August 17th, 2007

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WANTED: HYDE FAITH TOUR 2006 tour goods

The subject line basically covers it. Earlier this week a user posted a wristband, but I wasn't able to get it so yeah. :(

I'm looking to buy almost anything from the tour (from the USA or Japan one). I'll let you know here and now that if you charge under $30, I'll more than likely pay for it if it's reasonable to the item. However, it will be in concealed cash at my own risk. I live in Orange County, CA in the US. :D

Hope you can help. ^^ Thank you.


Hello I am selling some manga and other items for rather cheap!
All in great condition!
I am willing to neogiate on any of the items here. Don't be afraid to offer a lower price!

1-7 of Love Hina
1-3 of Cafe Kichijoji
1st volume of FLCL, Peach Girl, Chobits, Negima
1 OAV of Fake
One glossy Gravitation posters
Fresh Fruits Magazine/book.
Large material poster of Fruits Basket
Ayashi no Ceres art book
Interactive PC game, "Tea Society of a Witch"

Some non-anime items:
Black and White Skirt (size small)
Pink Shirt (size small)
Mulan DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 DVD
Cute roller skate wallet

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Don't be afraid to offer a lower price! I am more than willing to negotiate. Shipping Prices not included.

Klaha-sama Malice Mizer 2

Looking for Kaidoh Kaoru Items!


I'm currently looking for anything and everything Kaidoh Kaoru (from Prince of Tennis) related. If anyone has ANYTHING of that sort, do please tell me~ <3

I also want to buy the PoT manga books that have Kaidoh specfic chapters in them as well, so....YES PLEASE! <33333

Snake shot~! <33333
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin



Featured item:

Handmade sterling silver Duelist rings from the series
Shoujo Kakumei/Revolutionary Girl Utena

BIN $35.00 each
Click for listing

Check out my other listings for Pinky St, PGSM, Yes! PreCure 5, and a *complete* Human Luna cosplay

( NEW ITEMS! Vampire Saviour/Dark Stalkers and Capcom/Namco Figures )

( Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Pretty Cure, Ranma 1/2 )

( Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa, Chobits, 3D LAND, Capcom, NAMCO )

( Ai Yori Aoshi, Pinky St, Utena, Evangelion, Rozen Maiden )

( NEW!! Figumate Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Figures )

( Toys and Beanie Babies )

( Watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bags and DIY )

( Tank tops, halter tops, faeries, long sleeves and retro )

( Prom, oriental and party dresses )

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I'm not going to post it just yet, but anyone interested in a complete Christmas Chii costume can comment as well for more information. =)

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Free shipping to the US for orders over $30! $5 off international shipping!! Shipping discount available only on LJ store merchandise, not eBay auctions.
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Jrock magazines & posters

I'm auctioning a rare HYDE poster on my journal here. Please take a look if you're interested. :D

I'm also selling a bunch of jrock and jfashion magazines on my journal, including:

- R&R Newsmaker 2000.10 (cover = L'Arc en ciel)
- Rock and Read vol. 13 (cover = Mao from SID)
- Shoxx 2007.08 (cover = Gazette)
- Gb 1998.11 (cover = L'Arc en ciel)
- Gb 1999.08 (cover = L'Arc en ciel)
- What's In 1999.09 (cover = L'Arc en ciel)
- Fool's Mate 2001.10 (cover = Dir en grey)
- Fool's Mate 2002.03 (cover = Dir en grey)
- BPass 2001.08 (cover = TETSU69)
- PatiPati 2001.03 (cover Judy and Mary)
- Gothic and Lolita Hair & Makeup Bible
- lost of random fashion magazines & mooks
Ren - snow
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I added some magazine back issues to my selling journal -- all in excellent or near-excellent condition! DVD and manga prices have been reduced as well!

Little Hana &amp; Vivi

CCS manga for sale!!!!

All of these come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. I really want these manga to go to a good home. Pictures will be shown if requested.That's all, please help me! I need the money to pay my bills.

You can also post a comment or contact me at if you have any questions! ^_^


I ship internationally

I accept Paypal only

Buyers must pay the shipping charges

All prices excluding shipping charges

Okay, I have:

Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow Volume 5
In excellent condition
*The book cover is covered by transparent plastic
*Read a couple of times
*Bought at Kinokuniya in Malaysia
*Publisher: TOKYOPOP
*ISBN: 1892213796

Asking for: Offer me a price.

Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 6
In excellent condition
*The book cover is covered by transparent plastic
*Read a couple of times
*Bought at Kinokuniya in Malaysia
*Publisher: TOKYOPOP
*ISBN: 159182883X

Asking for: Offer me a price.

Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 5
In used condition
*The front and back cover is folded
*Read a couple of times, the inside is still intact
*Bought at MPH Bookstore in Malaysia
*Publisher: TOKYOPOP
*ISBN: 159182881

Asking for: Offer me a price.


If you want, please give me your:

Email address (so I can contact you)
Country (I can see how much is the shipping)
Which item you want

PS: This is the first time that I'm dealing (shipping internationally), so please tell me if I have done something wrong. ^_^
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Need help finding a specific Keroro Gunsou doujinshi...!!

Hello there, everyone!

As the time draws closer to the birthday of a good friend of mine, I find myself getting worried that I may NEVER find her this one doujinshi that I just know she would LOVE to own... I feel that it would make the perfect gift for her!

It's an anthology doujinshi from the series Keroro Gunsou titled "Red Red Happy Days!" The circle "KYSister" published it. I have a link to a nice detailed page on the doujinshi (the site is japanese. It will ask for an age verification (no worries, this isn't an 18+ book :B), so just click on the button on the left to view the page!)

I also have the official author's page for the book, which can be found here:

Sadly, it does not appear that the doujin is being sold online anymore at that second source.. I cannot tell with the first one. ;-;

Is there someone out there in japan who could give me a hand? (Unless someone here in america can get ahold of it, it would be GREATLY appreciated, either way.. ;-;) Have you seen the doujinshi around, anywhere? Can you order it online? Used or new, it doesn't matter to me. So long as it's a copy. ;-; ALSO, please take note that I can only pay by POSTAL MONEY ORDER (international, if need be!), though it's never proven to be an issue before- I can provide my e-bay feedback to you if there are any worries. :3

In any case, i'd appreciate any and all help that could be provided. ♥ I'd be so happy if I could obtain this doujinshi as a gift for my dear friend. ;-;

Please e-mail me if you can help me out, or believe that you can! ZeroDimensionMuffin(at)hotmail(dot)com is my e-mail, so don't hesitate to drop me a note if any one of you out there could be of assistance-- It'd be much appreciated. Thanks! :D

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