLUDE SHIPPING to US buyers. Other buyers welcomed but with additional shipping charges.

There's still so much!
Azumanga, Death Note, Demon Diary, DNAngel, Eerie Queerie, FAKE, Forbidden Dance, Girl Got Game, Gravitation, Hands Off, Hikaru no Go, Kare First Love, Mars, Petshop of Horrors, X-Day, Yotsuba&!


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All of this stuff just HAS to go! So, before you scroll down any further, please take a few minutes to check to see what's for grabs at hoshisales! I have an assortment of bags, lots of jewelry, lots of posters, TONS of cards, and more! You won't know you don't like anything if you don't stop to look first!

For sale: cheap VK clothing (h.NAOTO etc.)

I have 4 pieces of visual kei brand clothing to offer, from my recent trip to Japan.  Shipping is extra (from the U.S.); Paypal only.  Comment or email

1. h. NAOTO BLOOD x h.jelly x h.ANARCHY (shirt comes with detachable arm warmers via chain) - mock neck, front has outer torn mesh layer; length 21 in, width 14 in, fits S-M; worn a few times and in excellent condition - $35

2. h.jelly (shirt comes with matching choker w/dangling gold chains) - has black lace on the arms and bottom, back has gold lettering; length 21 in, width 15 in. fits S-L; worn a few times and in excellent condition - $50
front -
back -

3. Ozz Croce (black and electric blue onepiece) - has black straps and silver studs detailing throughout, and glittery black mesh on left shoulder and bottom right side; length 32 in, width 13 in, slightly stretchy, fits XS-M; brand new with tags - $40 (retail 9345 yen, bought during summer sale at 0101 Shinjuku)
front -
back -

4. Body Line (velvet burgundy vest) - has glittery green spiderweb mesh on front flaps, glittery green lace up front; length 21 in, width 13 in, slightly stretchy, fits XS-M; brand new with tags - $15

Thanks for looking!

60 magazines

60 Anime Magazines just added to my sales journal!

Time for me to clean off the book case and make room for other volumes. With that said I just listed 60 various anime magazines - Shonen Jump, Newtype, Animerica and Anime Insider. All are in lovely condition and would look waaay better at your house. =) All magazines are just $2.50 !

Take me directly to the mags!

Don't forget to check out the rest of my sales journal for other yummy things like Sanrio stationary and manga!
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Come take a look at tao_boutique and help me pay for expensive college books xD

Plushies and Toys
Ichigo Series 1 plushie
Bleach Complete Works 4 Shuuhei Hisagi figure
English Edition FMA Trading Arts Envy figure

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Azumanga Daioh/Melacholy of Haruhi Suzumiya crossover doujinshi

Promo Items
Shonen Jump
Shojo Beat
Tokyo Pop
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Prince of Tennis
Ultra Maniac

Posters and Shitajiki
Aquarian Age
Di Gi Charat

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC)
How to Draw DBZ
Powerpuff Girls Tattoo book

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illustration sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my friend had reduce all the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and take them home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Image Hosting at
I only have the part IV of the collection, it is a 100% Japanese orginal, and in great great condition.
this illustration book hard covered, and fine drawings~~~
asking for 40 USD.+ shipping 30USD+shipping
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at


----------------------------------------------and ------------------JOHNNY'S ENTERTAIMENT STFF---------------------------



August ViVi for Sale

New ViVi Magazine Cover

+$17 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
+Accept Paypal
+Perfect Condition
+Special M.A.C. and Nail Art Section in this issue
+Also includes Hair styles and makeup tutorials
+Usual great fashion and feature on Leah Dizon

If you're interested, comment with your email. ^_^

College Blowout

Alright everyone, I head back to college on the 25th so I'm trying to get rid of things before I go.  I'll be back home periodically and will sell things then and most likely leave the journal open during college but transactions will be slower.  Here's a general list of most of the things I'm selling.  for pictures and some other various items check out my journal at sell_by_numbers

