September 18th, 2007

on eBay

I just added a few items to eBay!
Please come and bid!

-Angelic Pretty Japanese brand lolita skirt starting at only $75!
-An*Ten*na Japanese brand shoes starting at only $9.99!
-Betty's Blue Japanese brand tank top starting at only $2.99!
-Light Hearted NWT Japanese brand long sleeve 'engrish' print shirt. starting at only $9.99!
-Entire MARS manga series, 16 volumes, starting at only $9.99!

All Items can be found here!
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Animage For Sale!

Hi all, does anyone want my Animage back issues? They range in years from 1996-2006 and have feature articles and art that vary quite a bit, so depending on your taste there might be some issues you are interested in. Just from the top of my head, some of the animes that have big feature spreads are:

CardCaptor Sakura
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Sakura Wars
Princess Monoke
Martian Successor Nadeisco
Saber Marionette
Love Hina

You can see pictures of every single issue and its volume number under the cut. If you are interested in any of them, just give me the volume numbers. I'm taking any offers, just as long as you also pay for the shipping for whatever you want to buy. I used to pay like 8-9 a piece for these, but I understand older issues should be a lot cheaper, lol. I'll use Media Mail if you want, because that is cheapest for things like these, but if you buy a lot it might make more sense to put them in a priority mail flat rate box, cause then you get them faster and it is cheaper if you buy a lot ^_^

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Anime Trading Cards!

Hello there everyone! I'm posting a direct sale this time through here, out of desperation to get rid of things. ^^ I'm putting my entire anime card collection up for grabs. Each card is sold seperately, and no card is over $0.50. Most are only $0.30 or less! { A lot of them I payed $1.75 or more for. @_@; So that's really cheap, compared. }

I've added tons of cards into the mix, and sections have been made easy to browse! I've got Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Full Moon o Sagashite, Hanamachi Monogatari, Naruto, Gundam Wing, Bleach, Final Fantasy, Fullmetal Alchemist, X, Gakuen Heaven and much more! Help me dwindle down my massive collection? ^^ Thanks for looking!

Only a couple dozen are left! ^^ Get 'em while you can.

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Last chance! Prices cut!

(both tee *and* skirt are for sale)

I'm going to the charity shop at some time this week, and a bunch of this stuff is going with me ^_^ So it's the last time you'll see it, I promise!

I'm very picky about what I trade for, and I don't need more stuff *anyway*! But if I *do* trade, it's likely going to be for kawaii DIY jewellery or Delias XS t-shirts. I combine shipping for multiple purchases. Paypal much preferred!

Items include...

♥ - BNWT Kid Pirate tee
♥ - Onigiri mould
♥ - DIY skirts & tote
♥ - Fabric, dressmaking book

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(no subject)

G-market style pullover hoodie.
Bought this from an lj-user and tried it on once, but it didn't fit well on me :(
New condition!
Size: Small
Price: Make offers!

Tenorikuma Wallet from Sanrio. Minor pencil marks inside, but I can try to get it off before shipping! Had it for a year, and still in wonderful condition!
Price: $5 + $3 shipping in the US.

Method of payment: Paypal preferred, but will consider consealed cash!
Comment if you're interested! Thanks! :)
lost in translation

(no subject)

DFW Project Akon vendor, here. Just launched my online store on Etsy, trying to have some revenue betweeen cons and to get rid of some overflow. Very reasonably priced stuff, would appreciate everything from buys to comments. :D

>Etsy Shop<

Everything is hand-painted with washable fabric paint. I also do custom work if you're looking for something from a specific series. Check my Etsy store for a look at some of my range.
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More jrock sales

Found more stuff to sell~ Added:
- GHOST kousoku no kan single
- GHOST brand new capsule album (first press)
- Nightmare Sakito towel
- Nightmare Offshot DVDs
- Nightmare, Gazette Posters
- Nightmare Tote bag
- Nightmare Uchiwa (Tokyo Shonen era)
- Psycho le cemu greatest hits album


Many things for Sale Name Your Price!!

first of all i accept checks and money orders and you MUST e-mail me at when you say you'd like something. Please name a reasonable price! All shipping is 3.00

X-Japan Crime of Visual Shock volumes 1-5 DVDs
X-Japan Clips DVD
X-Japan The Verge of Destruction Tour DVDs (3 disc DVD set)
X-Japan Film Gig DVD
X-Japan Dahlia DVD
X-Japan Extasy Summit DVD
L'arc en ciel Realive DVD
Luna Sea-Luna Sea CD

Thank You!!!
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sleepy timez

(no subject)

Lotsa new doujins ^____^

Ouran host club: HikaruxKaoru and KyouyaxTamaki
Nobuta wo Produce: AkiraxShuji
Naruto: KakuzuxHidan
D.Gray Man: TykkixAllen
Eyeshield 21: HirumaxSena
Prince of tennis: InuixKaidoh (and an anthology with practically every pairing..)
Tales of Symphonia: LloydxZelos
HunterxHunter: HisokaxGon
Slam Dunk anthologies (lotsa pairings)

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I also have some of my old PLC stuff that I'm putting up for sale. I'm in dire need of cash (my flight to california is next month, and i dont even have enough for my hotel room..

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If anything interests you, please comment at my journal

Despairsray 4x6 photos & autographed DVD for sale


Hi everyone.

I decided to see if anyone is interested in these before I try selling them on Ebay.
I have car repairs and need to make some extra cash.
All photos are 4x6 size and in excellent condition.
The Hizumi and Karyu ones that are autographed, I got from the Fan Club. (I sold Zero and Tsukasa)

Also selling autographed copy of MurderDay DVD. I got it signed at AnimeNext by them in NJ.
It is like brand new. Just been on my bookcase all this time.

All photos have a number on them.
Please email me with an offer ^^
(Do not leave a comment here)

Email is

I only take Paypal as form of payment and will ship Internationally.

USA shipping is $4.05  via Priority mail with delivery confirmation.
International shipping will be determined due to country you live in.
I will combine shipping.

Only serious bidders please.
Thank you.

Link of pictures of Items below:

Photos #1-5
Photos #6-8
Photos #9, 10 (Autographed)
Murder Day DVD (Autographed)

Thank you.



If there's anyone in Singapore or Taiwan (or anywhere else) who could get me issues of Young Flower magazine, I'll make it worth your time! I'm actually only really looking for the furoku, since the mag itself would be way expensive to ship (and I couldn't read it anyway!) Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


(no subject)

Please look at my auctions on my items that I have for sale!

So far they are the lot of Naruto books and the Slayers Soundtracks, at -very- reduced prices! I'm willing to go as fifty dollars for the Naruto lot, because I want to get rid of them at this point. I'll even go so far as to sell individual ones, if people request.

Links are here: (Naruto lot)

Thanks for looking!