November 30th, 2007

eBay: Buck-Tick, X, Pierrot, Ba-tsu by Kyo (Deg), + Psycho le Cemu

Some of my auctions are ending tonight, and I have a number of auctions ending this Sunday. All auctions started at 99 cents. All auctions are also private, which means only I as the seller can see the bidder's username.

Ending tonight:
2 Buck-Tick DVDs
the first six Buck-Tick CD singles
B-T merch bags
Soft Ballet flyer from 1992

Seth et Holth 1st press VHS (with bonus DVD)
X Japan box set
autographed Yoshiki poster

Gackt's 1st CD release
a Gackt/Dears/Moon Child lot
5 Malice Mizer videos (most 1st press)

Pierrot CD

Ba-tsu by Kyo (Dir en grey) shirt

Ending Sunday:
Psycho le Cemu nearly complete set of fan club magazines
numerous PLC/fan club-only items
PLC/Take Channel Honmake 1st DVD
PLC final tour book
MYU rare demo tape (pre-PLC)
Kajinaga Daishi first press solo CD
ISABELLE message discs

Thank you!

Chirstmas Sales

A whole load of stuff!
Cheap Not ONE item is OVER $7.00!
Get some Holiday treats for yourself or an otaku friend! ^-^
Discounts for buying multiple items!
Great deals!
Help a poor college student get rid of some stuff pretty please??

Gravitation Manga complete Series Volumes 1-12 Plus EX Volume 1
DramaCon Volumes 1-2
Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Volumes 1-8
Trigun Complete Manga Volumes 1-2
Trigun Maximum Volume 1
Trinity Blood Manga 1-2
Princess Princess Volumes 1-3
Gravitation Anime Volume 1
Cowboy Bebop Special Edition DVD Movie
Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie ( the one that played in theaters)
Descendants of Darkness Complete Anime Series Volumes 1-4
Puffy AMi Yumi Albums: An Illustrated History
L'Arc en Ciel Album Awake (from US)
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Album with DVD
Naruto Original Soundtracks 1-3
Cure Magaizine Vol. 32 May 2006 Bis
Descendants of Darkness Magnets

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Lots of things that must go!  We have anime related merchandises, DVDs, Mangas, Yaois, Magazines, Staionary items,  Cell Phone Straps, Shitajiki, and lots more~

Please take a look, we just updated today:

Shopping cart coming soon~ 
Look forward to more updates.

within the US only

Some Anime DVDs

Hey! Advertising for a friend lol, doesn't have LJ so I'm helping him out, he's selling his stuff over at

He's got the following:
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki - OVA Box Set
Tenchi Universe - Complete Collection
Tenchi the Movie 1 - Tenchi in Love
Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
Tenchi the Movie 3 - Tenchi Forever
Real Bout High School Vol. 1: Enter the Samurai Girl
His and Her Circumstances Vol. 1
His and Her Circumstances Vol. 2: Love and War Under the Cherry Blossoms
His and Her Circumstances Vol. 3: Another Life, Less Ordinary
His and Her Circumstances Vol. 4: Formulation of Truth and Sentiment
His and Her Circumstances Vol. 5: Alterations and New Perspectives
Excel Saga - Vol. 1
Excel Saga - Vol. 2
Excel Saga - Vol. 3: When Excel Strikes Out
Excel Saga - Vol. 4: Doing Whatever it Takes!
Love Hina Vol. 1: Moving In
Full Metal Panic! - Mission 1

Buy them here!

Thanks! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

In time for Christmas Anime sale

Need to get rid of this stuff fast and as much as possible before the end of January as My medical insurance went up very high, a whole paycheck in fact which leaves me nothing for school or other bills. Need help badly.

I am getting no hours at work so I need to sell all this stuff asap.To pay my bills and school fees. I really need to unload this stuff any help will be great.If you don't want any it makes good gifts for friends. US buyers only for now.
(But whoever contacted me before from out of country I don't mind.


I don't mind trading certain items either..long as you have something of equal value that Id like.BUT ITS AT MY DISCRETION AND CHOICE.Don't be too disappointed if I say really nice and asking never hurt anyone..^^
you may want to message me first to make sure some of its still available

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Asian Fashion for Sale!


Lots of Asian fobby fashion clothing items for sale!
Tops ★ Sweaters ★ Bags ★ Pants ★ Japanese Nail Art ★ and more!

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Feel free to request for more pictures~
Please comment if interested or email me at

★ Shipping is not included in the prices.
★ Please ask for international rates.
★ Payment accepted through concealed cash USD and postal money order.
★ Paypal payments can be arranged if you absolutely cannot pay with other methods.
★ All items shipped 3-5 days upon receiving payment from Houston, TX.
happy price

EVERYTHING HAS TO GO * Figurines (not gashapon) and toys!!!

Taking offers on all of these
I'm starting to clear my stuff in anticipation for my moving overseas to further my studies. I won't have space for it all and I'd rather have the money truth be told 8D

However, if there are no offers on an item and you think there's something you'd like to trade/partial trade for, do link me to it so I can take a look :) Better than these just sitting around here collecting dust~

Updated with price clarifications. Sorry if I didn't mention it properly earlier! ^^;;


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I ship to anywhere in the world, buyer pays shipping, paypal non-CC preferred.

Thanks for looking! ^_^ Feel free to ask any questions, etc etc. Will be adding more stuff soon (I really should stop impulse buying, and doubles at that).

Please email me at if you would like to make an offer (so I can keep track easily), or post here if you have any questions~!

wtb - whisper of the heart dvd

Hi hi - Christmas shopping, here. : )

My youngest sister's favourite movie in the world is Ghibli's Whisper of the Heart: unfortunately, she only has a copy ripped from TV, and she's watched it so much she wore a hole in the disk! D:

So for Christmas, I really want to get her a nice copy of this movie. Does anyone have a copy they'd be interested in selling/trading? I have a lot of anime, manga, J-rock and BJD goods I'd be happy to offer in a trade, or I'd be happy to purchase the item outright.


Jrock/VK/Jpop Sales.

I'm selling a bunch of stuff from the following bands:

bis, BLOOD, Dir en grey, Duel Jewel, The FLARE, hide, Imitation PoPs uchuu sentai NOIZ, Janne Da Arc, jinkaku radio, Kiyoharu, Laputa, LAREINE, L'Arc~en~Ciel, MALICE MIZER, miyavi, Moi dix Mois, Nightmare, PENICILLIN, Phantasmagoria, PIERROT, Platina, Psycho le Cemu, Shelly Trip Realize, Shulla, Spiky (Masa, ex-GacktJob), T.M.Revolution, Tackey & Tsubasa, Toshi (X Japan), w-inds., ZZ.

Please go here to place a bid:
CDs & Demo Tapes
Magazines & Photobooks
Misc. goods (flyers, keychains, pens, pendants, pictures, pins, plushies, postcards, posters, stickers, trading cards, etc.)


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