January 5th, 2008

Crawling Gloomy Bear cub wind-up on eBay

I'm selling this hard-to-find NIB crawling wind-up toy of Gloomy Bear on eBay. It's Gloomy when he was just a cub! No fearsome claws or splatters of blood, just an adorable, pink little bear with an oversized head - and a 1" retro plastic key embedded in his side. Turn the key, set Baby Gloomy down on a flat surface, and he crawls away on all fours, surprisingly fast.

At the time of this posting, the highest bid is $17. Auction ends in 3 1/2 days, on the night of Jan 8.

Please go here to place your bid!

I also have a light blue Hello Kitty shoulder bag (on eBay), a Japanese-language Go Nagai artbook, a softcover spiral-bound edition of Asian Cook by Terry Tan, a hardcover spiral-bound edition of Healthy Asian Vegetarian Dishes (Learn to Cook series) by Rohani Jelani, and Inuyasha Vol. 24 (Japanese Edition, ISBN: 4091256449). Will be posting the books to Amazon soon, but I'm willing to sell direct too. Post below if you'd like more info.

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 im looking for these volumes of these titles of manga-if anyone has them avaliable, please let me know and i hope to be able to work something out with you! i can pay and also if there is something you are interested in my journal, maybe we can do a trade. here is what im interested in getting:

1. Basara vols 24+
2. Go Go Heaven vols 3+
3. Canon vols 2+
4. tokyo mew mew vols 1+
5. full moon sagashite vols 1+


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More manga, music, and miscellaneous than you can shake a stick at!

Added: Music CDs, fanclub promotional materials, autographed items, and still more.
I'm also working through my doujinshi collection at the moment, so keep your eyes out for new items in that area.

Interested? Head over to a_materialist and check it all out.

Trade info: Heads up! Regular customers know I don't normally do trades, but I have an exception this round!

If you have the Berserk DVD box set, we can work out a trade! Please note this is the only thing I'm willing to trade for at this time. Thanks!