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most of the games i'm selling (DS, SNES) are also listed on saladstore (they also have manga and anime related items), but on my personal journal i have some things for sale which are relevant to this community:

*naruto 2-5 japanese (bought in japanese daiei) (still have covers)
*naruto 6-12 english

anime expo 2007 june 29-july 2 magazine, signed by some fatass naruto voice actor named mary
anime inside magazine 46 july - beck's koyuki cover (from anime expo 2007)
first volume of the viz pokemon manga
large astro boy figurine (arm cannon, lights, etc) (9 dollars?)
naruto: three sound ninja figurines (ask for photos of other two)
vegeta saga i: dragonball z: saiyan showdown dvd (first 3 eps, japanese dialogue, extras)
*slightly hesitant about selling naruto series. anyone interested?

no photos, but will be posted immediately upon request. i keep my things in good condition, don't worry.
no feedback post yet. MAKE OFFERS. i'll be cheap with this stuff.

summary of items not relevant to garagesalejapan:
lots of games (DS, GBA, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2, GCN, PC)
onyx nintendo gamecube, broken black 2gb ipod nano, red creative nomad 128mb mp3 player
lord of the rings trilogy book, and quite a bit more
xxxholic / Moonlight

please, please, please buy

Alright everyone, I'm really desperate for money so as a special deal: FREE SHIPPING!

Manga - DVDs - Magazines - Books

* PayPal is my preferred method of payment, but I will accept Money Orders and/or Concealed Cash.
* I will not ship items until I receive payment.
* Sales are first come first serve.
* All items will be mailed out on the following Thursday or Friday.
* You can reach me at ivorykitten123@hotmail.com for any additional info.

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Cowboy Bebop Volumes 1 - 3
Condition: Fair (Slight wear on the cover and spine).
Price: $5 each

Duck Prince Volume 1
Condition: Fair (Slight wear on cover and spine).
Price: $5

Yoki Koto Kiku Volume 1

Condition: Fair
Additional Info: From the creator of Di Gi Charat
Price: $5

Angel Sanctuary Volume 1
Condition: Fair (Slight wear on cover and spine).
Price: $5


Dirty Pair Flash: Angels in Trouble (Episode 1-6)
Condition: Like New
Price: $10

X [TWO] (Episode 4-6)
Condition: Like New
Additional Info: Comes in a Limited Edition DVD Slip Case
Price: $12


Cure Vol. 32 - May 2006

Condition: Fair (slight wear on cover and spine)
Additional Info: Cover is bis; poster not included (sorry lol).
Price: $10

Cure Vol. 39 - December 2006

Condition: Like New
Additional Info: Cover is Miku of An Cafe; comes with a An Cafe poster that doubles as a board game (you cut the dice and game-pieces out from a separate page in the magazine).
Price: $12


Angel Sanctuary Postcard Book: Angelic Voice
Condition: Like New
Additional Info: Is missing 1 postcard, and another fell out but I still have it so I'll just send it with the book.
Price: $5

Kanji Starter 1
Condition: Fair (slight wear on the cover)
Price: $5 

This is a re-post (minus the items I've already sold); - I just didn't want to delete the original one because I'm not sure if the items have reached the buyers yet (I don't want them to think I'm just taking their money! lol).
I am somewhat uncomfortable.

doujin sale!

Hi guys! I decided that money is important to me and decided to sell off all my Full Metal Alchemist doujinshi. We.. we've had a good run together! But it's time to move on :(

They're priced at mostly 5-6 dollars, with only one at 10. Some are boylove (mostly of the Roy/Ed variety) but some are gen. :] I hope someone enjoys them as much as I have!

Sale Post Here, thank you for reading!

x-posted to just about everywhere.
UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!

Yuu Watase Merchandise/furoku on ebay (Plus Naruto!)

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that I have some auctions up on ebay right now for Yuu Watase merchandise. Cushions, Pins, Pencil board, furoku and Sho-comi clippings!
Series include:
- Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
- Alice 19th
- Fushigi Yuugi
- Imadoki!
- Ayashi no ceres(Ceres celestial legend)
- Zettai Kareshi(Absolute Boyfriend)

I am also selling a Naruto Ramen bowl as well! Please message me if you have any questions! I will do combined or shipping discount if you win one or more auctions!



I need to sell... shiz because I don't have any more room for other shiz and/or I no longer want these shiz. So, hopefully you have money to take this shiz away.

The kind of Shiz you will find:
-Jrock magazines
-Jrock CDs
-Jrock flyers
-Video Games
-Kaori Yuki

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cute octopus

Confidential Confessions

I now have two copies of Confidential Confessions Volume 1

Willing to:

  • Sell one copy (best offer! I'll accept cheap offers)
  • Trade for Confidential Confessions Volume 2 or stationery/cell phone charms (anyone got that Full Metal Alchemist Hello Kitty :x?) or anything else cute.

