November 17th, 2007

IN DIRE NEED OF MONEY! (but who isn't?)

  • $500 credit card bill
  • $300 puppy vet bill
  • christmas
  • my doll obsession
    =...please buy my stuff?

100s AND 100s OF ITEM FOR SALE!!!
  • japanese fashion magazines
  • shopping services
  • kawaii lots/grab bags
  • adorable korean and japanese pencils, pens, and notebooks
  • tons of anime dvds, figurines, FREE posters, manga...
  • FREE trading cards
  • super cute jewelry, makeup, lotions, and LOTS of clothing
  • lots of sanrio goods added
  • brand name punk clothing (lip service, dogpile...)
  • hentai, hentai dating sims + more gaming stuff
  • TONS of comics
  • + lots more!
  • FREE stuff available with every purchase
  • will DEFINITELY give discounts on multiple items

Japanese street fashion-Banana fish at low price!

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shoulder to shoulder:43cm

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Price is stated in USD.
All items are new.
Most items are without tags.

Shipping to worldwide: $10 for 1 item,$15 for 2 items,$20 for 3 items
All items are shipped from Hong Kong.
Shipping usually takes 7-14days.
The item will be shipped within 5 business days.

Concealed cash (at buyer's risk)


hk yahoo auction:

A girl and her lion

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Been a while since I pimped my friend's and my selling journals. And I'm really scrapping for cash(poor college student time, boo! D: Japanese study tools and Photography supplies are seriously not cheap T___T). Sorry I don't have any spiffy graphics to draw anyone in. D: We've got manga, anime, video games, and random anime/manga merchandise, etc. Please look around! ^^

My selling journal is here. *will only accept trades for certain items*

My friends(which I also run) is here. *no trades*

animefreek500/asianbeauty_007/ ...update

So out of nowhere I got my trade items and the items i purchased from her today. I have no idea where this sudden change in character came about (my friend said the ghost of christmas past visited her ^_^). Either way I'm pretty excited about it and if she sees this, thank you so much for fixing your mistake.
seal pup

just selling a few manga

A few things I am SELLING are:
All manga I sell are in English only, and top condition/read once.
6$ each.
Jazz volume 2 (yaoi)
Hellsing volumes 1-2
Our Kingdom volumes 1-2 (yaoi)

4$ each:
Ceres volume 2
Chrno Crusade volume 1

Death volume 1 (manga version of N. Gaiman's Sandman)
Fushigi Yuugi volume 11
Ragnarok volumes 1-2

Shipping is 3$ for 1-2 books, 4$ for 3-4, and 5$ for any more than that.
I will also take trades (list below), but I'm trying to save up for some Tyki doujinshi!

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mika nakashima

PRICES LOWERED! (12012 and MUCC DVDs, singles, posters, Dir en grey)

Selling the following:

12012 Created Movie II - Modern Films DVD
12012 Shudder single
12012 Shine promotional posters
MUCC Ryusei single
MUCC Nihon Budokan Live 666 DVD
Dir en grey Hairo no Ginka volume #35 and #36
Dir en grey posters

These REALLY need to go before my trip! Prices lowered considerably, have a look at my selling journal, sky_church, thanks! :)
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Two Sexpot Items For Sale

I am currently selling a pair of Sexpot Revenge brand pants as well as a tshirt. The pants are the Root out 3/4 Length Pair, pictured below, in size medium, and the Tshirt is the Punx Soul shirt, in medium, also pictured below. I am asking $100 for the pants (retail $115) and $20 for the shirt (retail $26). I accept paypal and the items are in good condition. Winner to pay shipping.



please email me at for further questions :)

Pikachus for sale!

Pikachu Plushies

Anyone interested in these? I really am not a Pikachu fan, but got these in lots that had Mew stuff I wanted.

The first is a Friends Plush (that I have on hand and images of the back and front) and the second is a UFO Catcher (fairly big, I'm assuming, I should get it in the mail any day now. I think its a tafetta (sp?) like material).

I'm taking offers on both!

