November 18th, 2007


Online Garage Sale! Tons of Stuff!

Fat Cat's Garage Sale!!!

I've recently finished organizing my selling journal! I have a lot of rare Jrock items, some autographed, SailorMoon stuff, manga for cheap, TONs of fruits clothes, and jewelry for incredibly cheapVideo game items/magazines and a 21 cm VOLKS doll

Custom handmade items are also in my journal, and I can make more or replicate anything in my journal upon request! Thank you!

Please go here for sales!

All of my items are available for combined shipping! Thank you!

I only accept paypal, so if you can't use paypal, I'm sorry, I can't help you!




Jrock posters
(UVERworld, SID, Kagrra, Nightmare etc...)
Jrock mags
(Arena, Shoxx, Cure)

Jrock flyers
Kra, Nightmare, SuG, Lolita 23q, 12012)

10% off shipping for orders under $10

25% off shipping for orders $10-$15
50% off shipping for orders $15-$20

Sale lasts till the end of the month!!
I take PP (cc & non-cc), MO, and concealed cash.
mad prince

Costumes Clearance!!!

Cosplay Costumes

~~~~Reira (NANA) $150~~~
Includes gloves, choker, and dress.

~~~~Cafe Kichijouji uniform - $40~~~~
Includes vest, shirt, and apron.

~~~~Orpherus (Meine Liebe) $80~~~~
Includes cape, coat, cravat and pants.

