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in a nice christmas layout~<3

Jrock CDs
phantasmagoria, bis, buck tick, vidoll, R*A*P, +more

alice nine., nightmare, miyavi, mucc, +more

200+ nightmare, phantasmagoria, hurts, bis, +TONS more

band goods
stickers, photosets, bags, bracelets, +more

h.naoto, putumayo, +more

Ayashi no ceres, Cardcaptor Saukra, .hack, angel sanctuary wallscroll, +more

also some stationary, accessories and ...more fliers XD lol

only accept paypal (non-cc) and money orders. ships every friday. USD and CAD accepted.
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ベッキ - Bekki-
08 December 2007 @ 01:39 pm
Hey everyone~

I am moving to Korea and I really need to sell a lot of my excess stuff, so I'm selling 40+ magazines (Shoxx, Fools Mate, Pati Pati, Kera, Gothic & Lolita Bible, UV,etc), visual kei flyers, Jrock/pop posters, manga, etc at my journal! Come take a look!! (posts are image heavy)
Flyers, Manga, Posters,CDs, Misc

Paypal ONLY due to time restraints. Last day to put in an order is Wednesday!
I have discounted a lot of stuff as well!!
08 December 2007 @ 01:47 pm
Hullo Everyone! The Holiday season is approaching and I have no more room for some of my manga and anime ;_; All manga and anime are $1.00 a piece unless noted. The anime is in VHS format. I also have 1 Naruto, 1 FFVII, 1 Get Backers, and 2 FMA doujinshis.
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Ney Naoe
here it is

Naruto :: Trading Cards, Figures
Tenchi Muyo :: Trading Cards (US + JP!!!!)
Prince of Tennis :: Clearfiles, Pencil Boards, Trading Cards, ... (TONS!)
Death Note :: Trading Cards
Arena 37°c (japanese music magazine)

and lots more!!! ALL ANIME AUCTIONS START AT 1 USD!!!!
08 December 2007 @ 02:54 pm
Please come and take a look! ♥
kanashimiblu3, kanashimiblu3, kanashimiblu3
ALL manga is now $4.00 each~ :D There are prices for sets of manga now.

Alice Nine
Card Captor Sakura
Fushigi Yugi
Juvenile Orion
Gorgeous Carat
Until the Full Moon

Evangelion Boxset
Rurouni Kenshin DVDs
Naruto, Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, etc. Posters
Gravitation DVD + Box
Ojamajo Doremi Fans
Fruits Basket - Yuki Plushie
Chrno Crusade Anime Soundtrack
Weiss Kreuz DVD

08 December 2007 @ 03:06 pm
Please name your prices! I accept PayPal, Money Order, and Cash at buyer's own risk. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks! ^_^

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laissez les bontemps roulez
08 December 2007 @ 03:58 pm

I’m selling lots of jrock merch on ebay including Gackt photobooks and FC magazines, The Gazette doujinshi and photosets, as well as Miyavi, dir en grey, and alice nine. Be sure to check it out!! Auctions end next Friday and Saturday.

More to be added throughout the week!

december jrock sale
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes
One: Buck-Tick wall calendar from 1993. It is in new condition, pictures here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10
Price: $40 including shipping.

Two: Media Youth HISTORY box video/cd set. Pictures here: 1 2 3. It is in used condition.
Price: $20 including shipping.

Three: Buck-Tick CANDY 3" single. Pictures: 1 2. It is in used condition and used to be a rental CD (as you can see by the stickers on it).
Price: $10 including shipping.

Four: Buck-Tick GENSOU NO HANA single, first press. Pictures: 1 2. The part of the case that holds the CD and DVD in place is broken, so I've secured it inside with some paper to survive shipping. The rest of the packaging is in really good condition, and there's nothing wrong with the CD or DVD. This is hard to find.
Price: $15 including shipping.

Five: Media Youth KIMI NO MIRAI 3" single. Pictures: 1 2. Used condition, former rental CD.
Price: $10 including shipping.

Six: Fool's Mate magazine, November 2001 featuring Gackt on the cover. Pictures: front back. Used condition, some rubbing on the cover and tiny dogears around the corners (only on the cover pages). All pages intact, insides in very good condition.
Price: $20 including shipping.

Seven: J-rock magazine, February 1999 featuring La'cryma Christi on the cover. Front, back. Other artists featured include Kyosuke Himuro, Kuroyume, Kiyoshi, Fanatic Crisis, LUNA SEA, hide with Spread Beaver, and many more. Used and in really good condition, no dogears or major rubbing on the covers.
Price: $15 including shipping.

Eight: Shoxx magazine, July 1999 featuring MACHINE on the cover. Front, back. Includes the poster, which you can see in the back picture. In very, very good condition, no folds or rubbing. Other artists include: Gackt, La'cryma Christi, Dir en grey, Pierrot, ROUAGE, and many more.
Price: $20 including shipping.

Nine: Black Peace Now barbed wire tee. Picture. Tried on once, doesn't fit. Size: M, but it's a pretty small M. In good condition, just a little dusty from not being worn ever.
Price: $30 including shipping.

* Prices include shipping.
* Paypal (any type okay) or concealed cash only.
* Items ship from Japan.
* Please feel free to ask questions or make offers, via comment or email to il_pleut at live journal dot com.

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08 December 2007 @ 05:04 pm
I was wondering if someone could do me a favor ^^" I found a doujinshi on an online website called CQueen that interested me, but of course I have no way to order it. So I was wondering if anyone has any way they could get it for me, if you can I can pay the fees and shipping through Paypal. If you think you can help me send me a message or comment here and we can go through more details ^^
If this isnt allowed please notify me cause Im slow at times sorry XD
Any help is highly appreciated. =D
08 December 2007 @ 07:29 pm
Currently selling:

JRock/JPop: (BLOOD, MUCC, Morning Musume, Visual Kei Flyers, + MORE)
Anime/Manga: (Angel Sanctuary, Pokemon, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, + MORE)
Japanese Bags
Miyavix Japanese iPod Case
Video Games and accessories
++++ MORE

Please take a look at my selling journal:



MIX BREED Kawaiipudding
08 December 2007 @ 08:17 pm
Hello everyone!
                            I still have some great manga and various posters left at great prices, so please have a look and leave a comment if anything interests you, thanks!

08 December 2007 @ 09:39 pm
I am selling some cd's and autographs.

x Gazette (Filth In the beauty regular ed., Regret regular ed., autographs)
x Alice Nine (FANTASY regular and limited ed, KOWLOON - Nine heads Rodeo Show Regular)
x PIERROT (Photobooks, tour-merchandise, autograph)
x Dir en grey (Stickers, collector cards and more)
x Ayabie, Dali, Duel Jewel, the studs and Lolita 23q singles and cds

over at unmei_sales
08 December 2007 @ 10:32 pm

Show me your Sailor Moon stuff for sale (or trade)! =D <3

08 December 2007 @ 10:46 pm
Hey everyone! I have tons of Manga's for sale at my Amazon store! I am trying to sell if all before I move!

More items will be posted on Monday!

Please Visit Here!
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