November 10th, 2007

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Prices lowered, Jrock posters added

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Serial Experiments Lain Lunch Box

Hi everyone --

I found this community searching for Serial Experiments Lain, and noticed that the community profile says that eBay listings are permitted here. I feel a little sheepish about advertising my auction, but this really is one of those VERY out of print items that comes up quite rarely, and someone in this community might be looking for the original Lain lunch box, with all four DVDs, the Boa "Duvet" single, and full-size metal carrying case. If you or someone you know is interested, I would appreciate it if you passed the word along.

Thanks for looking!

Auction link:


Anime and RPG Collectibles! Direct to you!

Hello everyone! Christmas Time is closing near!

I've got new items over at my Online Store, Angelchan-Sales!

Angel Sanctuary Art Book II Lost Angel [Japanese] by Kaori Yuki

Pikachu Plush Dolls various ones, including the rare Friends plush!

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core PSP Like new!

Cloud Strife Kotobukiya Statue Complete in box.

Haibane Renmei GENEON DVD Complete R1 ENGLISH SET w/Artbox! All 4 discs and art box, original R1 set!

and more!

RPGs, Anime, and Manga Collectibles at

I accept Paypal and ship to the US and Canada!

Feedback links on Livejournal AND EBAY are in my Shop FAQ!

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Only through now Monday, November 11-- all priority shipping 20% off! (Meaning get your items faster and cheaper!)

FREE SHIPPING FOR THE FIRST TWO USERS TO PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND USING INSTANT PAYPAL! (comment on this post with what you want, NOT in my journal!)

All prices negotiable!

-Petshop of Horrors, 1-6 for $20, shipping included
-Cute Pochacco planner, $3
-All non-holo Yu-Gi-Oh cards .05 <---- That's a NICKEL! All will come in a large, protective sheet. Buy more, and price goes down even lower!
-Inu-Yasha 1st season (epi 1-36) + movie for $18
-ALL ENGLISH MANGA $4.50, $3.75 with purchase of three or more

-D.N.Angel sticker tin
-BPAL imps, being posted as I go through them, $2
-Fruits Basket posters, $4
-Asuka magazines (telephone book-sized!), $4

-Lovely, deep emerald-green collar and cuff set. It's comfortable and malleable, has suede (I believe) on the back for added comfort, and in cool to the touch on both sides. Even more, it's only been worn once! I'm sad to let this go, as the manufacturer is no long in existence, but I don't have anything green.

Gothic and Lolita
-Gothic and Lolita Bible vol 18, $15
-Hime gloves (powder pink, opera length)

=D I'll be adding more later on today!


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Little Hana &amp; Vivi


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Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows a E-Bay seller under the username: dark_schneider8 

I need to get something from his Ebay store as an Christmas present for someone I know. Please help me. >_<

I want to contact the seller and tell him I'm interested in something and also ask him some questions, but unfortunately, I can't bid on international auctions nor interact with the sellers due to not verifying a debit card. (My parents does not allow me to verify it). Just a note, I live in Malaysia.

So, if anyone knows the seller, can you please give me his email address or tell him to contact me ASAP at: hillary_samantha[at]hotmail[dot]com


Ebay auctions ending and Sales post updated

I have some ebay auctions ending in about 2 days (40-48 hours)

Series include: Saiyuki, Kyoh Kara Maou, Fushigi Yuugi, and of course Yaoi promo and furoku items.
I will be adding new stuff to my Ebay store and auctions every 2-3 days, so please check back often!

I've also updated my sales page with lot of new stuff!
New items include:
Ouran Host Club Clear Book Cover, Furoku Magnets, Eyeglass Wipe, Comb and Mirror Set, Memo Pad
La Corda Clear Book Cover and Cel Phone Screen and Sticker set
Hikaru no Go Metal Keychains
Harukanaru Toki No Nakade De Memo Pad
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru Cel Strap Kit
Vampire Knight Furoku Memo Sheet
Nakayoshi Calendar and Furoku Lot
Unknown Anime Pins
Does anyone know which series these pins are from? >_>

Yaoi Merchandise Section Just Updated!

Lots of Kisaragi Hirotaka and Enjin Yamimaru!
100+ Postcards
90+ Bookmarks
32 Clear Files
2 Artbooks
1 Promo Clear Bag/Tote

Also still taking trades on my Yaoi goodies! (more to come soon... like in a few hours since I'll start scanning now XDD) ~ Just updated <3