    If nothing shows up, I'm willing to buy CC Vol. 2 if anyone's got it. Pictures on request


    Selling two more of my posters that i have! All prices include shipping. no extra ^^

    Am selling everything away!! I really need to get rid of this stuff!!! all prices are in US and shipping is included in the price!!!!

    Have added more stuff, ancafe poster + LM.C poster from the new neo, also 2 brand new tshirts hangry&angry + japanese punk tee, still with tags.^^v ayabie, sendai kamotsu, Nightmare, UVERworld/Rag Fair poster, Ayumi Hamasaki calender posters. Gothic Lolita & Punk clothing, Emily the strange clothing. NEEDS TO GO!! ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING! ^^v


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    Clearing out my Manga!

    Hi! I still have my auctions on eBay for all kinds of manga! The last days are approaching fast^^ Please bid and take these off my hands! FREE SHIPPING TO US CUSTOMERS! 
    If you are looking for:

    Chobits Manga 1-8 Complete Set by CLAMP
    Ragnarok Manga 1-10 Complete Set by Myung-Jin Lee
    XXX Holic Manga 1-4 by CLAMP
    Mouryou Kiden 1 by Tamayo Akiyama
    Trigun 1-2 manga by Yasuhiro Nightow
    Paradise Kiss 1-5 by Ai Yazawa
    Sgt Frog 1-2 by Mine Yoshizaki
    Shaolin Sisters 1-3 by Narumi Kakinouchi
    Tsubasa 1&2 by CLAMP
    Until the Full Moon 1&2 Complete Set by Sanami Matoh
    Wish Manga 1-4 Complete Set by CLAMP
    Shirihime Syo Hardback by CLAMP
    Doll volume 1 Hardback by Mitsukaza Mihara
    Blade of the Immortal 1-5 & 14 by Hiroaki Samura
    Petshop of Horrors 1-6 by Akino Matsuri
    Mermaid Saga 1-4 by Rumiko Takahashi
    Immortal Rain 6 by Kaori Ozaki
    D&D Manual of the Planes & Dungeon Master's Guide
    Final Fantasy X-2: Theme - Game Music (CD 2003) [IMPORTED]

    Please go here:

    Thank you for looking!! I really appreiciate it!



    Please help me get rid of these! Lots of Asian fashion clothing (skirts, tops, leg warmers and more), Japanese school bag, ANNA SUI Dolly Girl Lotion and a great selection of Japanese stationaries! Take a look~

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    Payment accepted ONLY through concealed cash and postal money order.
    All items shipped from Houston, TX.
    Leave a comment if interested or email me at fantasy_luv102@yahoo.com
    My seller's feedback is here

    For Sale

    Please take a look at my stuff,I'm
    trying to bring in some extra cash.
    I can get pictures.
    If interested please comment or
    email me at: destiny0310[at]yahoo[dot]com
    i take paypal,money orders,concealed cash.
    will ship internationally

    Clamp X/1999 poker card deck
    Clamp x/1999 Kamui pencilboard
    Clamp x/1999 Kamui wallscroll

    Fushigi Yugi Eikoden OVA DVD

    Legal Drug  manga vol.1-2
    Wish Manga vol.1-4
    Ceres:Celestial Legend GN vol.1 &2
    Absolute Boyfriend Vol.1&2
    Ah My Goddess GN: Wrong Number                             
    Queen of Vengence
    Hot Gimmick S Novel
    Full Metal Alchemist GN vol.1
    Duck Prince vol.1

    Fruits Basket fanbook vol.1 Japanese Text
    Fruits Basket manga vol.1-10japanese text

    Sailormoon Animation Artbook
    Sailormoon mini bamboo wallscroll

    How to draw manga books:
    Maids & Maiko
    Bishoujo Around the World
    A Girl's Life Illustrated
    Manga Mania
    How To Draw Shoujo

    Pokemon Gold GBC game (instructional book included)
    CardCaptor Sakura :Clowmagic Import PS game
    Dragonball Final Bout Import PS game
    Devil May Cry -Greatest Hits version
    Soul Reaver PS game
    Tomb Raider PS game(there is no box)
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS Game
    Capcom vs. SNK PS game
    Inuyasha A Fedual Fairy Tale PS Game
    Soul Cailbur 2 Greatest Hits PS2

    Old days

    Doujinshi Sale

    Hello everyone!

    I'm selling a few Naruto and a Saiyuki doujinshi at my journal here:


    I've never sold anything . . .anywhere, XD, but I've been a buyer on Ebay so if you would like to "look me up" I'm seraphim_12