September 8th, 2007

Jrock cosplay, Patches, Manga

Ruki (Gazette) Taion pv
Bust 40in max Hips 40in Max
Asking 35$ plus shipping

Hellsing cosplay patches 10$ shipped

3$ each plus shipping
Cross vol. 1
Loveless vol 1,2
hellsing vol 1,2,3
devil may cry vol 1
Princess Princess vol 1
Host Club vol 4

Please message me if you want some thing! I take paypal, Money Orders and Cash at your own risk and ship out quickly (usually the next day!)
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Selling Things

Hi everyone!  I'm going back to college and I'm trying to earn money for books, so I have to part with some of my prized possessions...  I'm selling various things in my journal including:

  • Orange Range CDs
  • Fushigi Yuugi drama CD
  • English-language Manga and Manga sets
  • TeniMyu CDs
  • TeniPuri Doujinshi
  • Magic Knight Rayearth DVD and DVD sets

Here:  thocamthach.  Thanks for looking!

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Japan candy sugar bags on preorder now - left a few slots only! 100% importing from Japan
Korea imported accessories (Usd$14.50 - Usd$22 shipped + insured/registered mail!!!)
Japan import sesame street bags n charms
Everything new!!
ONLY at !!
Our ebay:
*with more japan style + cosplaying bags!!!
Our Etsy:
*with more handmade stuffs!


Under the cut...

♥ - Mezzo Piano dark denim ruffle skirt
♥ - Mezzo Piano white lovely dream skirt
♥ - Mezzo Piano tropical chain belt
♥ - Mezzo Piano strawberry sweatshirt

No trades, no holds, sorry! I *will* consider offers, and I combine shipping for multiple purchases. Paypal much preferred, some prices have been cut.

Repost items include...

♥ - BNWT Kid Pirate tee
♥ - BNIP Japanese moe kitten maid costume (with kitty ears!)
♥ - Onigiri mould
♥ - DIY skirts & tote
♥ - Fabric, dressmaking book

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Stuff for sale

Hi, I still have some anime left for sale. All DVDs are going for $5 each! I still have Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Stellvia, Samurai Champloo, and etc left. I also have anime soundtracks and jpop priced to go!

I also have some PS1 and PS2 games for sale at my journal. If you're interested, please take a look over here:

There are some jrock items left for sale including CDs, DVDs, and promotional posters over here:

Thanks for looking!

Selling Nintendo DS Lite - Need money fast!

I have a Nintendo DS Lite (Onyx/black) for sale along w/a game and carrying case.

The condition of the DS is nearly perfect. I bought it this past December but haven't used it much. There's no scratches on the screens or any markings. It comes with the battery charger and a black stylus. Unfortunately there's no box or manual since I accidentally threw those away when I bought it.

The Super Mario 64 DS game has no scratches on it and comes complete with the box and manual.

The Mario/Yoshi case (black) is practically new and only used it once to put the DS and games in. I bought it at GameStop and is an official Nintendo licensed product.

Asking price: $130 (that's practically getting the game and case for free)

Payment Options/Shipping
I accept PayPal ONLY.
I will ship only within the 48 continental states (US only).

Contact Information
If you need to contact me e-mail me at Please don't post regarding this item on my personal journal.
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UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!


Hello everyone. ^-^
Just wanted to let you know my auctions are ending soon. I have some rare Fushigi Yuugi items up for sale, Ayashi no ceres stuff, cels, Sailor moon stuff & other random things. Some end in an hour and some will end tomorrow sometime.

Click above to be taken to my auctions or click here.

Thanks! ^-^

Digimon Cards on Ebay -- Cheap

Hey again everyone. =)

I've got a lot of Digimon cards for sale on Ebay. If you BIN, you get a free Patamon pin!


The set includes nearly/over 100 cards-- 80% uncommons, gold stamps, and holos. Barely any commons at all, and those are first editions!

<3 All are in near-mint condition.

I take Paypal and ship internationally :> I've got nearly 100 100% positive feedback!

