January 21st, 2008

Clothing sale

hi guys! i'm getting rid of some stuff in my closet as well as stuff i bought that i realized later that it was actually too small for me... >< please come and take a look! i'm also selling traditional asian outfits:

Charlotte Russe Tank (BRAND NEW):Size S $8. I bought it and it was too small! :( 
IMG_0210.jpg picture by yukishop08

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Summer tank and capris outfit $22 (still has tags) S-M
IMG_0202.jpg picture by yukishop08

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PLEASE VISIT MY LIVEJOURNAL for more clothes, celeb posters, stickers, hello kitty notebooks, key chains etc.! 



Prince of Tennis, Inu Yasha, Pierrot, cali≠gari

Well, I have racked up a lot of eBay fees, so I am going to try selling items strictly on livejournal for the time being.
I still need money and I still need space.

∙ Items include shipping. I will ship all items in such a way that they are insured.
∙ Items will be shipped from Canada.
∙ Prices include worldwide shipping.
∙ Prices are in US dollars.
∙ I have 100% positive feedback on eBay under DarkFaerieQueen and at my sometimes used selling journal GothFaerieSales.

∙ I need the money and the items gone as soon as possible, so I only take PayPal right now.
∙ PayPal payments can be made to attlevey [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Items under the Cut

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Having a few more auctions for anyone who is interested. Auctions end in 3 days!


Some of the artists I am selling items of: aikawa nanase, la'cryma christi, hitomi, favorite blue, ami suzuki and more.

Also selling a few anime sets. escaflowne and ELFEN LIED.
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Selling Doujinshi

Selling some of my Doujin Collection, hope they go to a good home so please check them out. If you want to bargain for some, I may or may not be lenient to settle on your price. Sorry about the lack of good pictures but my scanner is not working.

Devil May Cry
Fullmetal Alchemist
Prince of Tennis
Rurouni Kenshin

Selling Post: HERE

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Manga for sale

Bunch of manga for sale (need money!).

My boyfiend is actually selling these, I am just advertising for him. His e-mail is rickyparks @ gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing. Comments have been disabled, please contact him! Here is his Ebay feedback.

List of Manga:

Cipher by Minako Narita, volume 5 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Dragon Head by Minetaro Mochizuki, volumes 1 and 2 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped, both for $9 shipped)

I.N.V.U. by Kim Kang Won, volume 1 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Arina Tanemura, volume 5 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Moon Child by Reiko Shimizu, volume 4 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Othello by Satomi Ikezawa, volumes 1 and 2 (bought $10.95, sell $6 shipped, both for $11 shipped)

Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi, volume 2 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Petshop of Horrors by Matsui Akino, volumes 2 through 10 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped, all for $40 shipped)

Sanctuary by Sho Fumimura and Ryoichi Ikegami, volumes 1 through 4 (bought $16.95, sell $10 shipped, all for $35 shipped)

Seimaden by You Higuri, volume 6 (bought $9.95, sell $5 shipped)

Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow, volume 1 (bought $14.95, sell $8 shipped)

For Pictures:

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LIZ LISA Skirt Kawaii! Bargain price of $32 shipped!!!!!!!
Cute USA designer top $22 shipped
USA designer ELLE Top $25 shipped
Checker scarf $12 shipped
Japanese Magazines Inc Boon and Junon - stars such as oguri shun, matsuda shota inside $17 shipped!
-- Ai Otsuka Items:--
"Love Jam cd" $11 shipped!
"Love Cook" PIANO SCORE ALBUM BOOK $25 shipped
"Love Punch" PIANO SCORE ALBUM BOOK $25 shipped
Both = $43 shipped!!

**Other items**
"Morning Musume third cd" $8 shipped!
Teppei Koike Giant Double sided poster $10 shipped!
Photos of japanese stars $4 shipped
Chiara japanese designer bracelet $9 shipped
Japanese designer TRALALA earrings $12 shipped
cute black earrings
"Hero" Postcard $3.50 shipped

==Other Asian items==
Fahrenheit/Fei Lun hai Calvin Mousepad $9 shipped
Wu Zun and Ella Photo card $5 shipped
Danson Tang Photocard $5 shipped
Danson Tang Flexible Heart with picture on $9 shipped
30 Fahrenheit stickers $8 shipped"
"Gokusen 2" DVD boxset with English and Chinese Subs $43 shipped
Korean manga taster book (got for free) so $5 shipped
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Selling Ball Jointed Doll

I'm selling an Angell Studio Kana White due to personal reasons popping up.

First owner and I only got her on the 15th.

Shes white skinned, and I did give her a face up but removed it the best I could, but there are still some residue in eye corners and lips..

She'd come with the wig and eyes she came with, Short dark brown wig, pupiless purple eyes. I'm also including a medium length black and blue wig that was styled (by me, so its not professional) in a Hime style with pony tails. I'm also including grey acrylic eyes that look good on her.

She comes without a faceup or clothing only two wigs and two pairs of eyes, plus the card that came with her and the 'postcards' and stringer (which is just a length of wire really)

I'd like to get $425 shipped in the US for her.. but I'm willing to negotiate prices as long as its not under $340.

Right now I'm only able to take Postal Money Orders (not bank or anything else.) for payment.

I have pictures of her, their not the best (had to use flash and their not resized)

If you have questions or are interested, please E-MAIL me at to.furobot AT yahoo DOT com with Angell Studio Kana in the subject line, thank you.
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Series Lots| Manga, Posters, VNs, CDs, DVDs, Shirts, Games, Keychains

Selling a bunch of stuff way below value mainly in lots.

Chobits Lot (dvds, manga, posters, magazines, artbook)
Galaxy Angel Lot (first press game, postcards, posters, books, comics, dvds)
Manga Lots: Inuyasha, Kingdom Hearts, +more
Magazine/Poster Lots: Megami, Seventeen, My Jojo?, Random Megami/Animage Posters
Keychain Lots: Sailor Moon, FFAC, Pokemon
Visual Novels
and... some Volks Super Dollfies

And some more I think.
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For other items, you can check out my journal!


i've decided to choose a set of items to focus on every once and awhile to give some attention to things that most people pass over or things that i've had up for sale/trade for quite awhile.

under the cut u'll find alot of pics and information on the items plus a special sale price that will only be available for a limited time.

this spotlight goes to the wonderful artist ANDY SETO's gorgeous artwork in the stories STORY OF TAO and SAINT LEGEND. both books are out of print and rare to find.

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