November 24th, 2007


For Sale: Kyou Kara Maou Sheep Plushies, BL Shitajiki, Tenipuri J-Minis, Loveless Promo Clock

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Item Location: Singapore

Payment: Non-Credit/Debit Card Paypal. Bank transfer for locals.

Shipping: Buyer's choice of either international shipping via registered airmail or via EMS. Rates will vary depending on shipping method and destination country.

Feedback: Here, and also kiradyn_rhiode on ebay. I've completed far more transactions--including high-value sales--on other forums (mainly BJD/doll forums) like Den of Angels.

Huge Store UPDATE!!! - Anime/Manga/Shoujo/Yaoi merchandise, furoku, promos

I'm still updating - there's really way too much stuff - ALL LOOKING for a GOOD HOME!!!

Updates in Anime/Manga merchandise/furoku, Yaoi, Shitajiki sections!!!!

Here's a sneak peak at What's New!!! -- A Lot more in shop - please click on photo to enter.

ALL Promotions will end with Shop closure this year!!! Get yourself in the draw for your Christmas Gift (see announcement for details)

Anime/Manga Merchandise from
Series includes (but not restricted to)
- Sailor Moon
- Saiyuki
- Kaikan Phrase
- Loveless
-Ouran High School Host Club
- Kyo Kara Maoh!
- Gakuen Alice
- CLAMP series - X, MKR, Souryuden, CCS, RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa
- Code Geass
- Gundam series
- Ghost in the Shell
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Fruits Basket <-- Lots updated
- Princess Princess
- Gakuen Heaven (BL)
- Velvet Blue Rose
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Saiunkoku Monogatari
- Prince of Tennis
- Fullmetal Alchemist


Chrno Crusade vol. 6

Help, please! I'm currently looking around for <b>Chrno Crusade vol. 6: Devil's Advocate</b> and none of the stores around me have it in stock at all! I'm looking to buy it for perhaps $15 to $20 and then we can add in the shipping and handling for the item. Also, I can <i>only</i> pay with <b>concealed cash.</b> I do not own a Paypal account and I am only seventeen. Any help is appreciated!
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Jared &lt;&gt; Winner

Early Christmas Shopping?

dwaejiii is having a special early Christmas shopping sale. ALL posters are $5. Shipping is $10 no matter what amount you buy under 15! The more you buy, the more you save!! Note that these posters are NOT the pinups you find that come with magazines! These are all printed on better quality paper, and are bigger than the usual pinups!

This speacial also applies for the magazines, manga, and anime!.

 item                price              shipping
magazines       $8 each        $10 for any amount 5 and under
manga            $4 each         $8 for any amount 8 and under
anime             $6 each         $9 for any amount 8 and under

*the above prices are for buyers in the US

This offer ends December 17th!

Posters | Magazines | Misc. | Manga | Anime | CDs

Tons for sale! Need money! Make offers if you want! Please come look!

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Please come take a look! I'm moving really soon, so I need this stuff out of the house!!!
Lots of clothing, 3 formal dresses, manga, sailor moon stuff, kimono figurines, hello kitty purse,arm accessories, yaoi, wallscroll, cds, shoes, and much more! Please offer prices if you don't like the price! Thank you!

All 4 volumes of Passion yaoi manga for $40 shipped! (Saves you $12 if bought brand new)

Blue, Ivory, and Black and Gold formal dresses very cheap!

Green fairy costume, fruitsy clothing, 2 nice warm jackets!

Sailor Moon alarm clock and Backpack!!!!

you know it, you want it....Kawaii Japanese LetterSets for .50!

The Kawaii Food Drive
Donate at least one penny USD to help feed lots of hungry people and get a chance to win a huge kawaii lot!

Sticker Sacks:
$1 each.

Sticker Sheets:
.50 each.

Mini Memos:
12 sheets for .45
10 sheets for .40
Grabbie for .50

Regular Memos:
4 sheets for .45
8 sheets for .75
10 sheets for .85
Retired Sanrio memos 4 for .45

Letter Sets:
---->Mix and Match 1 envelope and 2 sheets for only .50!<-----
1 envelope, 2 sheets for .90
2 envelopes, 9 sheets, for 1.25
Retired Hello Kitty Jumbo letterset for 1.50

Make an offer on these Kawaii keychains!

Pre-order sticker sacks:
$3.00 each: donate a penny to the kawaii food drive for each item and get a chance to win, and shipping is $1.00 flat no matter how many you buy.

