August 21st, 2007

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I still have many items at my selling journal tao_boutique that I would like to get rid of so I can have money for school. The first two people to buy something will get free shipping -- even if you're buying more than one item! (Within US only)

I have items from...
Powerpuff Girls
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ah! My Goddess
Prince of Tennis
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Di Gi Charat
...and much more!

( click here to go straight to the anime post )

Or, go to tao_boutique's main page to check feedback and other items

Thanks for looking! ^^
happy price

tons of anime figurines/toys, NRFB

Taking offers on all of these
I'm starting to clear my stuff in anticipation for my moving overseas to further my studies. I won't have space for it all and I'd rather have the money truth be told 8D


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I ship to anywhere in the world, buyer pays shipping, paypal non-CC preferred.

Thanks for looking! ^_^ Feel free to ask any questions, etc etc. Will be adding more stuff soon~ (I really should stop buying doubles of stuff)

EDIT: sorry for being stupid and leaving out my email address!
quote ★ smarter person.

please help!

i need money.... i am running very low. 

i have only a few things Jrock-related up for sale: Dir en grey [a knot] book, and magazine, some Psycho le cemu goods (an autograph board and singles), and...hmmm.. for now thats all. Maybe someone is interested? On my ebay! if its ok..


thank you. (=w=);;
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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

CC funds needed ASAP! =O

I've just added a handful of media and a few other random things to the shop. I've been a spendthrift lately, so I desperately need to earn some monies to pay off my CC bill ASAP. Also, the store is still scheduled to close by November 1st, so get this stuff while you can! Just added items include:

Ranma & Utena Enlgish Manga
Death Note & Kiss of Voice Japanese Manga
Sailor Moon Children's books
Tokyo Mew Mew & Pretty Cure Children's books
Clamp no Kiseki Magazine Volume 8
Sailor Moon Movies & Utena VHS's
Card Captor Sakura Clow Cards
Care Bears Puzzle
Lip Service Corset Mermaid Tail Dress

All new items can be found here bishoujohenshin in their respective categories! =D

Current Sale Promo

All clothes and accessories are Buy One, Get One half off!
Bonus!! Spend over $30 and shipping is FREE!!!*
Please make an offer on anything with a price you don't like. I'm willing to negotiate!

*Good for US buyers only. International buyers are elegible for $5 off when their order total is $30 or greater.

Hot Topic, DEB, Tinkerbell, Retro!
Sears, JCPenny, David's Bridal, Oriental!
Mudd, Mardi Gras, Hearts, Dolphins!
Handbags, Cosmetics, DIY jewelry!
Stuffed Animals, Beanie Babies, Pokemon, Trolls!
Rozen Maiden, NAMCO, CAPCOM, Sentimental Graffiti!
Sailor Moon, Card Captor, Pretty Cure, Final Fantasy!
Revolutionary Girl Utena, Pinky St, Chobits!
Suzumiya Melancholy Haruhi, Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Also, I have some new eBay listings:

Ending soon, act NOW!
PGSM Princess Harp/Sword $29.99

Ending soon, act NOW!
Complete Human Luna Cosplay $55.00

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Gashapon Lot $19.99

Pinky St: Wild Arms the 5th Vanguard figures $9.99

Also, Utena Cosplay Duelist Rings have been re-listed again. $35.00 each
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Wanted: Hello Kitty!


Show me your Hello Kitty items!

I am up for seeing everything.

I have excellent, excellent feedback and won't send first most of the time.
I also don't have paypal.

Please show me pictures and prices (no make an offer, please)!

looking for Japanese indie cinema

Looking to TRADE for VCDs/DVDs of the following, any region (I'm pretty sure some aren't out yet, but I would love to be proven wrong):

Casshern (2004 live action one, not '70s anime)
Eternal Family
Exte (aka Ekusute)
Fukuro (The Owl)
Kuroneko (Black Cat; 1968/Kaneto Shindô)
Hello, Dracula!
Himo no Hiroshi (The Strange Saga of Hiroshi the Freeloading Sex Machine)
Nightmare Detective
Onkyo Seimeitai Noiseman (Noiseman Sound Insect)
Ping Pong Club vols. 2 - 5 (or the box set - I'll just get rid of my vol. 1!)
Tekon kinkurîto (Tekkonkinkreet)

Stuff I have for trading is in my journal:
timon and pumbaa

(no subject)

I've added a couple new items and slashed prices on old items :D

new items:
Chinese manga/animes magazine - $1
mashimaro set - $5

slashed prices:
Esprit t-shirts, Bape catalog

still available:
Shin CD, paper lanterns, Yamapi poster, and a FRUiTS-y hat

also a couple of free postcards and flyers, shipped free within the US as long as I can mail it with one 41¢ stamp :D

come check it out at my LJ
kyo - hand
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CDS/ Anime DVD/ Concert goods/ Flyers

It was kind of inevitable. This is the product of cleaning out the room a bit and buying concert goods for people that for some reason or other didn't want them anymore. ^^

Reasonable offers accepted. Payment by concealed cash (USD) or money order. I'll work with you on shipping but I do want to send packages as securely as possible.

+ CDS: Glay, Shiro, Suzuki Ami, Hakuei, Penicillin, Kozi

+ DVD: Weiss Kreuz

+ Concert Goods: Dir en grey / Flyers: Gackt, Miyavi

Thanks for looking. :)