December 7th, 2007

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Manga Sale!

Hi! Haven't posted here before, and actually remembered about this place because of a friend or two who sold some things here... anyway, that's beside the point.

Over at my personal LJ, I'm selling off some of the manga, a couple of games, and a movie that I sometimes don't even remember that I have, but are in great condition (mostly) ^^;;. Usually I'm friends only, but I've unlocked this post. Series include:

Death Note, Wolf's Rain, Bizenghast, Get Backers, Ranma 1/2, -Fake-, and more!

The public sales post can be found here, and I hope to be hearing from some of you soon!


BUY these 3 items on EBAY

Youka Nitta Letterpages (2 kinds)
Rare Ayano Yamane Telephone Card - Boys with wings!

Only 1day left!!!

Also have a cheap set of Biblos Youka Nitta themed Trading cards!


Also - I have a survey on the delivery time for my Postal service during Christmas, if your item was sent on the 15th November or later, can you please fill the survey out (draw for giftvoucher)


Selling japanese manga, doujinshi, and other things

Hello! I'm selling a lot of different things from my collection at shifting_stars. I hope you will find something you like and give it a good home.

I have too much stuff to put up pictures of everything, but here's some quick links to what you can find there:

Doujinshi: Gundam Wing, Detective Conan/Case closed, and other series (FMA, Getbackers, and Yugioh), and of course some doujinshi anthologies.
Doujinshi and manga with adult content are sorted into a separate entry for safe browsing
Manga - in Japanese and English
Binsen: Anime, Game, and original/unknown
Other things like single comics, Artbooks, etc.

Mostly gag and yaoi doujinshi. Mostly comedy or CLAMP manga. Serious and humor anime.

Check out my info post for more information, and email me at septembertreasure[at]yahoo[dot]com if you spot something you like. Please come and check it out!


I'm selling my copy of the BEAT CRUSADERS Album EPopMAKING - Pop tono Sogu [w/ DVD, Limited Edition].

I'm asking $25(including shipping), but I will also accept offers. I can only accept money order as a form payment. If you have any questions leave a comment here and I'll reply as soon as I can. Thanks ^^
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Trying to get rid of..

DVD - KITE $10
DVD Ringu 2 $5
Final Fantasy IX - $10
Donkey Kong -ATARI- $5 (sorry can't test it)
SUPER Gameboy Cartridge - $5
bigger pic:

Dreamcast Games ($10 for all)

Christmas Sumi-e (ink drawings from Japan)
Set for $5.00

IPOD Hookup for Car- $5


( List Updated 12/08/07 ! - Some items pending sale. Please ask!)

Please help me get rid of this manga! My house is overflowing with leftovers from my poor bankrupt anime store and I want them out! Also, due to bad timing of the pay for a substitute teacher, some extra Christmas money certainly will be helpful to assist with the bills.

Thanks to everyone who has bought already and if you haven't received your shipment yet, expect it to arrive soon. For those whose books got a little delayed I included a few extras as a thank you and apology for the delays.  Tracking numbers have been e-mailed for all orders and you should receive these soon if you have not already.

As usual, I am asking 2.50 per book, will accept paypal payment and am open to shipping preference, though I like priority mail as a rule. If you want a selection of books, please e-mail me at Want a REALLY long list? I am willing to cut you a deal for extremely large requests. If you can find at least 5 or more books to order, I would greatly appreciate it, as shipping and travel back and forth to the post office is more daunting for only 1 or 2 books. If you order LOTS of books, I will throw in freebies as I can find space for them in the box to show my gratitude!

As I get time I will also add the figures and other anime items I have left for sale.

Please note: My paypal address is NOT the same as my contact address! Do not send payment until I confirm the order and give you the correct payment account! This is due to my paypal account dating back to a previous internet service provider's e-mail address.

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Selling 3.00 used manga

Selling used Manga for $3.00 each, general good condition. All are in English. Post for a shipping estimate or to buy.

