August 19th, 2007


I spent my whole weekend shopping for things I thought everyone would like so hopefully my efforts were not fruitless XD
  • tons of kawaii pens and pencils
  • notebooks
  • strawberry glass container
  • naruto stationary, stickers, and pencil
  • tons of milk project stuff
  • sanrio stationary sets
  • pandapple + my melody deco tape
  • monokuro boo stuff
  • Palace story notebook (and more palace story stuff to come if people are interested)
  • plus sooooo much more stuff!!!

all this and more!!!

Jrock/VK/Jpop CDs, DVDs, VHS, magazines, photobooks, and misc. goods.

I have a variety of things for sale here:

Jrock/VK/Jpop CDs

Jrock/VK DVDs & VHS

Jrock/VK/Jpop Magazines & Photobooks

Jrock/VK/Jpop Misc. goods

I have items from Dir en grey, L'Arc~en~Ciel, hide, PIERROT, PENICILLIN, Nightmare, Janne Da Arc, miyavi, vidoll, Psycho le Cemu, and many other bands both popular and obscure. Pictures are included with each item, and I'm working to build up good feedback from buyers. Please comment on the relevant posts and not here if you're interested in something I'm selling. Thanks.
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hi i'm selling these full memo pads. there have been no papers taken out of them. i only accept paypal (i don't charge fees) and concealed cash.

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*the natto-chan & uchi no nyanko memos are .75 each =) they only have 1 design, and 100 sheets i think? =\ none have been taken out though =)  sorry for those 2 crappy pics, i had to take with my cell. =\

2$ each ^^; thankyou.

Needs A Good New Home...

There's only a day left on these auctions!

I've got a handful of goodies, fresh up on eBay for you all to give a good new home to!

Please check out My Auctions! if you like:

Ah My Goddess
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Dr Who
The Maxx
Serenity Rose
Maurice Sendak
McFarlane Figures; or
Bootleg HK Vinyl Figures

Any questions? Feel free to ask!
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Shoxx July 2005 + older stuff

July 2005 issue of Shoxx. Bands featured: Miyavi (cover+special 18-page spread), Mucc, The Gazette, Kagrra, Vidoll, Plastic Tree + more!

Free Image Hosting at

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MINT condition; shiny, new pages with no rips, tears, creases, stains, crinkles, folds, etc! Kept constantly in bubble wrap in a smoke-free home. I'm asking $13 shipped for it. (Note: Poster not included.)

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Other Info
-PayPal only, please.
-Reasonable haggling is ok :)
-International shipping okay. (Much cheaper if in US & Canada, though)
-Items will be shipped 1-2 days after receiving payment.

Leave a comment to this post with your email address and your zip code if interested. Zip code is only necessary for items other than Shoxx July 2005. Thanks!

A Few Things J-rock~

I'm selling a few of my jrock things. I'm moving to Chicago and I need to lighten the load!!!
I only accept Paypal and If you discuss it with me I will accept Money Orders. Hope you see something you like and take it off my hands!! I'm really sad to part with some of it..but anymore it's just in the way, ya know?

Anyways!!! The prices don't include shipping, but if your in the US shipping is dicounted.


Oresama Photobook- $55 


Miyavi Photoshoot Photobook- $25


Dir en grey-

Haiiro no ginka fanclub booklet- has FVT and Showcase in it. Bind in theses books suck so some pages ar eloose, but I'll sell it for $15 in stead of it's value.


Offical Deadly Clairs Manga- Volume One- $30 or best offer. ( i may not part with this..they're extremely hard to come by.)



Pati Pati- Featuring SID- Poster included- $15


I  have more that I MIGHT add later...

Please hel me T___T I'm in neeeedd lol

THanks for looking!!!

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2nd time Seller!

Ok~ My second time trying to sell stuff! I've not got pictures for everything (as I've not got a Digicam and the usb for my phone refuses to work >.>;; ) But I've done my best ^^;; You'll just have to forgive me for hotlinking xD

Selling: Miharu Fuyuki (Pia Carrot 3) PVC 1/8 figure || Inuyasha Movie 2 DVD || Sailor Moon S dubbed VHS tapes || Pokemon the first movie VHS || NG Evangelion and SE Lain postcard sets || Sailor Moon SuperS jigsaw || Fairy Musketeer Gashapon || Yuri Monogataru vol 4 || 'Hero' by Wing Shing Ma comic (Original comic to the movie starring Jet Li)

Under the cut for more details!

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Thank you for looking ^^

Selling tons of J-stuffs :)

Hello all~ ^-^/

Selling more stuffs on ebay~

Also selling my region free DVD player in case anyone needs to play any of these DVDs

Gackt DVDs: MARS ~sora kara no houmonja~, Requiem et Réminiscence ~shuen to seijaku~, kagen no tsuki ~seiya no shirabe~, Live Tour 2003 Jougen no Tsuki- Saishu-shou , The Sixth Day & Seventh Night ~Final~, MOON CHILD limited edition 3 disc set.

Globe DVD: 8 Years clips collection.

R2 Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli DVDs: My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirted Away, Whisper of the Heart, My Neighbors the Yamada's.

R2 FLCL DVDs. 1-3 regular press. 4-6 first pressing.

R2 anime DVDs: Nekojiru-so, Memories, Macross Plus, Animation Runner Kuromi.