October 19th, 2007



GETBACKERS Notebook, Pin, & Sticker

FROM FAR AWAY English Manga Vols 1-14 (Complete Series Set!)

FULL MOON (O SAGASHITE) English Manga Vols 1-7 (Complete Series Set!)

MADARA English Manga Vols 1-5 (Complete Series Set!)

Kawaii shoes/accessories including PUCCA sneakers + purses, legwarmers, and toe socks!!


YAOI, Death Note, Pretear, Fruits Basket, Love Hina, Kingdom Hearts, Kyo Kara Maoh!, La Corda D'Oro, Shonen Onmyoji, Prince Of Tennis, Weiss Kreuz, Gashapons, PASH! magazine, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cardcaptor Sakura, Harukanaru Toki No Naka De, Peacemaker, DN Angel, and more!


Click the link for all the details! CHEERS! ^_^

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bishoujohenshin bishoujohenshin
bishoujohenshin bishoujohenshin

Updated 10.14 and 10.15 with a lot of new items including trading cards, keychains, cell phone straps, dolls, jewelry, clothing, cosplay and craft items, and much more. Come check it out and browse around.

Choose a $5 FREEBIE (or less) when you spend $30 or more before shipping.
Custom made items are always open for orders.

Check out my Yes! Pretty Cure 5 PP card lots on eBay.

Trades are limited to my wishlist only, unless I contact you first. Trying tp raise shopping funds for our trip to Tokyo in December. Thanks for understanding. ♥

Auctions ending!

Hey guys! My ebay auctions are ending in a few hours, so get your bids in now! It's a yaoi doujinshi blow-out sale!

What's left: Gundam Wing, FFX, Devil May Cry (comedy/shouen ai), Tenshi ni Narumon (rare series!)

There's also an artbook by Tomomi Kobayashi (of LotGH fame), a Kodansha Bilingual Comics version of Card Captor Sakura, and a deck of Ranma playing cards!

Click here for auctions!

HUGE SALE!! Help Me get rid of the rest!!

I'm really trying to get rid of this stuff and I'd rather not use Ebay.
I am selling the following:
Manga for 4 USD each or 2 for 6USD
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Figures
Ah! My Goddess Movie Figure Set
Digi Charat Trading Figures
Anime DVDs
Inu Yasha PSX Game
Many other Anime trading figures
A Brand New Pair of Shoes
First Year Newtype USA Issues (Many of which still contain the Premiums)
First Year Shounen Jump USA Issues
Selling Items for Cheap! Please Help Me get rid of all of this stuff!

Ps Anyone Who was interested in these items from previous post please let me know if you still are. So I may take your items and any other items I sold to the post office to send off. I am only able to walk to the post office once a week and I missed the chance to this week. So I would like to make sure you are wanting to purchase it so I can ship them all off at one time.
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I still have a lot of items for sale at my selling journal tao_boutique. If you see something you like but still think the price is too high, feel free to make an offer! All prices include shipping in the US!

I have items from...
Yu Yu Hakusho
Powerpuff Girls
Dragon Ball Z
Shaman King
Ah! My Goddess
Prince of Tennis
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Di Gi Charat
...and much more!

( click here to go straight to the anime post )

Or, go to tao_boutique's main page to check feedback, payment options, and look at my other items.

Thanks for looking! ^^

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Hello to all. I'm trying to earn a little money for birthday presents, so I'm trying to sell a few issues of Hana To Yume and other phonebook mangas. Most of these are in excellent condition, unless noted. And because these are quite heavy in weight, the price for shipping varies.  I can only accept concealed cash, sorry.  Images will be provided if asked.

Hana to Yume:

1/1/07 ISSUE #1 --- Gakuen Alice cover, there's a chapter of SB! inside it. ------ $6

1/20//07  ISSUE #3 --- Skip Beat! cover (Ren/Kyoko in winter clothing) ----- $6

9/25/07 SPECIAL --- This one's really fat, but the cover is ultra glossy, kind of reminds you of Animage (the magazine's) covering. W Juliet II is on the cover.  ------ $8


9/07 --- Lovely Complex cover (This is the issue that came with the last Chapter of Lovely Complex, though the chapter itself is not included). ------ $5


4/2005 --- Old Issue that still has Trinity Blood, Kyou Kara Maou, Battery, etc.  -----$3 

I also have a couple of old issues of Anime Insider, Beckett Anime-Collector, and Shounen Jump Issues that I'm dying to get rid of. They're free to those who are willing to pay for shipping.