~~~~Sha (Dream of Doll) - $160 ~~~~
Includes caplet, coat, arm warmer, and pants.

~~~~Shiki (Togainu no Chi) - $60~~~~
Includes jacket, arm band and pants.

For each costume you buy, I'd throw in a secret gift for you. It could be another costume, a prop, a punk item, or a wig.

Other things

Brown PVC pants - $12

Straw Hat - $5

All clothing should fit a M-sized, around 170 cm tall and with a 26 - 28 inch waist. The Reira dress can fit someone a couple of sizes bigger.
All prices include shipping by standard registered air mail. Please comment to ask for EMS shipping prices.

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Help Please!

I've been looking everywhere for any place that sells Keitais online. Just recently realized how much nicer Japanese mobile phones are and was hoping there was someone/somewhere that I could purchase one (that supports English as well XD) online.

Any help please? I tried going through NTT Do Mo Co, Kyocera and such, but they only sell their products in Japan ;-;

Any help is great, thanks guys!
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Usagi And Seiya-Heart-By my Haruka

(no subject)

I'm selling my Usagi high school uniform for 50.00 i paid 75.00 for it.
Reason i'm selling.
1: I need the money
Measurement: The waist is exactly 39 inches and the bust is 36. the sleeves measure at 11 maximum in circumferance.
Costume comes with Skirt and Shirt with sailor Collar and brooch.
It was made for me by an old friend of mine named kat.
It's in great condition.only worn one time to anime expo 2007!

I am also Selling a lovely anime version Neo queen serenity grown for 85.00 it's in good condition with a little bead work needed done on the bodice where the beads fell off on the left breast. i oigally paid 200.00 for it so it's a bargin at 85.00
Buyer to pay shipping and handling! I ship all my items by priority mail.

pics below the cut.
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My sister and I created a selling website called MomijiWorld
You can buy from the website or from this journal


The website is incomplete but it has stuff that I don't have listed and I have stuff that the website does not have listed, so please take a look at both pages. 


* Cell Phone Straps * Nail Art * Manga / Graphic Novel * DVDs * CDs * Magazines * Pencil Boards / Shitajiki * Stationary * Anime Merchandise *







Willing to take trades. All prices are in USD and INCLUDES shipping cost if you live in the USA. PAYPAL and CASH AT OWN RISK. Please note, if you are using paypal It will take a few weeks for me to access the money. I need to have it sent via check, cause the bank is evil and wont deposit the money into my account anymore.

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Pokemon game for DS

I have the Japanese version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and the Japanese guidebook...anyone interested? I finished the main game, but I'm not enough of a hardcore gamer to do all the post-game stuff. Looks too hard for me! So, if anyone is interested, please email me at: tonfamaster @ (minus the spaces)

I also have the English version of Pokemon Ranger and the English guide.

These items will be coming from Japan. If you buy just games, the shipping will be reasonable. Not sure about if the books are included...but it still shouldnt be too bad.

Email me and let's make a deal!
Dean Blows


Okay, so I'm in a bit of a bind; my brother REALLY wants a Nintendo Wii for Xmas and so I'm trying to save up via selling some of my old anime merchandise to get him one. I've got my Unopened Aya artbook up for sale and POSSIBLY my Viewfiender volumes 1-3, depending on whether I like the offers or not (I kind of don't want to part with them still. >>) But at the same time I kind of just got them as a collector since I have the electronic copies of it all, and thought that someone more passionate than me might be able to give them a good home?

Anyway, if you're interested, please check it out here:

I'm at home in TX for Thanksgiving right now and so I have all the stuff at hand; I'll have it until Tues, Nov 27th, when I need to go back to CA. I'd really rather not bring it back with me, so please let me know if you want the item/s before then. ^_^

DN - Ryuk ringo

Big poster sale! BLEACH & Prince of Tennis

Hello! I've got many BLEACH (Ichigo, Rukia, and all 13 captains) and Prince of Tennis (Tezuka, Atobe, Oshitari, Shishido, Sanada) posters up on eBay. They're all official goods from Japan and the BLEACH posters are especially rare.

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Please check out my auctions here --> eBay ID: crosswithyou

I also have a BLEACH movie 2 flier ad and a very rare Crimson Spell postcard book illustrated by Yamane Ayano up for auction!
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seal pup

Items never came in...

I know this isn't really a big deal, as I only spent 5$ or so on this, but did anyone else purchase stickers from sora_no_kagami a couple of months ago?

Original selling post here

I sent the money two and a half months ago and never received the items. I emailed her maybe three weeks after I first sent the money and asked what was going on, and she told me that Mexico-America mail is very slow. I can understand a few weeks, even a month. But ten weeks? She will no longer respond to my emails or comments.

It's pretty clear that she has abandoned LJ, or at least that account. I really can't imagine it's a scam (because scamming people on 2$ items just seems a waste of time to me...), but if you ever bought something from her, please let me know, whether it came or not!

NAME A PRICE! need to sell!!


Im in desperate need to get rid of this stuff!!  all you need to add to your offer is $4 USD for shipping! ($10US for magazines)

Am selling everything away!! I really need to get rid of this stuff!!! all prices are in US! 


have also got them up for auction on:

Have added more stuff, Nightmare postcard/ Double sided Nightmare+Ayabie poster from ZY VOL.37, neo genesis Nightmare poster, 2 CURE VOLUMES (phantasmagoria & sadie),  HEAPS of Ayumi Hamasaki calender posters, plus "SECRET" B2 promotional poster, the GazettE Nil Sticker, FRUiTS Dec 07 issue. more Gothic Lolita & Punk clothing, Emily the strange clothing. NEEDS TO GO!! OFFER ME A PRICE!! (reasonable of course!!)

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Sale~ and WTB!

Early sale before Christmas over at my journal~ If you spend above $50, you'll get 10% off the total!!
Some prices were already reduced as well.
I ONLY take paypal from now on(both CC and non-CC)!

Also I know it's a long shot but I'm looking to buy or trade(if you want) Moi meme Moité Iron gate skirt(or OP) or Gothic Arch skirt. Preferrably in black & blue but I'd take black & white as well.
I'm also looking to buy any Moi dix Mois pamphlet or pages.


Anime stuff 4 sale!

I need money for rent... So i may add stuff later.. but for now all this must go ASAP! Please make offers!!

Naruto Pocket Watch (in original box and tin case jsut needs a batterie)


Megaman Vol 1-9

Tokyo Mew Mew Vol 1-7 (Complete)

HANDS OFF! Vol 1-6

YuGiOh Vol 1 (Foil Cover)

Inuyasha vol 3-4

Kingdom Hearts 2-3

I shall Never Return Yaoi (Jap w/subs Media Blasters)

Helling Vol 1 and 2 (Geneon)

Megaman NT Warrior Vol. 1 Jack In! (Viz)

Trigun VHS Complete Eng release

Gamecube Megaman Network Transmission

PS2 Zatchbell Mamodo fury (Sealed)

PS2 One Piece Pirates Carnival (Sealed)

(no subject)

Slayers and Pokemon doujinshi, Jpop CDs/DVDs, Dollfie Christmas clothes, more! CLICK ON PICTURE! If auctions do not show, refresh page or check back soon!

Or check out my website at