December 17th, 2007

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Shoujo/Yaoi Anime/Manga Goodies Sale! ^_^


Am clearing off quite a bit of my anime/manga collection with lots of goodies for sale
here ^_^


- various merchandise from series like
Fruits Basket, X (by CLAMP), Tokyo Mew Mew, Kare Kano, Aishiteruze Baby, Koucha Ouji, Cafe Kichijoji de and Weiss Kreuz

- promo & trading cards from
Saiyuki, Bus Gamer, G-Fantasy, NANA, Honey & Clover, Lovely Complex, Saint Beast, etc

- three absolutely lovely cell phone straps from Saiunkoku Monogatari, Code Geass and
Gundam Seed

- yaoi and shoujo manga anthologies

Don't miss out on all these and more amazing items
here (<<< click)! Thank you for looking and good luck bidding! ^__^ 

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Wilson - Mastermind

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My list contains a lot more, but the following are the things I currently want the most. Incidentally, if you're willing to trade I'll make it good. I have a lot of other things that aren't listed that I'd be willing to trade for the things I really want:

I desperately need a DS browser for the original Nintendo DS. Trade, partial trade, and financial transactions are all acceptable. Used or new.

I'm absolutely mad for Rockapella (a band probably best known for, but certainly not limited to, their work on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego). They're at the end of the list but, as I said, I'm absolutely mad for them. Looking for CDs, DVDs, Posters, merchandise, playbills/flyers, etc... most anything, really.

I am desperate to have the Harry Potter movie banners with Snape on them; I've included details and sample photos at the bottom of the listing under the cut, though the text may vary on the actual banners. I will make it WORTH YOUR WHILE.

In addition to everything else I want, I have a more general need for Bleach merchandise with Hanataro Yamada (really pansy guy) from squad 4.

In case it's a concern, I live in the US, on the east coast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is a link to my full Wishlist.

Here's a link to my sales journal in case you'd consider trading.

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Take a look at my stuff,if you
are interested in something, email
me at destiny0310(at) yahoo(dot)com
or leave me a comment here.
Winter Special: Buy 2 or more items
shipping is free(only in the U.S.)

Marmalade Boy -  3in cd singles
* Moment / Egao ni Aitai (slow version)
* Saigo no Yakusoku / Kyou no Owarini
* Karebairo no Crescendo

Marmalade Boy mini pencil boards (You,Miki)

Final Fantasy:Spirits Within Wallscroll (aki ross)

DNAngel pencilboard
Shakugan no SHANA pencilboard
Sola pencilboard

Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser

X/1999 Kamui pencilboard
X/1999 Kamui mini wallscroll

Pokemon Gold GBC game (instructional book included)
Dragonball Final Bout Import PS game
Devil May Cry -Greatest Hits version PS2 game
Soul Reaver PS game
Tomb Raider PS game(there is no box)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS Game
Capcom vs. SNK PS game
King of the Fighters '99
Playstation game controller

Sailormoon poker decks
Sailormoon R animation artbook
Sailormoon S Darien and Serena wallscroll
Mini Bamboo Sailormoon wallscroll
Sailormoon Poster-Usagi & Mamoru
Sailormoon Stars furikake rice seasoning packets

How To Draw Manga Books:
 Maids and Miko
Bishoujo Around the World
How to Draw Shoujo:Comics for Girls and Women

Wish vol.1-4
Duck Prince vol.1
Tokyo Boys and Girls vol.1
Hot gimmick S novel
Onegai Twins novel vol.1
Ah My Goddess novel:Wrong number
Ah My Godddess novel: Queen of Venegence
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1,3
Crossroad vol.1
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.1-4
Kiss Me Kill Me vol. 2,3
Comic Party vol.1
Megatokyo vol.1,2
Taimashin vol.1
Legal drug vol.1-2
Tsubasa vol.1
Shadowmagic manga vol.1
IWGP vol.2
Absolute Boyfriend 1,2
Ceres:Celestial Legend vol.1,2

Arashi Group pencilboard
Arashi Around Asia+Dome  Concert LE  DVD

thanks for looking,x-posted
Silvermint Sales


Hi everyone!  I just updated my shop with Sailor Moon stickers and cards, Card Captors trading cards, Card Captor Sakura manga cards, and a Freebies post!  Head over to Silvermint Sales to see! 

Other things I have for sale:
Anime DVDs and VHS
Various manga and manga sets
TeniPuri Doujin (mostly NiouxYagyuu)
Keychains and keyrings
CDs and Soundtracks

Click on the Banner or here:  silvermintsales

Thanks for looking!

Sales before the holidays

Last shipping day will be Saturday unless we've already made an arrangement and will not resume for at LEAST a week and a half. 

New Goodies:

Giant Pierrot promotional poster for My Cloud ($15):
Giant Pierrot promotional poster for FREEZE ($15):
Juvenile Orion clear poster, $10:
Pierrot Final Despair tour stickers, $7:
Furuba pencil board, $6:
Higuri doujinshi (Rare!) $25:
BPAL Decant circle and scents:

Need love:

-Gosurori Bibles 13 and 18 with their patterns, $15 each
-Two Black Antique Print Meta parasols--I prefer you to be in the Houston area! It's murder trying to find a way to ship these that doesn't involve 30 minutes with cardboard and a knife >_>
- Basically anything here: (most are seen in my journal, css_sales)

Feel free to make an offer!
Freebies with every purchase!
Happy Holidays

Need something from Japan?

Need Something From Japan?


I know how everyone is tired of things costing way too much on CDJapan, eBay, and any other place you could possibly think of. Well, I know quite a few places here in Japan that carry what you want, but for much cheaper. I was surprised to see so much things for SOO much cheaper than what you can scrounge up at an Anime convention.

I'm here to take requests, and I will look for it as best as I can, I can calculate how much it would be all together and try to make it as cheap as possible for you.

I take requests on music, clothing, random goods but I DON'T take requests on food, liquids, actual people. Come on, let's us common sense.

I've had very positive feedback on eBay. If I have any issues, I contact right away.

Please feel free to leave a comment of email me at sakuhara.hana [at] gmail [dot] com.

Searching for Hana to Yume stuff and Ayashi no Ceres calendar

 I was wondering if anyone has any issues of Hana to Yume from the years 2005-2006? Or do you have any furoku from Godchild, Fairycube, Zero no Soukoushi, Ludwig Kakumei? I'm a huge fan of Kaori Yuki's and is starting to collect her stuff. 

The second thing I want is probably a long shot but does anyone have the Ayashi no Ceres calendar and is willing to part with it? Thanks. 


I have tons of stuff for sale. :)
Cute clothes, manga, anime, games, and anime hats!

Here's a preview of what's being sold! :D


Many more items and closer pictures along with price info at

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Hello everyone! I have created a new selling journal to list all of the items I have been selling. These items include manga, great fun clothing (Japanese Inspired Fashion included), anime, books, DVD's and more. And everything is super cheap with manga and clothing starting from only three dollars!

So please check out my store:

Ayashi No Ceres, Loveless, Menkui, Skyscrapers of Oz, My Kingdom, Rin!, more yaoi manga, new dresses and much more!