Final Fantasy X and X-2 Cutscene Movie DVDs - Both for $15
Ani Defranco Render DVD (Region 2, PAL) - $15 ((Can be played on most computers, even bypassing the PAL format)
My Wife is a Gangster 2 - $10 Region 1
Aya Matsuura Concert - Watashi to watashi to anata - $10 Region 3
Evil Cat (chinese horror) - $8 ((All Region, subtitled, more information can be found at imdb or
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1 - $8
Please Twins (Anime) Eps -11-13 - $5
Night Filled with Horror VCD - $8 Chinese Horror series, subtitled, plays on any DVD player, 4 separate horror stories combined in one movie
Horoscope 1 (Chinese Horror) DVD - $10 Region All, subtitled, great chinese horror film, find more details on imdb or
Dragon Ball Z VHS : Androids Invinceable (Uncut) - $8


Two-Mix - BPM132 - $15
Cubic U(Utada Hikaru) - Precious - $10
Sailor Mercury Character Song - Mi Amore - $8 case has rental stickers that are hard to get off
Bonnie Pink - Do you crash? - $12 one rental sticker hard to get off
Kimura Kaela - Tree Climbers - $10
Aikawa Nanase - Red - $15

Morning Musume Concert 2003 15nin Nonstop Photobook - $12
MiniMoni Movie The Great Cake Adventure Promo Book - $10
Morning Musume Concert 2002 Love is Alive Photobook - $12
Ko-inu Dan no Monogatari Promo Book - $10
German J-rock Magazine - $8
Gyao October 2006 - $5
Old Kimono Style Magazine - $8
Tsutaya Spring Season Kimono Catalogue - $5
Newtype Live from 2004 -  $15
Oricon Style  -  $15
SPEED Official History Book - $2
Fruits (February 2007)  - $15
Newtype  August 2003 $ September 2004  $10 each

MANGA - English

(yaoi) Level C vol 1-4 $30 for all
Hot Gimmick vol 1-12 COMPLETE $80  $60 for all
Runaways - volume 1 - $5
(yaoi novel) Don't Tell Mama $8
Only the Ring Finger Knows: Novel 1 The Lonely Ring Finger  -  $6
Only the Ring Finger Knows: Manga   -   $10
Skyscrapers of OZ: Manga   -  $6
Kizuna Bonds of Love: Book 1       -   $8
Antique Bakery Volume 1   -   $8
Socrates in Love: manga version   -  *8
Blue Spring   -  $8  Great condition
Mobile Suit Gundam Blue Destiny   - $8  Good Condition

MANGA - Japanese
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka - Lesson 68-77   -  $8
Aoi Futari   -  $8  Great Condition
Sky High: Room 302   - $8

Video Games also Available, see my journal , or send me an inquiry at
BLAME - Cibo


So I'm seeing if any of these can go before I leave for college in a couple weeks.

Things like:
~ DBZ & Sailor Moon S Movie VHSes
~ Sailor Moon cards
~ English manga (including Gravitation 1-11)
~ Malice Mizer CD
~ Anime DVDs (X, Chobits)
~ .hack Infection VG
~ Rurouni Kenshin artbook
~ Hello Kitty plushie

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Prices are negotiable to a certain extent, and multiple items CAN have a discount. Additional pictures upon request!

Shipping will be calculated separately for each order with zipcode.

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Cheap Prices- GOOD STUFF! Take it away..I just want it out of my house!

Shipping is already included, and I can accept Non-CC paypal, carefully consealed cash, check, money order etcetc

Nintendo DS games:
Zoo Tycoon (it has a case, but not its original, got it from the game store used)- $10

Sony Playstation 2:
Soul Calibur 2- $12
Siren- $15 (this game is amazing, I wish I could keep it)
FF:X- $10
Agressive Inline-$4 (skating game- freezes up on occasion, but it stops eventually and plays fine after that. I had no trouble saving or playing after it was done having a shit fit)

Anime DVDs: All are $8 each. We can work something out if you want all of a series I have.
Vol 1,2 & 3 of Full Metal Panic
Tenchi Movie
Armitage Movie
Vol 1 and 2 of Steel Angel Kurumi

Doll Stuff:
18mm dark blue luts glass eyes: $12
Miniature metal Scorpion King Swords. One would be good for SD, the other would be good for MSD- $12


Email me at or comment here if you want something. Thanks!

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Okay, I think it has technically been three days. Not going to mention the old stuff, if no one wanted it on Friday they don't want it on Monday, but I do have a Tralala bag and a special edition Parakiss DVD box set I am hoping to sell. Oh, and the Aug 2007 EGG. More info behind the cut...

I'd rather haggle then throw these away....

(EDIT: added some Disney Fan mags and pics, a Tralala mirror, another Tralala bag

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