September 15th, 2007

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Updated! Ouran Host Club & Sailor Moon Stuff added

New Stuff:


Ouran Host Club Comb, Ouran Host Club Makeup Bag, Ouran Host Club Flake Stickers, Ouran Hostclub Tote Bag (restocked), Sailor Moon Pins, Sailor Moon Pencil Board, Sailor Moon Pencils, Bleach Gum Cards/Bookmarks, Bleach Sticker Tape Rolls, Kyou Kara Maou Promo Posters, Kyou Kara Maou Birthday Mascots, Hello Kitty Chopsticks, Hello Kitty Hair Ties/Pony Tail Holders, Badtz Maru and Lucky Star Lead Pencils, Iwako/Japanese Erasers, Saiyuki Promo items, Kenshin Boxed Goods sets, Star Healer Celstrap, Zombie Loan Pin

( Lots of new stuff!) - also, check the bottom of the page for links to more stuff for sale! XD

(Bleach doujinshi) still available!

If there's anything you want, get it now! As a lot of this stuff will be moved to Ebay soon. (where the prices will be higher due to Ebay store, Ebay end of sale, and Paypal fees >_>)

Also, I'll be heading out to Kinokuniya and a bento supplies shop tomorrow. Let me know if there are any things you're looking for and I can get you a quote.


Huge jrock sale

Will be moving to taiwan at the end of the year, so i'm selling almost all my jrock posters (both used and unused) along with some goods/merchandise. Posters run from $1-12, $30 for the autographed one.
Bands include:
- 12012
- Alice 9
- Arc
- Kirito
- Nightmare
- Sid

Also, reduced prices for most of the stuff, cause i really hope to get them all sold (i can't bring them overseas). Will include a free flyer for every $10 spent.


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Just added a whole bunch of manga and anime to my sales journal; please take a look!


FREEBIES WITH EVERY PURCHASE! (So if you buy more than one item, you get more freebies!) There are posters, pins, pencilboards, and other.


A few highlights:


+Pochacco planner

+Asuka magazines (with their furoku)
+Trading cards (all mint; Card Captors, Furuba, Fushugi Yuugi, Gundam Wing, Inu Yasha, Shaman King, and Yu-Gi-Oh)

+Inu-Yasha anime

+Ayashi no Ceres

+Banner of the Stars

+Saint Beast artbook
+Meta parasols (Antique Crown print, black and white)


Have a look~


P.S.: As of now, the only thing I'm interested in trading for is Model vol 2 and GodChild/Kaori Yuki items 
Ren double

(no subject)

I'm kind of in a tight spot and in need of money, so I've cut some prices at my selling journal tao_boutique. If you see something you like but still think the price is too high, feel free to make an offer!

I have items from...
Powerpuff Girls
Dragon Ball Z
Shaman King
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ah! My Goddess
Prince of Tennis
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Di Gi Charat
...and much more!

( click here to go straight to the anime post )

Or, go to tao_boutique's main page to check feedback, payment options, and look at my other items. Thanks for looking! ^^


I'm looking for:

-the December 2004 issue of Fools Mate. It has Gara (Merry) and Tatsurou (MUCC) on the cover.
-any Death Note merchandise (aside from the manga and anime).
-Miyavi, Dir en Grey, Merry, MUCC, Kagrra,, D, or hide flyers/posters/other merchandise. Anything related to these bands/musicians.

I'll be paying paypal (cc or non-cc, whichever is better for the seller) and things will be shipped to USA 02215.
Please comment here with anything or email

Thank you!
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WANTED: Yuu Watase Merchandise

I decided to put together a website with pictures of merchandise I do not own. The phone cards are not really high on my list. Everything else though I am very interested in buying and or trading for.

Click here to see my wishlist and pictures of items I do not have.

If you have one of these items, i am willing to trade for just about anything in my fushigi yuugi section here.

Also if you see something I already do not own in the imadoki or Ayashi no ceres sections reply as well. ^_^ I may be interested in anything Zettai kareshi, i have not had time to upload my stuff from that series yet.

Thank you! ^_^

(no subject)

Question to those who are selling manga.

How do you usually calculate shipping? :D Do you just weigh the books inside the box or envelope on a scale and enter it in the postage rate calculator ( Or do you actually go to the post office and and found out? but I can't possible go to the post office everytime someone is interested in something and figure out how much shipping is. :\


Anime/Manga/Miscellanious for sale!

I have tons of stuff for sale, relating to anime and manga at reasonable prices!

Please look, as this stuff has to go to good homes. I am willing to haggle prices if need be! I do not have a camera at this time, as someone stole it from me. I can tell you the condition that it is in. I am very accurate with this.

Sold as is. No refunds, so ask all questions before you purchase.

I do ship items every Saturday, and I do worldwide shipping. If you buy more then one item, you only have to pay one shipping price.

All of them are in like, new condition, unless it is listed otherwise.

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(no subject)


Rakuen Fashion is celebrating its One Year Anniversary! ( Last 3 days Sale)

We are having a huge sale Saturday Sep 8th – Monday Sep 17th. All Lolita dresses are $5- $10 off the regular price + FREE shipping within the USA (please contact us for the international shipping prices). You will also receive a Free headdress and a petticoat with your purchase (see descriptions). Don’t miss the chance to get your favorite items. Join us today. 

* visit for more details*



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Lotsa new doujins ^____^

Ouran host club: HikaruxKaoru and KyouyaxTamaki
Nobuta wo Produce: AkiraxShuji
Naruto: KakuzuxHidan
D.Gray Man: TykkixAllen
Eyeshield 21: HirumaxSena
Prince of tennis: InuixKaidoh (and an anthology with practically every pairing..)
Tales of Symphonia: LloydxZelos
HunterxHunter: HisokaxGon
Slam Dunk anthologies (lotsa pairings)

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I like to hide under gay wicker baskets.

FMA doujins >)

Hello~ I'm selling 3 extremely beautiful doujins below all RoyXEd pairings, if you're interested please take a look ^ ^

Book Title: Antithese
Circle/ Author:
ROCK 'N' DOLLESS/ Himemiko
Worksafe: Worksafe.
Genre: Serious + S-ai and hints of yaoi.
Page Number: 72 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 15USD
Sample Pictures:

Book Title: Still
Rokka + K E 100S/ Fujisawa Yui and Kazuaki
Pairing: RoyXEd
Worksafe: NOT worksafe
Genre: Serious + yaoi.
Page Number: 78 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 18USD
Sample Pictures:

Book Title: Shihyakushibyou no hoka (四百四病の外)
Rokka + K E 100S/ Fujisawa Yui and Kazuaki
Pairing: RoyXEd
Worksafe: Worksafe
Genre: Serious + s-ai.
Page Number: 42 pages
Book Size: B5
Condition: EXCELLENT
Price: 12USD
Sample Pictures:

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Thank you~ 8D

Selling Takara FLCL Dolls.

Hey everyone!

I'm selling a set of Tokyo Posse Takara FLCL Dolls (Haruko and Mamimi)

They are absolutely gorgeous and are both MIB.

I have stock pictures here but, will post more of my dolls if requested.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am asking $20 each. ($15 + $5 shipping in US.)

Or $35 for the set.

These are pretty difficult to find but, if you have something I want, I would be willing to trade. Also am willing to haggle!

I need the money so make an offer!

Thanks guys!