August 26th, 2007

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[sale] jrock magazines.

Hi all, I'm currently selling off more than 10 jrock magazines at my selling journal kleighra.

Jrock magazines [the GazettE on cover] - HERE
Jrock magazines [other bands on cover] - HERE

1. Arena37°C v 287 [2006 august] アリス九號.
2. Arena37°C v 290 [2006 november] the GazettE
3. Arena37°C special v 29 - 橘 慶太 & アリス九號.
4. Arena37°C special v 23 - ガゼット
5. Cure v 20 [2005 may] ガゼット
6. Fool's mate v 294 [2006 april] ガゼット
7. Fool's mate v 300 [2006 october] ガゼット
8. Fool's mate v 301 [2006 november] the GazettE
9. Neo Genesis vol 006 - シド & アリス九號.
10. SHOXX v 141 [2004 november] ガゼット
11. SHOXX v 145 [2005 march] Kagrra,
12. SHOXX v 146 [2005 april] ガゼット
13. SHOXX v 147 [2005 may] ムック
14. SHOXX v 151 [2005 september] Kagrra,
15. SHOXX v 152 [2005 october] ガゼット
16. SHOXX v 157 [2006 march] the GazettE
17. SHOXX v 160 [2006 june] the GazettE
18. SHOXX v 161 [2006 july] the GazettE

For more details as well as pictures, refer to the links above.

Hey Everyone~

I put a couple of new items up for sale!! -- Kingdom Hearts II, Manga..

~~ Yaoi/Shounen-ai/Gag doujinshi from Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, and Hunter x Hunter

( Doujinshi!!! )

~~ Yaoi Manga by mangaka such as Tennouji Mio, Toyama Mako, Hanafubuki Sakurako and Yaoi Anthologies including mangaka like Naono Bohra

( Yaoi!! )

~~ On a different note, figures and game guides from Ruroni Kenshin and KINGDOM HEARTS II

( Anime and Game goods!! )

Please check them out~~

(no subject)

All are non-Greatest Hits unless noted. All OR BEST OFFER.

-Silent Hill (GH version) 1 $30.
-Silent Hill 2 $20.
-Silent Hill 3 (w/soundtrack) $25.
-Digital Devil Saga 2 $40 (super-rare).
-Evergrace $10.
-The Bouncer $10.
-Devil Summoner $40 (super-rare).
-Castlevania: Lament of Innocence $15.
-Castlevania: Curse of Darkness $15.
-RE4 Greatest Hits $15.
-Tales of the Abyss $40.
-Tales of Legendia $30.
-Magna Carta: Tears of Blood $30.
-Suikoden IV $20.
-Resident Evil: Code Veronica X $10.
-Guilty Gear X $35.
-Zone of Enders $10.
-Legaia 2 $10.
-Castle Shikigami 2 $12.
-FFXII Collector's Edition $50.

-Tales of Symphonia $30.

-PSone (with the red, yellow, and white hook-up + two controllers) $45.
-FFVIII Black label $40.
-FF Anthology (GH, does not come with CD) $20.
-Dino Crisis $15.

-FF S generation CD $10.
-FFIX Uematsu's Best Selection CD $10.

While I'm at it, I'm selling X (X/1999, including the games) and Yami no Matsuei stuff over here.
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sale : JRock magz and CDs

I'm selling a few JRock magz and CDs.
Please help me get rid of these items.
If you buy three or more things then shipping will be free.
Please click here for the items.

Also, I am selling a vidoll lot.
It includes a photoset, uchiwa, and clippings from Cure vol. 26
If interested please leave a comment, and I will take a photo.
The whole lot is only $26 shipped.
For info on shipping, payments, and holds click here.

Feedback can be found here.
I like to hide under gay wicker baskets.

FMA doujins~:)

Hello~ I'm selling 4 extremely beautiful doujins from Fullmetal Alchemist below so if you're interested please do take a look ^ ^

Book Title: Antithese
Circle/ Author:
ROCK 'N' DOLLESS/ Himemiko
Worksafe: Worksafe.
Genre: Serious + S-ai and hints of yaoi.
Page Number: 72 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 15USD
Sample Pictures:

Book Title: Still
Rokka + K E 100S/ Fujisawa Yui and Kazuaki
Pairing: RoyXEd
Worksafe: NOT worksafe
Genre: Serious + yaoi.
Page Number: 78 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 18USD
Sample Pictures:

Book Title: Shihyakushibyou no hoka (四百四病の外)
Rokka + K E 100S/ Fujisawa Yui and Kazuaki
Pairing: RoyXEd
Worksafe: Worksafe
Genre: Serious + s-ai.
Page Number: 42 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 12USD
Sample Pictures:

Circle/Author: 197 Au Kreis (Shishinden)/ Tachibana Mizuki and Sakura Rinko
Pairing: Elricest
Worksafe: NOT worksafe
Genre: Serious, heartwarming.
Page Number: 100 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 28USD
Sample Pictures:
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Thank you~ 8D

WTB: stuff

(I know i posted my shop less than 3 days ago, but does a wanted post count differently?)

I need some school supplies!
  • notebooks
  • a checkbook cover (something cute)
  • a wallet
  • a cute bookbag (not positive what i'm looking for...)
  • bento box
  • cute pens (preferably cheap since i'm on a low budget XD)
  • folders
  • highlighters
  • aaand that's all i can think of for school stuff!
  • a cute mousepad...probably anime themed (nothing shounen)
miscellaneous wanted items:
  • asian horror films - will consider any
  • jenny/momoko dolls
  • kuromi anything! (my melody's evil friend)
  • kera maniax vol. 8
  • mamegoma stuff
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • K-Drama (as you wish...ruler of your own world?)
  • pullip dolls/items (see journal for in depth list)
  • nightwalker dvds
  • absolute boyfriend manga vol. 4
  • godchild manga vol. 5
  • nana manga vol. 5+
  • cain saga manga vol.4 part 2
  • full metal panic figures or dvds vol.5+
  • miyazaki dvds-  kiki's delivery service, nausicca
  • Rozen maiden stuff (no manga)
  • magic knight rayearth OVA, figurines, dolls/doll outfits
  • chobits trading cards
  • DDR extreme 2 for ps2
willing to trade for anything in my journal!!! garagesaleleann

(no subject)

Doujinshi, DOLLFIE (Ball-jointed doll) clothes, magazines, etc.! CLICK ON PICTURE! If auctions do not show, refresh page or check back soon!

Or check out my website at

(no subject)

Hello everyone! I have created a new

selling journal to list all of the items I

have been selling.
These items include manga, great fun

clothing (Japanese Inspired Fashion

included), anime, books, DVD's and more. And

everything is super cheap with manga and

clothing starting from only three


So please check out my store:


pink geisha
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missing tokidoki postcards.

Many, many days ago I ordered three tokidoki postcards from a user on this community whose username escapes me. I paid $10 for the set of cards that (s)he had gotten at this years ComicCon. It's been quite awhile yet and I have NOT recieved them and I'm getting worried.

If you are this user, can you please comment and/or e-mail me at jaimie _ graham (at) emerson (dot) edu. Unfortunately, otherwise I will have to file a claim at PayPal...