September 25th, 2007

Selling prince of tennis stuff!~

POT pure blue and white boxes. Never opened before,brand new. =) USD $45 each, Buy both for USD $80

POT doujin USD $15

Feel free to email me at or post here if there's any questions. I'll be shipping these items from Singapore. Thank you!~  =)

Lolita Bunny Plushie

Hello Im selling off one of my "The Meep Project" plushies.

This is Mooshi, she is a cow spotted Lolita Bunny.

she is a 10 inch tall, She has moo cow print feet, ears and ear ribbons.
she also has light black moo cow print on her body and face.

she was only made so I had an example of the bunny plushie's that I make for the website. So once her photo was taken she had served her purpose.

I was looking to sell her for £15-£20 ($30-$40) these Bunnys are going to be selling for £30 ($60) on the site when they are released.

I cant Keep her as I dont have the room due to movign house.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Selling more anime/manga

Ranma 1/2: Watermelon Beach  $5

Ranma 1/2: Kiss me cat   $5

Ranma 1/2: Rock-a-bye ranma  $5

Getbackers vol.6   $7

Sailormoon: the wrath of emerald  $4

Yu-gi-oh: Return to battle city  $3

Yu-gi-oh vol.15 Legandary heroes   $3

The Inuyasha experience mysteries and secrets revealed book 5   $6

Yu-gi-oh blue eyes white dragon dog tags (2) $3

Full Moon preview dvd episode 1   $0.50

Sakura wars vhs   $1

Gundam Wing vhs vol. 3   $1

Utena vhs: crest of the rose, the power of dios, the eternal castle, and the legendary spice    $1 each 

Magic knight rayearth 2 vhs Grow and Learn  $1 each

Rare sailormoon audio cassette tape "unnatural phenomena"    $5

82 Various sailormoon cards    $0.25 each   

5 sailormoon stickers   $0.25 each  (2 venus, 1 usagi, 1 group, and 1 doom tree) 

7  ultimate anime cards    $0.50 each   ( 1 gatekeepers, 2 tenchi, 1 lain, 1 trigun, and 2 armitage the 3rd)

I can provide pictures for anything if asked.

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25% off sale on anime dvds, manga and anime cels!

Hi, I am having a 25% off sale at my website for all anime dvds, manga and anime cels. Many new items added.

We have over one hundred used manga, now just 3.00 each after the discount including hot titles like love hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, DN Angel, Gravitation, GTO, Gunsmith Cats, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and more!

We have hundreds of anime dvds in stock including Burst Angel, Inuyasha, paranoia agent, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist and Tenchi Muyo.

We have hundreds of anime cels from series such as Sailormoon, Trigun, Cutey Honey,Gundam, and more.

So stock up today!

Sale end Tuesday October 2nd at 11:59pm

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#1: Yaoi manga
Only The Ring Finger Knows (Manga) by Satoru Kannagi & Hotaru Odagiri
**The cover SAYS Yaoi Series however, I thinks its more along the lines of Shounen-ai... =3=;**

200+ Pages
Romance/Drama (some humor too)
English Translated Manga
Rated: YA (For Young Adults 16+)
Condition: Excellent / Still has Colored slip Cover with no rips, tears or stains

*ships internationally in a week or less; US shipping in 2-3 days

Images and prices HERE

Ebay auctions...

♥ - DIY Disney Cuties Kawaii Japan Ra Ra Skirt
♥ - DIY Handmade Floral Tote Bag
♥ - DIY FRUiTS Japan Cute Strawberries & Hearts Skirt
♥ - BNWT Cute FRUiTS Kid Pirate Space Rockets Tee
♥ - Cute Baby Pastel Check Flannel Fabric - 2 yards x 44"

I ship internationally only outside of Ebay - if you have an lj account and want to buy from outside the UK, please comment (or check my selling journal, pink_berry_shop, I have a few items there not listed on Ebay) :) The only reason for this is that I've had a lot of problem international buyers through Ebay lately :/

Also, I'm looking for this bag -

Looking to trade, part-trade or buy - $30 shipped or less new, $22 shipped or less used.

Selling Arena37c - Gazette

Arena37c feat. Gazette - $11 shipped within USA
*Poster not included

Purchase comes with free band flyers

Payment accepted through concealed cash and postal money order only.
Ask for international rates.
*Trades are welcome: Shoxx featuring alice nine. or just any 2007 Shoxx issues*
Ren double

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I'm kind of in a tight spot and in need of money, so I've cut most of the prices at my selling journal tao_boutique. If you see something you like but still think the price is too high, feel free to make an offer!

I have items from...
Powerpuff Girls
Dragon Ball Z
Shaman King
Ah! My Goddess
Prince of Tennis
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Di Gi Charat
...and much more!

( click here to go straight to the anime post )

Or, go to tao_boutique's main page to check feedback, payment options, and look at my other items.

Thanks for looking! ^^