November 13th, 2007

[WANTED] Girl Pop Singles

Hey everyone!

Another request~

This time I'm looking for Soran Happies - Odore! Soran Para Para, any singles by PIPO Angel's, and Abe Asami - Our Song Limited Edition. I am willing to either buy or trade for these singles!

Please leave me a comment here if you can help (^_______^) Thank you!
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Cure Vol. 50?

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has Cure Volume 50 (November 2007)? 

I believe it has Kisaki on the cover, and Versailles on the back. Looking to buy...I've only been able to find it on UK sites, and the GBP is so expensive right now...

I can pay by paypal. Thanks~!

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want fruits!

heya comm~~

i'm looking for issues of fruits.
any really.

i am not interested in the large compilation books or on the issues burned to cd, however.
only real magazines.


(no subject)

I have a bunch of new items I need to get rid of!

But first, I have a copy of Versailles "The Revenant Choir" (male only version) listed on eBay here.

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I only accept non-CC PayPal. All items don't include shipping, for an accurate estimate, please leave me a comment with your zipcode or email me at nymira(at)comcast(dot)net. And please, feel free to haggle prices, but keep it reasonable!

Store Updated - Lots of New Stock - Anime/Manga Furoku, Yaoi, Shitajiki etc


Lots of Anime/Manga Furoku/Promo items have been added - this includes post cards, mobile phone straps, phone cards, key chains, doujinshi, clear files, shitajiki, trading cards

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$1 Posters!!!!
Ghost in the Shell, Saiyuki, Galaxy Angel Z and much much more...

Series includes (but not restricted to)
- Sailor Moon
- Saiyuki
- Kaikan Phrase
- Loveless
-Ouran High School Host Club
- Kyo Kara Maoh!
- Gakuen Alice
- CLAMP series
- Code Geass
- Gundam series
- Ghost in the Shell
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Fruits Basket
- Princess Princess
- Gakuen Heaven (BL)
- Velvet Blue Rose
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Saiunkoku Monogatari

- Buy/trade with things from my shop and go into a draw for a Christmas Gift
- Multibuy offers
- Freebies!!


Help me get rid of all this manga!!!

I have a rather large stash of manga both from my personal collection and from the stock of a store I used to own. If anyone is interested, I am only asking 2.50 a book + actual shipping. I prefer you get more than just 1 book, especially since it saves alot of trouble and money on shipping. Anyhow, it's up to you, but if you are interested, please e-mail me at

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Thanks again for everyone's patience with my lack of understanding on LJ programming/etiquete

For anyone waiting for books to come in, please check your e-mail box for tracking numbers. I have turned off further comments on this listing because I have reposted an updated list more recently on LJ and it is easier to keep up with e-mails than LJ posts.