October 25th, 2007

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I'm going to go see BLOOD in February, and while I have their music, I'd like to own some CDs.
If anyone has any BLOOD CDs, I'd love to look at them. Please comment here or on my journal with pictures and prices!
Thank you!

Things for Sale

Wow, I haven't advertised in a while...

I'm not going to sob but for those who are curious, here's my situation. My family and I are in dire need of money, I am not able to attend yet another semester in college(I had to take this Fall off, and won't be able to attend for Spring '08). I live in a small town, so it's hard to find a job here, everything seems to be taken. I don't have a license, so I can't travel too far for work, much to my demise. Lol, I'm trying my best to get what Christmas gifts I could, the rest I'll have to make~

I have manga, anime dvds, anime figures, anime plushies and doujinshi. I also take commissions. Please take a look at my journal for more~

Do not hesitate to haggle or ask questions. I take money orders, well-concealed cash, and both CC-paypal & Non-CC paypal(a balance). Paypal preferred right now. =(

Contact me/send paypal payment to: otaku6@insightbb.com

~~Thank you~~
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obsolete_being is divine_decora

Okay, so I've suspected that obsolete_being is the new journal of divine_decora since August... but no definite proof.

I suspected because:
Same city (columbus, ohio) [info removed from her journal since Aug]
same policies (no international shipping unless EMS shipping) [info changed to NO Int'l shipping since buyers don't want to pay EMS]
same fandoms/pairings for doujinshi she sells (a lot the PoT djs she sells are the same ones that divine_decora was selling)
she's in 2 decora communities [she was in 2 in august, looks like only in one now]
clothing she sells is plus size (like divine_decora had)
also, I heard when she gives out info for money orders, she only gives out initials, not her full name. o.O

[] = changes in her info since August

But like I said, no definite proof... however, if she ever put up any Prince of Tennis Atobe plushies... she IS divine decora.

So today.... 2 months since I started suspecting, and 8 months after she scammed me of $95?... she put up the SAME 5 Atobe plushies. (she decided to delete everything in her journal and replace the posts calling me an anatomy part... - probably didn't want anyone else she scammed to recognize stuff they bought - but luckily I saved the page)
So here are the 5 atobe plushies I bought from her and that she's selling again. Collapse )

And the Prince of Tennis tote/purse I bought at the same time. Collapse )

And I'm not sure... but didn't someone buy a Kingdom Hearts Figure from divine_decora (around the same time as my purchases) that was never received? >_> Cause she had this for sale in her journal yesterday also:

Stuff she sold me that she never sent:

Naruto Jacket from Hot Topics (sold to someone else as obsolete_being)
Those 5 atobe plushies (in her obsolete_being journal now)
The PoT purse (in her obsolete_being journal now)
2 Naruto headband
a FMA hoodie
some (2 rolls) silver crafting wire

People are saying that I have something against her and am making this up cause of a personal vendetta or something... that it's just coincidence. But when do coincidences stop being a coincidence?

Sure, I'm not saying there are no other Atobe plushies available for sale anywhere... but they don't pop up often.. maybe one or two... but all FIVE at once?

And to have ALL FIVE of Atobe plushies I bought suddenly pop up along with the PoT purse (again, not saying it's the only PoT purse in the world, but it also doesn't show up often) by a seller who I earlier suspected of being divine_decora because of her PoT doujinshi (divine_decora and obsolete_being also seem very fond of Naruto djs also) and the Naruto jacket (not the only one in the world... but how often do you see them posted here?), policy, and then location... And here's the clincher... what HONEST SELLER WITH NOTHING TO HIDE WILL NOT GIVE OUT THEIR NAME?

Can you think of any reason an HONEST seller would just give out initials when giving out money order info to a buyer?

Her explanation for the initials: "4. I always put my initials because there are scary stalkers on the internet. Anyone who’s not a child knows better than to give out real name."

WORD FOR WORD. I kid you not. That sounds like BS to me. So you're worried about stalkers so you won't give out your name, but you'll give out your address?

