September 26th, 2007


lots of stuff

★selling lots of jrock magazines (featuring alice nine, an cafe, gazette, etc.)/gazette tour goods here:

★selling jrock posters (featuring alice nine, an cafe, D, gazette, etc) here:

★selling 3 'sexy dynamite london' tshirts here:

★selling several japanese fashion magazines such as kera-egg-Scawaii-woofin girl-nuts- ranzuki here:

thanks so much for checking it out!
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Moving sale!

Tons of English manga for sale on eBay here: click.

Included: Kodocha (complete series), .hack// Legend of the Twilight (complete series), Full Metal Panic!, I.N.V.U., Naruto, Guardian Angel Getten, Negima, InuYasha, Chobits.

I have 100% positive feedback.

I also have a bunch of unlisted manga if anyone's interested, including complete series of Love Hina and MARS. I have multiple volumes (though incomplete series) of KareKano, Hot Gimmick, Fruits Basket, and many others that I'll list later -- pictures and specification upon request. If you're interested in any of these, let me know. :) I take PayPal only.


i'm selling different vk/j-rock goods, such as cd's, postcards, posters, flyers and other stuff.
a few of the bands would be: billy, kagerou, cellt, mucc, sid, sadie, irokui etc
please have a look HERE
thank you^^

the GazettE and alice nine. tour pamphlets

Hello~ We're auctioning off a couple of alice nine. tour pamphlets and one the Gazette tour pamphlet as well. All of these are brand new and has never been opened yet. Items will be shipped from Japan. Here's a short list of what's available:

the GazettE

Decomposition Beauty Tour Pamphlet

alice nine.

2nd Oneman Tour Pamphlet
White Period ~The Colors Becomes to be White~ 2006 Winter
Summer Tour 2006 (Hello, New Super View)
Hello Dear Numbers Tour Pamphlet
Black Jewel White Rose Tour Pamphlet 2007

For more details, please have a look here~ Thank you~!
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JRock/Pop/Anime cds, Posters, KYO POEM BOOK, Creepers, ect.

I'm selling random jrock merch. Nothing's wrong with any of them, just was either curious about the bands or bought them by mistake (I tend to do that with L'Arc cds too, forgetting which ones I have already...). All prices are negotiable. If you want more info, or more pics, just let me know. All of these I bought used, unless otherwise noted, though all media plays perfectly. ^_^

  • Quoted shipping prices are for regular mail, possibly Media Mail, in US dollars. Priority will cost more, especially for magazines. When inquiring, please provide prefered method of payment and shipping type.
  • Paypal prefered (I have a Premium account so there will be a tiny fee added to shipping cost, usually about $1), but other payment options can be discussed.
  • Any questions or need more pictures/info, or you want to privately offer, please email me at
  • This entry is cross-posted, so I'm sorry if you see it more than once.
  • I work M-F, so can only go to the Post Office once a week, on Saturday. If one of my roommates can get there during the week, then your order can be mailed out sooner, but I make no promises.

Added new things, dropped prices on a few.

