November 23rd, 2007

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Looking for..

Clamp in 3-D Land figures:

(I have the following:

Syaoran (both the CCS and Tsubasa incarnations)
Tomoyo (CCS)
Yasha-ou (RG Veda)
the dude from Legal Drug
Kohaku (Wish)
Hinata (the kid with the teddy bear)
Yuuko (XxXholic)

I'd be interested in pretty much any others, though I would love Fai (Tsubasa) and Chii (Chobits), as well as Subaru and Seishiro (Tokyo Babylon).
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Hey there! I'm cleaning out some of my less-loved J-affiliated things so consider giving them a good home!

I have for sale:

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All of my items come from a SMOKE FREE home.
I accept PAYPAL, money orders or cash ( AT YOUR OWN RISK). Money orders must clear before I ship out.

I don't have a selling journal, but my Ebay feedback can be found HERE


More Goodies!

Yes, I'm back and have more stuff to sell. I have: JRock, Cure Magz, Manga, Anime, Video games Shoes, Clothes, Cell phone holder, pencils, just about anything you can think of. All good gifts for someone! Everything I have is like new, unless other wise noted. And if you like, I'll even gift wrap it for you. ^-^! So please stop by my store~ ♥~

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$7 shipped/each for all books! Brand new condition

Image Hosted by

The Devil Within Vol 1 by Go!Comi
Baku by Tokyopop
Flock of Angels Vol 1 by Aurora
Nabi the Prototype by Tokyopop

More manga here!

Buy 5 books or more and I'll throw in some freebies and some discounts~!
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I just made a sale post on my own journal today. There are a few DVDs (anime), Video Games (anime-related and RPG), quite a few manga, and a few miscellaneous items (plushies, artbooks, comics, etc).

Feel free to make offers, although please take note that I'm only accepting buyers in the U.S. currently. Details and merchandise can be found here.

sale @ boatonland!

Please take a look! :) Everything comes from a smoke-free environment and is in dire need of a good home <3 Paypal only for the time being, please!

Kare Kano vol. 1-2
Kamikaze Girls
Q-ko Chan vol. 1
Mobile Suit Gundam SeeD vol. 4
xxxHolic vol. 1-8
Yakitate!! Japan vol. 1
Peach Girl vol. 2-3 (reads left to right)
Urusei Yatsura comics 4-6 (produced by Viz Manga)
Gundam Wing comics 2-4 (produced by Mixx Manga)

anime merchandise
Love Hina shitajiki (pencil board) x2
Serial Experiments Lain tin box
Gundam Wing playing card deck
Sailor Moon playing card deck

anime trading cards/merchandise/vhs
Tenchi Muyo! Episode 1 VHS
Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure VHS
Haunted Junction Vol. 1 VHS (ep. 1-2)
Gall Force 1 New Era VHS (ep. 1)

I'll be updating from time to time. Please check out boatonland for more info! (x-posted to various comms)
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Moi Meme Moitie pants

I'm selling my Moi Meme Moitie pants because the only time they ever fit me was when I was poor and not eating properly! They are in excellent condition, having been worn only a few times. I couldnt find them on the Moitie shop homepage, so maybe they are no longer available..?

Details: Item number EGA-47273. Size: "Man". Wide and straight-leg black pants with 3 Moitie buttons at the top. Simple, yet elegant.

Price: Hoping for about $50 or so, considering the original price was well-over double that. Buyer pays for shipping from Japan, as well. Shipping cost depends on your preferred shipping method.

I dont have a feedback section on LJ, but on eBay, you can see I have a high positive feedback rating. User name: kawaii-hyde

Please send email to: tonfamaster @ (minus the spaces)
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! We're here to announce that the first issue of Five For magazine is on sale now! Five For is a brand new, English language magazine for fans of Japanese Music.
Our first issue features Mix Speaker's Inc, RENTRER EN SOI, fashion designer Takuya angel, マァマァサ☆ムゥ, Acid Black Cherry, a Christmas live schedule, DIY projects, fashion tips and more!
The magazine is available via the website or snail mail, and makes the perfect holiday gift.
Check it out here!

T.M.Revolution Perfect Bible 3, Tonari no Shibafu

I'm selling T.M.Revolution's "Tonari no Shibafu" as seen here on Tonari amazon page.

I can take pictures but the book is in perfect condition and I'm afraid to damage it. It includes a CD but I have not listened to it because I didn't open the packaging.

$25.00 shipped with the United States.

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I can accept non-CC paypal. Please email me at

atomic kitten

eBay: Buck-Tick, X Japan, Pierrot, Ba-tsu by Kyo (Deg), VK flyers

I'm starting my annual eBay holiday sale tonight, and will be continuously listing auctions for the next 2 weeks. All auctions start at 99 cents, and only one auction has a modest reserve price. All auctions are also private, which means only I as the seller can see the bidder's username.

Right now, I'm selling the following:
2 Buck-Tick DVDs
the first six Buck-Tick CD singles
B-T merch bags
Soft Ballet flyer from 1992

Seth et Holth 1st press VHS (with bonus DVD)
X Japan box set
autographed Yoshiki poster

Gackt's 1st CD release
a Gackt/Dears/Moon Child lot
5 Malice Mizer videos (most 1st press)

Pierrot CD

Ba-tsu by Kyo (Dir en grey) shirt

36 visual kei flyer lot (with Moi dix Mois, hurts, Pumpkin Head, Phantasmagoria, etc)

Thank you!

[SALE] Everything has to go!!

I added more items over at candypophorror!! Everything HAS to go.


Flyers; Buy 10 GET ONE FREE. Buy 20 GET 2 FREE. etc.

VK/PUNK/ROCK CLOTHING. All items are from Japan! ◆Sexpot Revenge/h.Naoto/Putumayo/Algonquins◆


JROCK/VK MERCHANDISE ◆Mask & adding items! ◆


Please check soon again, for I'll be adding items daily!
I can combine shipping WITH discount. Please read the -information post- for more info.

Thank you!
Caiel Grey

Fool's Mate december issue

hi.. im new here... and is in need of monies.

am seling my december of fool's mate magazine..

it has ancafe as the cover. inside includes ALice Nine, Luna Sea, Nightmare, Miyavi, Gackt.. and lots more other stuff... D:

i'm selling at 10USD... :) not inclusive of shipping.

here's the cover..
Image Hosting by

its brand new.. in good condition. i only opened it to flip thru a bit.. but that's it.. :)

pls email me if interested.. :)