August 16th, 2007

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Chobits, FMP, PoT, and More! :)

Hi everyone, I have many eBay listed things for sale. Please go to their respective pages for more details and prices.

* Chobits Limited Edition Box Manga Set with volumes 1 - 8. 1-4 are in Chinese, 5-8 are in Japanese. This limited edition translucent plastic case that holds all 8 volumes of Chobits. A mousepad with an image of Elda & Flaria also comes with this. All in mint condition. :)

* Full Metal Panic! Complete DVD Set in a limited edition box that also comes with a new T-shirt. The DVDs are in mint condition.

* Prince of Tennis: Genius Boys Academy GBA Game. Japan Import, mint condition.

* Gust Nippon Ichi Triple Toy Box for PSP. Japan Import, mint condition.

* Ridge Racers, PSP. Japan Import, excellent condition.

* Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower PSP. Japan Import, excellent condition.

* Princess Crown, PSP. Japan Import, excellent condition.

* Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga with Deluxe Box, PS2. Limited edition box is meant to store both discs of the series (disc 1 included). Also comes with a soundtrack. Excellent condition.
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Japanese Cell Phones

Hi~  I'm looking for some cell phones from Japan.  Preferably unlocked so I can use with any sim cards.   Look under cut for which ones I'm looking for~

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Would like them to come with everything it originally came with.  Doesn't matter if it's used, as long as it's in great condition.  Let me know how much you want for them and I'll see if I can afford it.  ^_^ 

strapya straps (:

Hey everyone! :D I have some cellphone straps & charms from some leftover orders on strapya for sale, which are posted below. Please let me know if this should go under a cut, thanks! >_<

new, never opened & still in original package
$7.50 shipped including shipping within the US

new & never used, opened
$3 shipped including shipping within the US

new & never used, opened
$12 shipped including shipping within the US

Please comment w/ your email so I can contact you with any questions or comments (:
01. Accepted methods of payment include concealed cash(at your own risk), paypal(with additional fee) & money order.
02. serious buyers only please!
03. I am shipping from CA
04. contact me at
05. enjoy :)
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Japanese-language manga & misc items for sale

My cosplay addiction comes before my manga addiction (also, I'm moving so I'm cleaning up / clearing out XD)

I've put up a bunch of Japanese manga on eBay - Ayashi no Ceres, Saiyuki, Alichino, Seimaden, Clover, Earthian and more. In addition, I have the second Ayashi no Ceres soundtrack "Destined", PB2's single for the J-drama "Akimahende!", some Gundam Wing, Trigun and Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi, and Weiss Kreuz and Final Fantasy X-2 pencilboards up there. Check it out :D

My eBay items for sale

(copied from a post from last month...I took the auctions down because I realized that I retardedly set up auctions that were due to end the day after I left for a 2-week vacation, so if you happened to watch any of them back then, they will actually be finishing now)

some older sanrio stuff on ebay

hi, everybody! i am going through one of those "sell everything" phases, and i have some sanrio stuff up on ebay, so i thought i would let you guys know about the auctions. i was a collector back in 1999/2000, so i have some pretty cool stuff, including tuxedo sam stuff that seems to be pretty rare to find on ebay. i have one more sanrio auction that i haven't put up yet, which is for a "cheerful school" playset with mini characters that is pretty awesome – that should go up in a few days.

anyway, click here for all my ebay auctions (sorry, there is some non-sanrio stuff, but all the sanrio stuff is listed first if you sort by "time: ending soonest"). i also made a flickr set of all the photos, so you can view the items there if you don't want to have to look at them on ebay. just click tuxedo sam to see the whole set:

thanks for letting me promote my stuff!

2001-2002 JE Magazines

Free Image Hosting at

All magazines are either $15 or $16, which includes shipping within the US! Posters are just $2 extra when combined with a magazine order. There are over 20 items up for sale, including old and rare issues of Wink Up, Duet, Myojo, Potato and Popolo - all in near perfect condition!

I take PayPal, Money Orders and Well-Concealed Cash. Will also ship internationally!

( Please click for details and pictures! )

x-posted, apologizes for flooding your f-list ^^;
HaM Box-words

Final Fantasy Yaoi Doujin for Sale

Need to clear stuff out and make some extra cash for bills.

