December 9th, 2007



In need of getting things sold!

Points of interest;
An array of pristine JPOP posters
Kirito - DOOR w/DVD
Shoxx Vol. 155

See HERE for more details. :D

Selling off some cute fashions

I need to get this all sold. Prices negociable and I accept all payment types! Will discount major if you buy several things.

Super cute lolita inspired bracelet(adjustable!) New & in perfect condition. $10.

Fobby/Asain super cute top in white! Freesize. Never worn, no flaws. Got as a gift. Asking $22 shipped.

I'm also trying to clear out all my charms and earrings! Check them out:
They are between $1-6. So, just tell me what your interested in. I will discount really major if you buy a lot of them!

Post a comment if interested! I have feedback at my journal, on laundro, soompi and ebay. So ask for usernames. Tracking numbers can be provided for a $1. Can take a pic of reciept from shipping as well. POST!! MUST SELL!!
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Alright kids, I'm tired of lurking and trying to find Girugamesh fliers, only to discover someone has already beaten me to the chase. So that's my mission.

I have a whole corner wall just waiting for them.

Make me a decent offer, show me your fliers/posters and any other giru merch you have (aside from cd's, unless it's one their early singles ) and help us both out!!!

I prefer paypal, but I can do money orders or whatever else, and I'm located in the U.S.A.-specifically, California.
Thanks!!!! XD

Selling stuff

Hi. ^^

I'm selling my Gazette-bandana of their European tour this year. The guy at the merch table gave me two when I asked (and paid) for one, and this one has never been worn or used in any way. It'd be $20 shipped to anywhere in the world, but the price is negotiable.
By the way, I realise in the picture it looks dirty, but that's the camera's fault; the lense isn't cleaned..


And also, I have some posters I'd like to get rid of. Shipping not included with these. XD
They're of An Café, Angelo, Gara, Nightmare (three different ones), SID and UVERworld (two different ones).

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Everything's shipped from the Netherlands. It could take a while before I can send it to you, though, since I often don't get home until the post office is already closed..

And I prefer Paypal for payment, but I'll take the cc-fee, so no need to worry about that.
Magical Boi

Hayate please? ....anyone? ;_;

Hello! I am on the search of some specific items :)

Now, I have all 4 Pretear dvd's, and plan to buy the manga eventually (right now I'm in my 'zomg need cute figures' stage).

So my question is, anyone have any Pretear merchandise other than manga and dvd's? I can't seem to find any anywhere. All I can find is a magnet and some cheap buttons (and I want nothing to do with either).

I saw a Himeno in her Wind Pretear form figure from a seller a while back and a Hayate figure from another seller as well, but at the time I had no idea who or what they were from, and now both are long gone and of course I'm kicking myself, cause I haven't seen anything since. I'd especially love anyone who could give me good stuff with Hayate on it cause HE'S F*CKING PRETTY he's my fave. x3

Also anything in my sales journal angel_sales is up for trades (not that I have so much but it's worth a shot). Except for the fable game, which is my brother's ^^;
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As this happened way back in May so it's probably pointless ranting (-x-;)

Anyay I purchased 3 issues of Cure, total $40USD from 829829, and I never received it. I emailed to both his/her emial and paypal email but had no reply. 

{heart breaks} (; x ;)

Some Sales ^_^

Hi There! I am selling -

- Japanese CDs and DVDs,
- ARASHI JE Magazines
- Other JE Magazines (NEWS, KAT-TUN)
- ARASHI Photobooks
- Manga and Photobooks

Please visit HERE for more details. Thanks! =)


Gothic-Lolita auction ending!

^ Real leather, black x red collar and cuff set made by LiquidNymph. IT was worn three times, all to Lolita meet-ups, and has been a hit <3 However, I'm attempting to part with the fashion, so all must go. Less than an hour left!

Other than that fun announcement, bumping my sales, all of which can be found at my journal (css_sales ) and my old post, (as I STILL haven't updated my journal x.x)

What you'll find:
BPAL and Possets, (most recent)


Im selling a few more things on ebay, more ayumi posters also selling a  A4 gloss SETS OF, FINAL FANTASY X-2 LIMITED ED. PHOTOSET, plus a DEVIL MAY CRY LIMITED ED. PHOTOSET as well. a couple of nightmare posters as well ^^v.

I also have these 3 english version manga that im looking to let go as well, im just selling them here!  I have 2x Deathnote volumes, plus a random yaoi manga as well. They're both brand new i havent managed to even get through them!!  Im selling them for $6USD (deathnote) each, and $9USD (for the yaoi one) plus $6USD shipping ^^

please take them away!!

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UO - Aura on Asuka shard. heh thats me!

Random Anime Stuff for Sale!


Random Anime Stuff for Sale!
Series include: Sailor Moon, Perfect Blue, Doremi, Nyanko & Sanrio stuff.
Plus stuff from other series as well!

*if you have made offers on my FY stuff, I am still reviewing those offers*

Rules of this sale:
2. Not interested in trading for anything unless it is Fruits Basket or Ayashi no Ceres related(Not interested in DVDs or manga)

3. If you are interested in an item, please post your e-mail and zip code so I can have a shipping estimate for you. OR you can e-mail me at

4. All of these prices are not set in stone. Feel free to haggle but just keep in mind I am selling alot of these items based on what I paid for them and rarity in some cases.
5. I accept paypal and money orders as payment. I will not charge you extra for Paypal fees.

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Brand new items

More manga, music, and miscellaneous than you can shake a stick at!

Added: Music CDs, fanclub promotional materials, autographed items, and still more.

Interested? Head over to a_materialist and check it all out. US customers, order in the next 5 days to be sure to get your items by Christmas!

Trade info: Heads up! Regular customers know I don't normally do trades, but I have an exception this round!

If you have the Berserk DVD box set, we can work out a trade! Please note this is the only thing I'm willing to trade for at this time. Thanks!

Manga + Bleach Accessory for sale

Manga for sale
Hot Gimmick S (novel) ==== SOLD! (12/10/07) via
Dazzle Vol. 1 ==== SOLD! (12/10/07) to sakuzou
Glass Wings
Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound Vol. 1 ==== SOLD! (12/10/07) to sakuzou

Asking $2 per manga + shipping

Bleach Accessory: Ishida cross bracelet ==== SOLD! (12/10/07) via
I bought this at a recent convention and, sadly, it wasn't the necklace that I wanted. Never worn, just opened the box to look at.

Asking $3 + Shipping


** Shipping will be calculated based on USPS First Class rates. Please reply here (or via PM) with your zip code. Unfortunately, I don't do international shipping **

Thanks for your interest.

Awesome and Unique Items Still up for Grabs

All items come form a smoke free home & are in excellent condition.
-If interested in any of the following items leave a post and I will get back to you soon.
-All prices listed reelect before shipping.
-Most items are shipped in a bubble wrap envelope with postage normally ranging under$5.00

-The more items you buy the better of a deal you get on shipping.
-Shipping quotes can be given if you leave me your zipcode and mention the item interested in.
-I will ship outside the USA.

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-MANGA: all in Great Condition. Read once and then placed on my shelf.  Prices are cut in 1/2 from retail

$5.00 each OR Buy it all for $15.0.00. Thats getting  3 for FREE      

The Devil Does Exits Vol.4                                           
 Hot Gimmick Vol10
Kiss Me Kill Me Vol.2                                                                                  
Sweat & Honey
Sensual Phase Vol. 15
Over The Rainbow Vol.1
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