Ai Yori Aoshi vol. 2, 5
Alice 19th vol. 2
Alien Nine vol. 2, 3
All New Tenchi Muyo vol. 1
Armageddon vol. 1, 3
Arm of Kannon vol. 1
Battle Royale vol. 3, 5
Black Cat vol. 1
Couple vol. 1-3
Dark Angel vol. 3
Descendants of Darkness vol. 5
Diablo vol. 1
Dragon Voice vol. 1
Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company M vol. 1, 3,4
Forbidden Dance 1, 2
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1, 3
GTO vol. 1, 2,16,17,21
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Hard Boiled Angel vol. 1
I.N.V.U. vol. 1, 2
Inuyasha vol. 1, 5
Iron Wok Jan! vol. 1
Happy Mania vol. 3
Hellsing vol. 6
Just a Girl vol. 1,
Kabuto vol. 1 (cover is half bent)
Lupin III vol. 4, 6
Maison Ikkoku vol. 1
Mermaid Saga vol. 1
Mythology of the Heavens vol. 2
Nadesico vol. 1, 2
Pita-ten vol. 1, 2
Q-ko-chan vol. 1
Rave Master vol. 1
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight vol. 1-6
Rurouni Kenshin 1 (bent right hand corner of cover)
Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. 1 (tag remainder on cover.), 8
Scooter Girl vol. 1
Seven of Seven vol. 1, 3
Slayers Return
Slayers Special: Lesser of Two Evils, Notorious, Spellbound
Slayers Super-explosive Demon Story vol. 1, 2,3
Sorcerer Hunters vol. 1
Those Who Hunt Elves vol. 1, 2, 4 ( 4 has tag residue on the cover)
Treasure Hunter vol. 1-3
Tuxedo Gin vol. 2
xxxHolic vol. 3
Wild Act vol. 1-3
World of Narue 1, 2
Vision of Escaflowne vol. 2 (tag remainder on cover)
Yongbi the Invincible vol. 1, 2
Zodiac P. I. vol. 2, 3
BLEACH - Grimmjow J

Finder comics, last chance for some great BLEACH posters!

- Finder no Hyouteki vols 1-4 (Japanese) by Yamane Ayano, $49.99 OBO
- BLEACH movie promotional posters, starting at $9.99 each
--- Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya, Aizen, Soifon, Kyouraku, Tousen, Komamura
- BLEACH Arancar Hen DVD 1 promotional poster featuring Ulquiorra, starting at $14.99
- Prince of Tennis posters, starting at $9.99 each
--- Atobe, Shishido

POSTER AUCTIONS END THIS WEEKEND! This could be your last chance to get these great posters. The BLEACH ones are especially rare to don't miss out!

Check out my auctions! eBay ID: crosswithyou

Hey All~

XD!! Hana's back again with more money!!! And wanting your stufff!!!
Mission statement:
Also, I want Maximum the Hormone.
My walls are so blank it is making me sad... I want your stuff. XD.


currently the bands I'm looking for are:


I'm serious...

And on the note of me being entirly serious... does any have anything by THE BLUE HEARTS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is a somewhat old band, but if anybody has anything... 8DDD.

I dont have anything by this band, so even the smallest thing is good. 8D.
++++IF YOU HAVE A CD CONTAINING Oh my Juliet.... 8DDD+++++
Well of course I have to have the kagerou's in there... Any posters of Daisuke are completly loved.
I'll buy CDs of this band, for the record. I <3 them.
An Cafe
of course, the classic.
I own their old stuff, but if you have posters and what not... please post.

Bands that i'll probably buy from, but are not my first priorety:

the Gazette
Alice nine
176 Biz
Sadii (Sadie)

Anything of these bands are greatly appreciated, even if it is just the smallest of things. EVERY COMMENT WILL BE READ AND REPLIED TO. Thank you so much!!!!

I'm willing to buy a lot of things, and the more things I have to choose from, the better.

And when I say, maximum the Hormone = <33333 I mean it.
I will.... buy it... pretty much... everything. 8DDD
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Has anyone heard anything from zombielolita

I bought a Chii plushie from her a little more than a month ago.  When it came, her hair was damaged and her headdress was grey (from dust and such) when it was supposed to be white.  I emailed her saying a wasn't satisfied, and she gave the excuse that "She [Chii] seems to have been damaged a bit by storing and i was not aware of that until I got her in good lighting."  No excuse in my mind.  You should have been honest and told me before just shipping it to me.

She's now ignoring my emails and it's too late to file a dispute.  So, if you're out there, zombielolita, I'd like you to be mature, resolve this and give me my money back due to your misrepresentation of the item you sold me.  Thanks

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