All doujin are eight dollars, shipping is ten dollars any where in the U.S. Internationally, e-mail me with the proper information and I'll re calculate shipping for you.

All doujin are in japanese, and have been read only once. Still in their plasic coverings to protect them from dust and scratches. No binding wear as they werent open wide enough to crease the biding, VERY MINIMAL corner damage from being on the shelf (it's hardly visible)

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Japanese brand clothing for sale!

Red h.Naoto cutsew. £20. SOLD

White frilly Body Line bloomers with red polka dots. £28.
I don't actually have my own photos of any of these bloomers because they're currently waiting to be ironed (they've been folded in a drawer since I bought them). I'll add some later tonight if there is call for it though.

Waist: fully elasticated, minimum 23 inches, maximum 34 inches.

Black Body Line bloomers. £23. SOLD

White Body Line bloomers. £23.
The same as the black ones above, but in white.

Waist: fully elasticated, minimum 23 inches, maximum 34 inches.

Off-brand red plaid jsk. £35.

Length (from top of strap to hem of skirt): 35 inches
Bust: 30-34 inches.
Waist: 26-32 inches.

All prices include shipping within the UK; international shipping will be a little more. I only accept paypal, but do not charge cc fees.

I have 100% positive feedback on loligoth_dbs and eBay under the same name. If you've got any questions then don't hesitate to ask!
Apple - Lust

Prints for Sale! Only $5 each!! Bookmarks $1-2

Hi guys I'm a first time seller here and as a poor college student in great need of funds for rent, food, etc, etc I'm trying to sell some of my art.

While the size (listed below the image) and paper (most of the pieces are on 80lb matte cardstock) may vary ALL PRINTS ARE $5

Art includes Originals, as well as fanart for Rurouni Kenshin, Avatar the Last Airbender, Weiss Kreuz, Fullmetal Alchemist, 300 and Gundam Wing

While I have sold out of a few pieces I am more than willing to print more but only per order. More of my art can be found at my deviantArt site: HERE If you find any piece there that is not already a print listed below and would like to purchase it, just send me an email or leave a comment and I will gladly print it for you also for $5.

PAYMENT I will take very well concealed cash (at your own risk), check, money order, and paypal. However, despite the controversy around this, I will charge the fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for Paypal Payment. I apologize but I am not earning very much as it is and cannot afford to lose anymore money to paypal. I will only send the order once payment has cleared.

SHIPPING PRINTS - $5 for Priority Mai-l almost no limit on the number of Prints or Bookmarks purchased. However if you are only purchasing one print the shipping might change - I'll have to go to the post office and get your info first.
BOOKMARKS - About 1-7 or so will fit in a regular envelope and can probably be mailed with regular first-class postage. However more than that will probably weigh more and require additional stamps.
*If you live in the Bay Area (Specifically the peninsula), Davis, or some parts of Sacramento, I am willing to arrange a meeting to exchange payment and prints. However, depending on your location I may require a small fee for gas (it probably won't exceed $5).

ORDER & CONTACT To make an order please either leave a comment or email me at with the following info:
PRINTS (include title and quantity):
BOOKMARKS (include title and quanitity):

The following images require flash as I am using deviantart to embed the images.

Apple - Lust - Color by *TerraForever on deviantART

10"x 10"

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Guilty Gear X Dizzy: Mini Bust

This mini bust comes from a smoke free environment and is in mint condition. It has never been removed form its packaging. Below are some reference pics I found on the net. Bust measures about 7 cm. her hair is dark blue, not black. The lighting in the second image was off.

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I am selling her for $12.00 and that includes shipping

yukata dress "purse"

I'm sure there's a name for this in Japanese, but I dont think I've ever heard it. I'm selling my "purse" that you carry when you wear a yukata.

It's big enough to hold my wallet and disposable camera, my keys, and some other small items. Very good condition. I just bought a new one today, so that's why I'm selling this one.

Buyer pays $10 which INCLUDES SHIPPING from Japan! I accept Paypal and other forms of payment (money orders, cash).

Also, if anyone is interested, I saw some really interesting yukata for sale recently. The patterns are all really modern. One had feathers with barbed wire, another was red and black check. One was penguins... LOL Anyway, if you are interested in that sort of thing, let me know.

tonfamaster AT