Please take a look!
Boom Box

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Five For Magazine, a new English Language JMusic magazine is now accepting advertising for the next issue. If you have a garagesalejapan LJ shop, an etsy shop, or even a JMusic fanpage, this is the perfect way to reach your target audience!
Five For is offering introductory pricing for the first few issues, so there are ads as low as $15 available!
Come check it out, GSJ shop keepers!
Loki, Sakura
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Anime, J-rock and Manga for sale

My budget for the next 4 months has me in the red by a whole lot. Not a good place to be, hence why I am selling of MASSIVE amounts of stuff to help minimize that number as much as possible.

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If you have any questions about purchasing PLEASE READ HERE FIRST!

ADDN: Lastly, I have a bunch of summer clothes to sell also. So if you know anyone who is sorta kinda into oshare fashion or something, I have some really nice basic pieces in bright colors for them.

I still have loads of music cds, yaoi and hentai things too. So if you wish to purchase presents for people on the more affordable side, feel free to check out the site.
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New stuff added! Lots of older stuff left ~

New Stuff:

Bleach Gum Cards/Bookmarks, Bleach Sticker Tape Rolls, Kyou Kara Maou Promo Posters, Kyou Kara Maou Birthday Mascots, Hello Kitty Chopsticks, Hello Kitty Hair Ties/Pony Tail Holders, Badtz Maru and Lucky Star Lead Pencils, Iwako/Japanese Erasers, Saiyuki Promo items, Kenshin Boxed Goods sets, Star Healer Celstrap, Zombie Loan Pin

( Lots of new stuff!) - also, check the bottom of the page for links to more stuff for sale! XD

(Bleach doujinshi) still available!
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Rakuen 1 Year Anniversary Sale Saturday Sep 8th – Monday Sep 17th

Rakuen Fashion is celebrating its One Year Anniversary!

We are having a huge sale Saturday Sep 8th – Monday Sep 17th. All Lolita dresses are $5- $10 off the regular price + FREE shipping within the USA (please contact us for the international shipping prices). You will also receive a Free headdress and a petticoat with your purchase (see descriptions). Don’t miss the chance to get your favorite items. Join us today. 

* Rakuen Community *



Jrock/pop/anime Cds, Posters, Photobooks, Flyers, Scorebooks, ect

I'm selling random jrock merch. Nothing's wrong with any of them, just was either curious about the bands or bought them by mistake. All prices are negotiable. If you want more info, or more pics, just let me know.

  • Quoted shipping prices are for regular mail, possibly Media Mail, in US dollars. Priority will cost more, especially for magazines. When inquiring, please provide prefered method of payment and shipping type.
  • Paypal prefered (I have a Premium account so there will be a tiny fee added to shipping cost, usually about $1), but other payment options can be discussed.
  • Any questions or need more pictures/info, or you want to privately offer, please email me at
  • This entry is cross-posted, so I'm sorry if you see it more than once.
  • I work M-F, so can only go to the Post Office once a week, on Saturday. If one of my roommates can get there during the week, then your order can be mailed out sooner, but I make no promises.

Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

New&Sealed Kyo's "Jigyaku Furan CINEMA" first poetry book
JRock/Pop CDs
*Luna Sea*Penicillin*L'Arc~en~Ciel*S.O.A.P.*Gackt*Kisaki Project*Syndrome*Dir en grey*T.M.Revolution*Arb*Blue*B'z*Charcoal Filter*Chage and Asuka*Dragon Ash*The Yellow Monkey*Illumina*Bali*Ladie's Room*Liv*No'Where*Sophia*Youichiro Sakuraba*Triceratops*Wilberry*Wino*Ayumi Hamasaki*Sugar Soul*The Brilliant Green*Hikaru Utada* Glay*Judy and Mary*Kick the Can Crew*m.c.A.T.*Mr. Children*Rogue*Shakalabbits/L57R*Sugar Soul/Zeebra*Candy*Kinki Kids*Mori Daisuke*Zard*
8cm CDs
*T.M.Revolution*Field of View*By:Sexual*B'z*Glay*Shazna*L'Aec~en~Ciel*The Yellow Monkey*Kinki Kids*Triceratops*Fanatic Crisis*Gisho*Soft Ballet*Penicillin*Miki Imai*Three Eyes Jack*Lindberg*HIM*SMAP*Ryuichi Kawamura*
Anime OSTs
*Lost Universe*
Anime Books/Graghic Novels/Photobooks/Scorebooks
*Malice Mizer*L'Arc~en~Ciel*Shazna*Ryuichi Kawamura*Triceratops*Mobile Suit Gundam*Nadesico*Ninja Highschool*Sarasa*Gashu*Slayers*
* Arena37c * SHOXX * SHOXX bis * Fool's Mate * Ultra Veat * B-Pass * Newsmaker * What's In * Pati-Pati * Vicious * Anime Insider *
*Audrey*Auncia*Aya*Cloud Nine*ClutchxGasoline*Cross Cradle*DollisxMaruru*Waruiyatsu*TMR*Javelin*Jigoro*P~route*Realice*xJihadx*Wed+day*Yajashan*Guleve*
*The Gazette*Gackt*Psycho le Cemu*Noiz*Kagerou*An Cafe*Ayabie*Surface*w-inds*Siam Shade*Noisy/Yasu/Shuse*
Concert VHSs
*Nightmare*Dragon Ash*
*Malice Mizer*Shazna*L'Arc~en~Ciel*Ryuichi Kawamura*Triceratops*

On to the Goods
  • 44cm

University clearance!

I'm clearing out a ton of new/barely used items for university- everything's got to go, so please feel free to name your price if you think they're too high! (Which they shouldn't be- they're dirt cheap! ;D)
Willing to ship anything worldwide! Books, figurines and plushies! (: (Mainly anime-related)
Click the image to take you there!

[sales] magazines, d-boys JULY/AUG/PURIKURA photosets

[sales] mags, idol, tenimyu, bleachmyu, dvd, kimeru, sailormoon, and more!


In the event of having to pack all of my crap up as my room is being remodelled, I have noticed that I have acquired entirely way too much stuff. -_-; Not only do I not have much use for these things anymore, but I also do not have any room... and will not have any room once my room is finished. And so, my loss is your gain. You'll also be helping me to pay off my student loan... which (logically) should take precedence over fandom stuff, but what can I say? Fandom is expensive and it's made me extremely materialistic. ;_; I'm trying to curb this baaaad addiction.

So, please, give these items a new home! As well, as I go through each box of stuff... more things will be added, so be sure to check back!

I have a variety of items up right now, including, but not limited to:

~ Tennis no Oujisama (bromides, photos)
~ Tenimyu (pamphlets, photos)
~ idols (Saitou Takumi, D-Boys, DVD's, magazines)
~ DVD's
~ Sailormoon manga (Japanese re-release)
~ magazines
~ videogames

Here be the goods!

Thanks very much guys!

Ahh, and if you need... ask and I'll give you my EBay feedback and whatnot. =D
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I want manga!

Hi, I'm looking for some cheap manga, so if you have any of it for a decent price, you should tell me so I can buy or trade for it ^_^

I'm looking for:

Magic Knight Rayearth (all volumes, second editions only)
Crayon Shin-Chan (just volume 1 for now, or volume 1 and up if you have it)
Video Girl Ai (volumes 3 and up, second editions only)
La Corda d'Oro (volumes 2 and up)
Skip Beat! (volumes 2 and up)

I can buy or trade, here are some of the things I have for trade. If you want to trade you can send me a wishlist because I have tons of other anime and video game things that I just don't get around to putting up...

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(Click the image!)
Please note that the image links to this journal rather than the sales one. If you go to the sales one, I'll be responding to comments on this account rather than switching over. Thank you for your understanding!

Manga, anime, lolita + more!

Help me clean out my closet
so that I can buy more stuff I don't need!

If you feel my prices are unreasonable, you are welcome to make an offer!
I want this stuff gone!