The Take-Out Box
A large, beautiful motif take-out box is filled to the brim with tea and candy all freshly imported from Asia.

(no subject)

Manga includes: Alice Nine, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Fushigi Yugi, Imadoki - Nowadays, Juvenile Orion, Nana, Planet Ladder, Snow Drop, Zodiac P.I, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Gorgeous Carat, Liling Po, Until the Full Moon


Anime includes: Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, Gravitation, Ojamajo Doremi, Fruits Basket, Chrno Crusade, Weiss Kreuz, more...



Band Goods Shopping Service: UnsraW, Girugamesh, D'espairsRay, lynch., Sadie, Tenten

I'm re-opening a band goods shopping service here in Japan, but it's limited to the bands I like & am able to see. Bands I don't know very well are a bit difficult to buy for since I don't know their price ranges, etc. But if you have a special request, I can look into it and try to help you out. :D

This is my projected live schedule for the next 3 months:

11/26 - UnsraW, Girugamesh
11/28 - UnsraW, D&L

12/01 - UnsraW instore event (t-shirts/hoodies exempt from fees; I can also get items signed at this event please act soon)
12/07 - Sadie
12/08 - Sadie [sold out show]
12/15 - D'espairsRay [sold out show]
12/16 - D'espairsRay [sold out show]
12/24 - UnsraW, Dolly, RENTRER EN SOI, bis [sold out show]
12/26 - Tenten [sold out show]
12/28 - -OZ-
12/30 - D'espairsRay
12/31 - lynch., Girugamesh, Dolly, -OZ-, heidi., HimeIchigo [sold out show]

01/06 - UnsraW
01/13 - Sadie, heidi.
01/20 - D'espairsRay, lynch., Sadie

Sorry, the bands are a bit limited...but you can check to see if they're playing with any bands that you like. I might be able to help...if you know the price range of what you're looking for.

Lotsa bands. Lotsa stuff.
Here's an overview of how much stuff usually costs (prices vary between bands):
- T-shirt = 3,000yen
- wristband = 1,500yen
- towel = 1,500yen
- cell phone strap = 1,500yen
- stickers = 1,000yen
- mirrors = 1,500yen
- photosets = 1,000yen
- polaroids (chosen at random) = 500yen
- CDs = listed price

...etc. I think a few of their OHPs list their goods and prices.
Please take a look at them when deciding what you want.
Usually, there are a few photoset shots.
And sometimes, there are different colors for wristbands, cell phone straps, etc.
And occasionally, you get free stuff for buying CDs through the band or buying a certain amount of stuff (ie. signed posters, signed photocards, plastic bag w/ band logo, etc.). It's actually quite convoluted at times.

I actually have quite a few of the goods from some of these bands, so if you want pictures...please don't hesitate to ask.

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I have ebay feedback as "gosukawa"...but I haven't been using it since I've been in Japan. I've also conducted sales on here and egl for a few years now, but I don't have a feedback report for my transactions just because I never felt the need to make one. I have had hundreds of successful transactions on LJ (x_x that's a lot of stuff), but if you have any hesitations or burning questions...please feel free to comment. :D

Here's my shopping service entry from last time. Some details have changed. Please understand.

x-posted to relevant communities...eventually.
timon and pumbaa

(no subject)

new items added & lowered prices just in time for the holidays! :D

items starting from $1 USD!

Mashimaro pencil set
Japanese stationery
paper lanterns
oriental print bags
cell phone strap
Karma Shenjing flyers
Shin CD

clothes (brand and non-brand)
red bandana
manga/anime magazine
Bape '07 a/w catalog

@ my journal///these posts:

and someone here was selling a bleach wallet chain, but I lost the post after I commented. If someone can redirect me to that post, that'd be awesome :D Thanks!
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Frames for Jrock Posters..

Where's the cheapest place to get frames?
My jrock posters for example..
29 x 18 1/2
28 1/2 x 20 1/2
23 1/2 x 16 1/2

I couldn't find anything close to these.

They are weird sizes.
and custom frames are expensive.

what do you do?
  • is2jae

Selling cute items

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hello ~ please visit i still have quite a few things left to sell. shouldn't take too long to browse through and there's something for all the ladies ^^

NEW Taiwan Shimmer eye pens ( can be used for lip, face or eyes) - 4USD each
more COLORS at my shop !
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