August 31st, 2007


(no subject) just got in new items. I updated with memo pads, sticker sacks, sticker sheets, letter sets, erasers, pencils, pencil cases, and other school supplies. I also got restock of Hannari Tofu Letter Sets. Phoophie accepts Credit Card, Paypal, Money Order and ships to just about anywhere in the world.

Take a look

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(no subject)

(Click the image!)
Please note that the image links to this journal rather than the sales one. If you go to the sales one, I'll be responding to comments on this account rather than switching over. Thank you for your understanding!

Updated with more stuff!
Help me clean out my closet so that I can buy more stuff I don't need!

Manga, anime, lolita + more!

If you feel my prices are unreasonable, feel free to make an offer!
I want this stuff gone!

Atobe - Keigo A.

[Auctions] BLEACH and Prince of Tennis limited posters

Hi. I put up on eBay limited posters of BLEACH (Hitsugaya and Rukai/Orihime/Rangiku) and Prince of Tennis (Rikkai and Higa). You can only get these posters in the machines in Japan so don't miss out!

eBay Seller: crosswithyou

EDIT: IMPORTANT! This is my first time selling on eBay and I didn't know that they don't allow cash payments. That said, it's poooooooossible that eBay will cancel my auction for the Rikkai and Rukia/Orihime/Rangiku posters because they were bidded on before I could edit the item descriptions. Let's hope this doesn't happen but just in case, I'd like to give everyone a heads up on that.
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Items for sale in GOOD or LIKE NEW condition.

Go ahead and make offers, I'm willing to consider them as I am eager to sell these items.

I need a hundred dollars or so to buy my last college textbook, so I'd really appreciate if you would at least take the time to look. :)

* All prices are in American Dollars
* I will ship anywhere in the U.S.; shipping overseas limited, but not completely out of the question, so don't hesitate to go ahead and ask!
* I can accept money order or concealed cash (at your own risk). Ask me about any other methods of payment.
* If you're interested in something, please leave a comment.
* Feel free to make offers, but be fair please.

*Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Sanrio(Hello Kitty and BadzMaru), Tsubasa:Reservoir Chronicle, Serial Experiments Lain, Digimon, ASOUE, and Sims2 items available.

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Trading Cards / Manga / Anime Soundtracks

It's that time of the year when I need space and money for new term textbooks ^^; So I'm having to part with some of my collection:

Live action pretty Guardian Sailor Moon complete trading card set - £5.00

Prince of tennis rare trading cards.- various prices (please ask if interested)

Ouran Host Club Cards - £0.50 each or £2.00 for all 5.

Wolf's Rain Soundtrack volume 1 - £5.00

Martian Successor Nadesico vocal soundtrack - £5.00

Serial Experiments Lain soundtracks: O.S.T. // Cyberia Mix soundtrack - £5.00 each or £8.50 for both.

Candidate for Goddess volume 1 [English text] - £2.50

Gamerz Heaven volume 1 [ Englaish text] - £2.50

Tokyopop Sneaks [English text] - £1.00

Ja! Weiss - Weiss Kreuz doujinshi anthology (eBay auction - ends Wednesday 5th September or buy it now option) [Japanese text]

Masato Wada (D-Boys member and plays Sengoku Kiyosumi in the Prince of Tennis musicals) photo's - £2.50 each or £6.00 for all 3.

Hirofumi Araki (D-Boys member and played Inui Sadaharu in tenimyu) trading card. - £1.50

Please note that prices do not include shipping, and items are shipped from the UK.

Payment by paypal only, please. (Makes things easier ^^;)

If you see something that you like but think is priced too high let me know and we can negotiate. I promise that I don't bite. ^^

I'm looking to sell these, but am happy to trade/partial trade for prince of tennis musical photosets. ^^ Comment or send me an email (dagger_tribal[at]fsmail[dot]net) if you'd like to!


cute stuff for sale & robotech

Hi! I thought you might like to know that I just updated my online shop with a new Tenorikuma ( Latte ) cosplay hat!
They are $16 (like the Pandapple ones) and you can buy one using the shopping cart at 

Next, I have some Marie and Rilakkuma charms & stuff 

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A Heart*E maid dress from Japan with more info

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And a signed Robotech box set with more info
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SenBasa - run run

Manga, anime, and game merchandise for sale!

DVDs, VHS tapes, video games, English and Japanese manga (yaoi and regular), game guides, comics, cards, and collectibles from many different series, such as Sailor Moon, Arc the Lad, Street Fighter, Xenogears, Gravitation, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Wild Arms, Slayers, Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Yami no Matsuei, and more.

Many prices have been lowered!

++ silver_sales ++

Help Please? Crux Baby Angel Animals rare memo.

( I have already posted this on allthingskawaii and I kind of needed more help so I'm posting this hear. Thank you :] yah, I wanted it that bad ;] won't sleep until I can buy it XDDDD) 
Hi everyone! ^_^ I'm having a difficult time finding a specific memopad. It's hard to find and get so I kind of need help ^^:; 
This is a picture of the Memopad from Q-Outlet:
Crux Baby Angel Animals MemoPad
Yesh Credit goes to   for this picture. ( don't worry I hosted the pic on a different image host)

They had some in stock about a couple weeks ago and I didn't realize until about yesterday that they didnt' have any more. Ugh. I just didn't have the guts to ask my Mom soon enough if it was all right with her that I buy it. But it's kind of too late so that's my fault. I've tried finding other sites and I have. Some sites that say carry this memopad I've heard are scammers. I was thinking about buying from but I heard she has scammed others on 
Q-Outlet seems to have such a good reputation I'd rather buy from them. Here's a link to the page where they used to sell the baby angel animals memo :
It's frustrating to try and find a super rare item and I'll be so grateful with some help :] So if anyone knows anyone who sells this rare memo *full memo I will super duper appreciate it :D But if I can't find it than that's all right, I can always try and get the memo sheets at dalkii. thanks for reading anyways, shows that you care ;]

You can e-mail me on any info on where I can get this item at : 

it's not that I won't look at your comments I mean I totally will. I'm just not a very active livejournal member like I should be and in this case this is and emergency XDD

bye! thank kyuu~

(no subject)

I am unable to take pictures, but I have some for those that I am offering for sale! Everything HAS TO GO. I can't keep anything else here any longer, and I would like for it to go to a good home. Shipping 2.95 US, 5.95 Internationally.

Naruto: 1-5 6-10 (hoping to sell the entire lot): $70.
Louie the Rune Solider: 1-4. I got dumped with another copy of 3. $25 for the lot.
Bastard!: 1-4. Rare manga. $30 for the lot.
Suikoden 1-4: Based off the game. $30 for the lot.
Crescent Moon: 1-3; 5. $20 for the lot.
Saiyuki Reload: 1-3. $15 for the lot.

Lodoss War comics and DragonBall Z comics: I have I think 10 DBZ comics and some DragonBall. I have I think 6-7 issues of Lodoss War. Make me an offer. Comics were originally 2.95 and I'd like to try to get some of that back.

Slayers Try Vox: Songs from Slayers Try. $13.
Slayers Try Treasury II: Music from Slayers Try. $13.

GTO: Subtitled. It's from China or something. I don't know what the quality is on it, I've never watched it. But it has all the episodes. Selling for $35.
Star Ocean EX: Subtitled. I've only watched the first disc. Selling for $35.

If you're interested, please leave me a comment. I really do want to be rid of these items. I can negoicate prices, if you want.