New&Sealed Kyo's "Jigyaku Furan CINEMA" first poetry book
JRock/Pop CDs
*Luna Sea*Penicillin*L'Arc~en~Ciel*S.O.A.P.*Gackt*Kisaki Project*Syndrome*Dir en grey*T.M.Revolution*Arb*Blue*B'z*Charcoal Filter*Chage and Asuka*Dragon Ash*The Yellow Monkey*Illumina*Bali*Ladie's Room*Liv*No'Where*Sophia*Youichiro Sakuraba*Triceratops*Wilberry*Wino*Ayumi Hamasaki*Sugar Soul*The Brilliant Green*Hikaru Utada* Glay*Judy and Mary*Kick the Can Crew*m.c.A.T.*Mr. Children*Rogue*Shakalabbits/L57R*Sugar Soul/Zeebra*Candy*Kinki Kids*Mori Daisuke*Zard*
8cm CDs
*T.M.Revolution*Field of View*By:Sexual*B'z*Glay*Shazna*L'Aec~en~Ciel*The Yellow Monkey*Kinki Kids*Triceratops*Fanatic Crisis*Gisho*Soft Ballet*Penicillin*Miki Imai*Three Eyes Jack*Lindberg*HIM*SMAP*Ryuichi Kawamura*
Anime OSTs
*Lost Universe*
Anime Books/Graghic Novels/Photobooks/Scorebooks
*Malice Mizer*L'Arc~en~Ciel*Shazna*Ryuichi Kawamura*Triceratops*Mobile Suit Gundam*Nadesico*Ninja Highschool*Sarasa*Gashu*Slayers*
* Arena37c * SHOXX * Fool's Mate * Ultra Veat * B-Pass * Newsmaker * What's In * Pati-Pati * Vicious * Anime Insider *
*Audrey*Auncia*Aya*Cloud Nine*ClutchxGasoline*Cross Cradle*DollisxMaruru*Waruiyatsu*TMR*Javelin*Jigoro*P~route*Realice*xJihadx*Wed+day*Yajashan*Guleve*
*The Gazette*Psycho le Cemu*Noiz*An Cafe*Ayabie*Surface*w-inds*Siam Shade*Noisy/Yasu/Shuse*
Concert VHSs
*Dragon Ash*

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Little Hana & Vivi

R.O.D -- Read or Dream manga for sale!!!!!

Hi. I have these stuff below for sale. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. :>

Thank you! ^_^

* Books are all in English, unless noted
* Prices are negotiable, taking offers.....
* Pictures are under the cut.


Read or Dream Volume 1
(Selling for USD 6)  I prefer to sell the volume 1 and 2 as a set, if you buy both, the price is 8 USD
- In excellent condition
- Publisher: Viz Media
- Written by Hideyuki Kurata (also the creator of the Read or Die manga series)
-  Art by Ran Ayanaga

*This manga series is different than Read or Die, it focuses only about the Three Paper Sisters and their detective agency.

Read or Dream Volume 2
(Selling for USD 6)
- In excellent condition
- Publisher: Viz Media
- Written by Hideyuki Kurata (also the creator of the Read or Die manga series)
-  Art by Ran Ayanaga

*This manga series is different than Read or Die, it focuses only about the Three Paper Sisters and their detective agency.


I ship internationally.
I only accept Paypal.
Shipping costs depends on where you live.
Items bought are not returnable nor refundable.

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(no subject)

first of all i accept checks and money orders and you MUST e-mail me at when you say you'd like something. Please name a reasonable price! All shipping is 3.00

X-Japan Crime of Visual Shock volumes 1-5 DVDs
X-Japan Clips DVD
X-Japan The Verge of Destruction Tour DVDs (3 disc DVD set)
X-Japan Film Gig DVD
X-Japan Dahlia DVD
X-Japan Extasy Summit DVD
L'arc en ciel Realive DVD
Luna Sea-Luna Sea CD
HIM manuscript baby doll T-shirt XL
brand new Sydney Ommar's Day by Day Astrological Guide to Scorpio ( i have 2 copies of these) nice thick book that tells you everything about scorpio, and has horoscopes up until December 2008

Thank You!!!
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

(no subject)

Everything is on sale!!

All items priced under $5 are Buy One Get One FREE!
All items priced $5 and up are Buy One Get One 50% OFF!
All orders over $30 get an item under $5 FREE, and you choose!
Purchase a set(6) of customized coasters and get two additional coasters FREE!
Customized cell straps are reduced to $4.50 FLAT for any design*!

*Limit one extra charm per strap, metal, shell or plastic.

Large variety of items including manga, trading cards, anime figures, video games, clothes, DIY jewerly, sterling silver jewelry, and MORE!

bishoujohenshin bishoujohenshin
bishoujohenshin bishoujohenshin

Also, please check out my wishlist. I'm greatly into trades and purchases if the price is right. Thanks! ^^/

Loads of MANGA for sale, + DVDs and Video Games

I've got a few games for sale. Everything pictured is what you get. The only one not complete is Dark Cloud. All are in working condition :3

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Every game is $13.00 shipped except for Atelier, it is $25.00
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*Gravitation 1-5, Fruits Basket 1-4
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*Naruto 1-3, 10 (volume 10 has a small tear on the cover, so it is only $3.00), CCS is the first print of Volume 4, with some creases on the back cover, no loose pages ($4.00), Preist 1, 2 and Ark Angels vol 1 and Million Tears vol 1.
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*Rorouni Kenshin 1-5 and Ranma 1/2 Volumes 1-16. All have only been read one time and stored on a shelf so they have very minimal wear.