Maybe I'm strange, but if I want to avoid stalkers and I had a choice, I'd sacrifice the name and keep my address secret. o.O

Like I said before... when does coincidence stop being coincidence?

Do I have a personal vendetta against obsolete_being? Well, I don't normally like people that steal from me. Let alone someone that stole $95 from me.


Selling two more of my posters that i have! All prices include shipping. no extra ^^

Am selling everything away!! I really need to get rid of this stuff!!! all prices are in US and shipping is included in the price!!!!

Have added more stuff, ancafe poster + LM.C poster from the new neo, also 2 brand new tshirts hangry&angry + japanese punk tee, still with tags.^^v ayabie, sendai kamotsu, Nightmare, UVERworld/Rag Fair poster, Ayumi Hamasaki calender posters. Gothic Lolita & Punk clothing, Emily the strange clothing. NEEDS TO GO!! ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING! ^^v


angel panty

Anime, Jrock and More!

While cleaning out my closet I found this huuuuuuuuuge box of stuff that I had set aside to sell and forgotten about, so here it is! I'm clearing out a bunch of anime/manga merchandise as well as big chunk of my Jrock CDs. Please take a look!

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

No trades, but the prices are flexible on most items! Shipping is not included in the listed prices. Paypal ONLY. I'll ship worldwide. Just leave a comment if you're interested in anything or have any questions!

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Hello everyone! I have created a new selling journal to list all of the items I have been selling. These items include manga, great fun clothing (Japanese Inspired Fashion included), anime, books, DVD's and more. And everything is super cheap with manga and clothing starting from only three dollars!

So please check out my store:

Ayashi No Ceres, Fake, Gravitation, Loveless, Rin!, more yaoi manga, new dresses and much more!


[Sale] Pre-owned Japanese Audio CDs

Im selling several CDs. 2 USD off on 10 USD and 12 USD marked CDs.

Here's the list of the artist:

AI,Aikawa Nanase, Aiko, Ami Suzuki, Aya Ueto, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Bonnie Pink,Double,Euhara Takako,Hikaru Utada, Hitomi,Mai Kuraki,Misia, Namie Amuro
Fukuyama Masaharu,Gackt,HYDE,Ken Hirai,Ryuichi Kawamura,T.M. Revolution
Access, B’z,BUCK-TICK,Day after tomorrow,Every Little Thing,EXILE,Kome Kome Club, L’Arc-en-Ciel,Love Psychedelico,Luna Sea,m-flo,Mongol800, Mr. Children, My Little Lover, Nicotine,Orange Range,Porno Graffitti,Princess Princess, Rip Slyme,Sads,Sophia,Spitz,Southern All Stars, Sugar Soul,The Brilliant Green,The Gospellers, The Yellow Monkey, TUBE
JE Related Stuffs
KinKi Kids,SMAP
Gomatto,Hello Project,Morning Musume,SPEED

To view the items, pls visit my selling journal...amane_nakashima 

Many items for sale, willing to take offers!

I have many items for sale in my journal including:
English language manga (Alice 19th complete set + others)
Vinyl Syndicate vol. 9
CDs from Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, and Hello!Project
A Rilakkuma Keychain and ,any other goods.

I am also taking offers on VHS from the following series:
Sailor Moon
Magical ProjectS/Prettty Sammy
Wrath of the Ninja

Please take a look at: melirose_sales

I need advice!

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but I really need advice in this situation 0_0

I just opened my store last week, and a girl wanted to buy 2 of my mangas, but since I don't have any feedback she asked me to send them first (I was going to offer that but she beat me to it..). She would be my first sale, but I have sort of a bad feeling about this, she doesn't have any information/entries in her LJ. I'm actually selling them for my little sisters and would feel horrible if I just gave them away. So my question is, should I go ahead and sell them to her? I don't know, maybe this kind of situation happens alot and it works ok, I just want to make sure. 

Thanks in advance! =D