January 19th, 2008

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heya everyone!!!!!!  Selling this items. .Look behind the cut for pictures!!!  Willing to negotiate prices and ship overseas!!!  Email me at gathering_rain@hotmail.com

Kamimura Memorial Box - Malice Mizer

GRAVITATION complete series + OVA

the Twelve Kingdoms Premium Collection 2 
Contains dvd's 6 - 10

the GOKUSEN anime - Complete series - will include the GOKUSEN windbreaker jacket

Custom designed Satin/Silk Cheongsam Size M
Bust: UP to 38" will fit 

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For Sale

I'm selling a lot of japanese-items.

Including Jrock magazines, cds, and flyers. Lolita fashion. Final Fantasy 8 for Playstation 1. And a rare Death Note movie premiere booklet!!

You can check it all out here.

Thanks! :D

WTB: White boots (sizes 9-10 US women's)

Is anyone selling any 3.5+ inch platform white knee boots? I've been looking at Zack-300's for a long time, but they only seem to have the white ones available in much too big sizes!
Please post any chunky white boots, even if they are not this type as long as they are NOT shiny. I really need some!
I'm looking for a low price, preferably under $50 shipped, so I'm not expecting anything new or pristine.
Must be able to accept concealed cash :)

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Ebay auctions ending in 4-5 hours today and tomorrow!
Check it out before it's too late :D


NWT True Love Plaid Punk Rockabilly Hot Topic Dress M
John Roberts Sparkley Glitter Black Sheer Shirt 10 M L
Vintage White Ruffle Poet Lace Shirt Blouse Gothic EGL
Vintage Western Ruffle Rodeo Shirt Blouse Lolita EGL M
Fairy Faerie Gothic Punk Lolita EGL Tutu Skirt XS S
Vintage Peasant Prairie Carefree Fashions Skirt M L XL

Thanks for looking and happy bidding! :)
Let's be Bad Guys

looking for Cowboy Bebop

Does anyone have the complete series of Cowboy Bebop on DVD, US release, they'd be willing to sell me? Tell me about the condition of the DVDs (no bootlegs) and your price so I can make a decision. The movie is not necessary; I just want the sessions. I live in the US and can pay by Paypal. Thank you!

My feedback can be found on eBay under the name of yamadasearch. ^___^

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The last of my manga collection! Due to loss of interest I wish to sell these now and use the money to save up for A-kon 19! By buying these from me, you put me just a bit closer to my goal^^ Thanks!
I will ship to Canada, but buyer pays shipping costs!
But, for you US customers...
FREE SHIPPING for all items on this list!!!
All will be shipped USPS media mail with delivery confirmation and tracking number!!
I take paypal only at vk-kitty (at) hotmail (dot) com. 
I have feedback
here and here.

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Video Games, Manga, & TCGs

Hello there!

I posted a while ago under my main journal keeta for my eBay auctions. I've gotten rather tired of the hassle of eBay and the fees that they charge, so I'm giving selling solely on LJ a shot, and this is my selling journal.

For sale I have PS2 games & guides (Final Fantasy X-2 and Guitar Hero III), Gamecube games & guides (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Star Fox Adventures), NES games, a couple manga (Cyborg 009 and Eternal Sabbath), tons of books, Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh figurines, and Breyer model horses.

Everything I sell is used in excellent condition and sold for dirt cheap. So please take a look!

CDs, dramas, stickers, posters, notebooks, etc.

Hi guys! it's my first time posting! I am selling some of my goodies which includes:
Rain, Yamapi, KATTUN, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang etc posters and stickers
Se7en CD
Korean, Japanese, Chinese/Taiwanese Dramas
Hello Kitty, Disney, cute notebooks etc. 


Please come to my livejournal to see pictures and more descriptions of products!


offpeak : halfway

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Yaoi Doujinshi & Manga
Prince of Tennis
Eyeshield 21
Code Geass
Harry Potter

JE related
You will find...
Akanishi Official Shop Photos
Sakurai Sho Unofficial Shop Photos
Arashi Clippings
Kanjani8 Clippings
Mini Posters