Each manga volume is $4.00 + shipping, except Ranma, it is $5.00 a volume. (Unless stated, see subtitles on images above for notes). The more volumes you buy in a set, the more shipping I can save. These will most likely be shipped Media Mail, but if you want Priority, let us know.

Feedback here: angelchansales and over 110+ positive feedback here: Ebay: katvara

I take Paypal. Ask about Money Orders. =D Comment for the address.

I can ship internationally.

Please comment or email me at IshidaKitsu9999 AT AOL DOT COM

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Ayumi Hamasaki Goodies (Sale/Trade), Gackt DVD, Skip Beat

Hi everyone,

here is a list of things that I would like to sell/trade (not complete yet).
I accept Paypal and concealed cash (at your own risk!) and for German buyers bank transfer only. I do not know about prices yet, so you just make an offer here or e-mail me at empry27 AT However keep in mind that when you make an offer it has to be in Euros.

Ayumi Hamasaki

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Kangta & Vanness First Single - Scandal

Gackt Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 -Red- (Japan Version)


Skip Beat! 15 (Japanese)

I am also willing to trade if you do not have money. Other Ayu goodies, photobooks or magazines would be great. (I am however NOT interested in trading CDs). Here are some things that I really would like to have: Girlpop 1/2006, Vivi 1/2006, Stadium Tour DVD
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- CLAMP in 3D Land Series 1 (Chii, CCS Syaoran, Yuuko, CCS Sakura, Kazahaya) - Payment sent

OR 3 (Ashura-ou, Watanuki, Sumomo+Kotoko, Hinata, Subaru) - would prefer to trade with Series 2 (Rikuou, Yasha-ou, Hikaru, TRC Syaoran, Freya) or just buy it. Looking for around $45.

- Any volumes of City Hunter.

- Acidman CDs.

Anything on my sale journal, roro_sales is available for trade, a few other things that are not listed, but that I'm also willing to trade, are Naruto figure sets (this one and this one, the complete set of each), as well as some Pinky St.s (regular ones, Street Fighter and KOF), Negima Figumates and other miscellaneous gashapon toys and shitajiki. I also have a lightly used tokidoki + LeSportsac Citta Rosa Canguro.

Thanks for looking.


I have decided to sell 90% of my Japanese CDs and DVDs. I am in dire need of cash, please help! If what you want is not listed here but I do have the band listed, ask me, I probably have it but I don't really want to let it go (for the right price I'll sell anything, I'm really in a financial crisis here). I did super short descriptions on all the new items I just added, and there are no photos, but if you want any additional info or pictures just ask!
Go crazy and buy everything!! haha.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Cure ShirtVestCloak

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(no subject)

I just got done updating Phoophie with several new items today. I got in sticker sheets, sticker sacks, memo pads, letter sets, small memo pads, and some lanyards. I also got in some neat Halloween items. Phoophie accepts credit cards, Paypal, and money order.

Here are a few of the items:

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Genesis BJD
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Anime Cels for Sale

I am selling the following cels for the best offer.  The last offer I accept will have to be posted before tomorrow afternoon 5PM EST.  I only accept Paypal and shipping for each cel will be $5 within USA.  If you are outside USA it will be $10.  I will combine shipping if you would like more than one cel.

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(^_^) New Arrivals(^_^)

Come shop

New items in the Memos , Sticker and Kawaii extra sections.

Gaikotsu Skeleton Land memo Pad

Gaikotsu Skeleton High School Stickers

Ghost Festival Mechanical Pencil

Daiktsu Skeleton Disco Stickers

Mochi Panda Stickers

Q-lia Tea Guy Envelopes
COSPLAY: Squall@miiol
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Japanese Magazines, CDs, Cosplay & Anime goods eBay sale!