Please comment if interested. =)
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache


 I still have merchandise from my journal that I need to get rid of!

xSailor Moon Chix Comics [Full size]
xSailor Moon VHS
xSailor Moon folder
xSailor Moon Sticker Sheet[s]
xSailor Moon Mixx Novel
xCard Captor Sakura Manga by CLAMP
xDigimon Digi-vices
xDoremi Wands
xTrigun Keychain
xHello Kitty clear puch & Mint case

I'm also thinking of adding 2 bootlegs of S and Super S [Bilinguial]
Anyone interested? I'm up for buy/trades

You can find all these items here in my journal: hurricaneserena
GaGa [ Headphones ]

Looking for....

Hey all! I'm looking for Pretear DVD's! I traded with garagesaleleann and got the first DVD totally on a whim, and now I love it!! xDD It's just that right kind of random/gayness I love %D

So.....anybody looking to part with vol.2, 3 & 4? Name your price as long as it isn't ridiculous and absolutely everything in my journal (except for the Fable game) is up for trades so.......yeah :D

the fact that I find Hayate hot is not affecting my decision making skillz

Also, not yet listed @ my journal are Peach Girl manga volumes 4 & 8 of the smaller release. The person I bought them from lied to me and said they were the larger release when they shipped them, and.....well, they're not :/ So they are up for grabs as well for $5.00 each shipped, which is a dollar less each than what I paid for them.

Edit: Also Hellsing vol. 1 for $5.00 shipped and Trigun vol. 1 & 2 $6.00 each shipped (since they're bigger and heavier x_X) or $11.00 for both.

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Crazy Sales Promotion


- For 2 lucky/fast people 
  - 1st person to make purchase/comment with their list of items 50% off the Total cost of ALL items.
  - 2nd person gets 20% off.

Read My Announcement comments for further details!!!

LOTS of anime/manga merchandise/furoku/promos

Anime/Manga Merchandise from
Series includes (but not restricted to)
- Saiyuki
- Kaikan Phrase
- Loveless
-Ouran High School Host Club
- Kyo Kara Maoh!
- Gakuen Alice
- CLAMP series
- Code Geass
- Gundam series
- Ghost in the Shell
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Fruits Basket
- Princess Princess
- Gakuen Heaven (BL)
- Velvet Blue Rose
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Saiunkoku Monogatari

- Buy/trade with things from my shop and go into a draw for a Christmas Gift
- Multibuy offers
- Freebies!!

PoT: whatsoever we do

Selling doujinshi, bromides, and more!

Want to purchase some holiday gifts? :D

Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Hellsing doujinshi...oh my!

Hello there! I am a new seller and I just opened my selling journal. I have quite a few doujinshi for sale as well as bromides, trading cards, a couple shitajiki, some DVDs, t-shirts, and old Animerica issues.

***Every order comes with freebies, and if you purchase certain items, they come with special freebies!*** (details @ my selling journal)

Please help me raise some money for the holidays! Thank you!


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Lost Universe

I'm selling Lost Universe volumes 4+5 on DVD. $5 each or $8 for both.

They're in good condition, I got them from Anime North this year, but I'm not interested in hunting for the others, so I'm getting rid of them. ^^;

I'll be shipping from Canada.

I can also take pictures if you're interested. ^^
vanilla ice

Ebay Auctions ending in 20-24 hours


Ending in 20-24 hours:
Saiyuki Promo Clock
Saiyuki Clear Postcards Set
Ouran and La Corda Clear Book Covers Set
Ouran Magnets Set
Nitta Clear File
Takanaga Hinako Clear File

Ending in 2-3 days:
Kyou Kara Maou Promo "Not For Sale" Rice/Soup Bowl
Saiyuki 70 Mini Cards Set
Saiyuki Poker Cards in Tin Case
Enjin Yamimaru Promo Clear File
Takaku Shouko Promo Clear File

Ending in 7 days:
Yamame Ayano Promo Clear File (not the Crimson Spell one XD)
Myoujin Tsubasa Promo Clear File
Saiyuki Reload Clear File
Saint Beast Promo Pencil Board (the yellow one)

Selling 32 Issues of Newtype USA

Hi there. I'm selling 32 Issues of Newtype USA on eBay right now, starting with the Nov. 2002 issue and ending with July of '05. The only issue missing is May of '03. Please check it out here:

Bidding starts at $70 and you can buy it now for $150.