October 9th, 2007

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Silver & Gold now open for commissions! Very low prices for nice quality anime artwork. :)

Prices range from only $6 to $15, INCLUDING shipping! Here is one example of what you could get:

For the rest and all the details, please visit spicy_melon!

Also for sale are some convention leftovers (prints, buttons, bookmarks, keychains, etc) and a bit of other things I want to get rid of like mangas, magazines, and cell phone straps.

Please come and check it out!
DJ Yamapi

DVD's for Sale

Yo minna ^^

I have some more Prince of Tennis Musical dvd's that I'm looking to get rid of.

Cinepuri Limited Edition DVD $65
(includes booklet and postcards).
Dream Live 3rd (Includes booklet) $70 SOLD
[Summer] Imperial Match Hyoutei Limited Edition $110 SOLD
(includes script and pics)

Note: Prices are negotiable.

Price includes standard shipping. If you want Express, an additional charge will apply. If interested, please leave a comment with your email and method of payment. I accept Paypal, cash (at your own risk) and money order. Once payment is received, item will be shipped out within a few days.

I also have a lot of Prince of Tennis merchandise. Doujinshi, manga, cd's, pencilboards. If interested, leave a comment ^^
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New items up for sale! Now available is a ton of new bags and jewellery, CDs and DVDs, original artwork, manga bundles and much more! Will ship worldwide; click the image to visit!

mad maya


I'm selling AGAIN!

Check out the sale HERE!
Check out the sale HERE!
Check out the sale HERE!


Phantasmagoria - Splendor Of Sanctuary - $18

Negima! Volumes 1-4 - $20

Sailor Moon Luna Plushie - $12

3 Different Fruits Basket Plushies!

FullMetal Alchemist Volume 1 - $5

FullMetal Alchemist PocketWatch - $20

FullMetal Alchemist Bag - $10

Saiyuki Volume 1 - $5

Skull Bag - $10

&Another skull bag on its way~!

Also! Linkin Park and Good Charlotte stuff! ^^ Please Check It Out!!

Check out the sale HERE!
Check out the sale HERE!
Check out the sale HERE!
Check out the sale HERE!

Random Japanese Stuff For Sale

Hi! I found some random japanese things I want to get rid of. The prices and shipping are listed for each item. I can send worldwide. If you're not from UK or USA, or that you would like to buy it, please contact me by posting in my journal or emailing candy.sweetshop@hotmail.co.uk I will also may as I am desperately trying to get rid of them! =________=;;; I accept paypal worldwide or cash from UK. 

Chrono Crusade DVDs - Volume 3 & 4 (English UK Version Region 2) Price: £5.50 Each or £9 for both.
Shipping: £1 for UK.

Gothic Lolita Bible Magazine Japanese (Volume? Please check image.) Price: $10
Shipping: £2 for UK and $8 for USA.

Groundwork of FLCL Artbook Japanese Price: $9
Shipping: £2.50 for UK and $9 for USA.

He is My Master - Limited Edition Original Soundtrack (OST) Japanese
 Price: $25
Note: I think the Limited Edition includes the Sticker and Case as shown in the image. I just know that when I brought it, it was the Limited Version.
Shipping: £1 for UK and $6 for USA.

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 Japanese Game Cube Game (Includes Freeloader!!!) Price: $16
Note: This is the Japanese game that only works for the Japanese Game Cube! However! I have included Freeloader which simply enables any GC to work for any imported games! The manuel is inside and the instructions are in English. The case for Naruto is slightly worn, however, as you see from the image, not much can be seen of it.
Shipping: £1.90 for UK and $7 for USA.

Radio DJ CD Oh! NARUTO Nippon Japanese (Volume? Please check image.) Price: $5
Shipping: £0.60 for UK and $4 for USA.

The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (Shinshi Doumei Cross) Ribon Furoku Watch Price: $5

Shipping: £0.55 for UK and $3.70 for USA.